The best Pixelmon team for competitive Pokemon battles

We have to dive back to 2013 to find the first appearance of Pixelmon. Since its first version release, the Minecraft mod found a fanbase in players who wanted a little bit more Pokémon-style gameplay in the sandbox smash hit. The mod borrowed from the traditional Pokémon mechanics, as well as throwing in pixelated, familiar Pokémon, gym leaders to fight and items to purchase. If you want to install and download the latest version of Pixelmon, check out our related article (How to install Pixelmon in 6 easy steps).

Which is the best Pixelmon team for competitive Pokemon battles?

Choosing your Pixelmon team for competitive battles is like choosing your boy/girlfriend. Most of the time is matter of your own opinion. In the following list we try to give some suggestions about the strongest Pokemon which can be used in Pixelmon MOD gameplay. You can find the complete list to Pixelmon server (2022 updated) at this link.

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The best Pokemon for Pixelmon fights.

Dragon type: Dragonite or Salamance.

Dragonite is the perfect mate for your competitive Pokemon battles on Pixelmon. Dragonite has  a base attack of 134, it can be trained as a hard hitter, or a longlasting tank. It has the ability to learn moves of very different types like Earthquake, or Wing Attack, making it a favourite addition to any Pokemon trainer. In case you consider Dragonite too slow for your team mixing, you can try to add another dragon type like Salamence. Almost equal in stats and moves, the differences lie only in that Salamence has less bulk, more speed, and does not yet have the ability to learn Dragon Dance.

Increase the defense of your Pixelmon team: Snorlax.

Snorlax does not require any introduction. Belonging to the very first Pokemon series it’s a legendary-like defenses, the right choice to add a reserve tank to your Pokemon team. Snorlax has only one weakness, the fighting type and even with super powerful moves like Aura Sphere or Solarbeam, you’ll have a tough time defeating this giant. Considering that its Crunch moves is quite destructive, Snorlax may boost your team strength on both offensive and defensive stats.

Choose a bulky ice-type: Walrien.

Walrien can be a good choice for an ice-type Pokemon. You had better consider a Pokemon with ice type moves to counter-attack dragon Pokemon types. Other ice-type Pokemon that you can consider for your team are Lapras and Greninja. Another alternative is to choose Pokemon with an interesting moveset type like Swampert as we report right below.

Mix stamina and special attack: Gallade.

Gallade may seems a pretty innocent Pokemon. However, when it Megaevolves its attack stats are those of a Pokemon should be included in your team for competitive tournaments. The most interesting thing about Gallade is its Psychic – Fighting nature which will make the life your opponent very hard.

Add speed to your competitive Pokemon team: Garchomp.

Garchomp is probably a must-have for competitive Pokemon tournaments on Pixelmon. Garchomp has ‘monstrous’ statistics. When he mega-evolves he can reach 482 of attack making him one of the strongest Pokemon of Pixelmon game also because of its speed. Whenever your’re looking for a Pokemon with insane attack and speed statistics you need to have a look to Deoxys. On the other hand, Deoxys smashing characteristics are counterbalanced by a defense which is too low to keep the pace on competitive Pokemon fights.

The best starter Pokemon: Swampert

Swampert is probably one of the best starter Pokemon. With Swampert you can nearly face a wide range of Pokemon types. In fact, Swamper can be very useful on the competitive battles because he can learn water, ice and earth type moves. Aside to the ability to learn superior moves like Take DownEarthquake, or Muddy Water, we have to point out its weakness towards Glass type which is quite a sentence of death for Swampert.strongest-pokemon-in-pixelmon-mewtwo


A piece of heart in your competitive Pokemon team: Charizard.

Charizard is that kind of Pokemon everyone falls in love at first sight. Charizard is perfect for flame and fire Pokemon type and last but not least, is cool! The addition of a fire Pokemon type in your team depends on moveset and Pokemon type you prefer to deal with. For example, you can give a try to Volcarona a bug/fire Pokemon type whose Quiver Dance can sweep the whole team.

The strongest Pokemon on Pixelmon: Mewtwo.

As we know, Mewtwo is an atificially created Pokemon derived from Mew genetics. For this reason, Mewtwo is meant to be one of the strongest Pokemon: it has no major weaknesses and increadibly balanced statistics. When Mewtwo mega-evolves into Mega Mewtwo Ex he becomes the Pokemon with the highest attack on Pixelmon.

Which is the best moveset for Mew?

Let’s take the chance of having Mew on your team. What’s the best moveset for Mew? You should give him the moves that compliment the rest of your team. In any case, my advice is to use the following moves for Mew:

  • Psychic
  • Nasty plot
  • Aura Sphere
  • Shadow Ball

Final thoughts to build the strongest Pokemon team on Pixelmon.

This article is meant highlight some possible Pokemon combinations which can be useful on competitive Pixelmon battles and tournaments. Depending on your team strategy and qualities (attack, defense, speed ecc..) you may consider very different Pokemon from which we have listed here. For example, depending on a specific moveset and weaknesses you may opt for Pokemon like Tyranitar, Metagross and Lucario we haven’t referred to in this article. If you want to get the complete list of all available Pokemon in Pixelmon, check this link.

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