Toe Setup in F1


After the lessons about Caster and Camber we have the Toe. In racing setup, stability vs reactivity is not the only tradeoff.
Caster Setup in Motorsport


The caster effect on the Motorsport setup. The self-aligning torque and the caster-camber relation in cornering condition.


What is the camber? The setup of the camber and its influence on vehicle dynamics is introduced. The impact on handling and time attack of camber angle.

Aerodynamics: Lesson 9 - Not only performance: the evolution of trasportation systems

Evolution is no more performance-driven. The developments of trasportation system now takes care of aesthetic rules and ecological principles.
Aerodynamic slipstream

Aerodynamics: Lesson 8 - Tow and wake turbulence

What happens when you follow a car? Tow and wake turbulence. An easy read article inspecting benefits and disadvantages of a slipstream.

Aerodynamics: Lesson 7 - Downforce, the ground effect introduction

The aerodynamic forces acting on a wing. Downforce and Ground Effect. The flat bottom of a F1-like car and the risk of take-off.
Drag coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 6 - The shape is a factor for drag

Pressure drag. The impact of the shape of a body on aerodynamic drag (pressure drag). The limit speed for a free falling object.
Rally Cars 70-80's

Aerodynamics: Lesson 5 - Aerotech evolution in Rally Grand Prix

The technical evolution of Rally Cars. Lancia, Audio Sport, Abarth 131are only few of the prestigious brand taking part to the old-style GP.
Golf Ball Wake

Aerodynamics: Lesson 4 - Motorsport and the Golf Ball case study

What's the match between Motorsport aerodynamics and a Golf Ball? In this lesson we investigate the benefit of a turbulent boundary layer.
Skin friction coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 3 - Turbulent vs Laminar boundary layer

An introductory lesson about turbulent and laminar flow. Which is the distinction and the advantages? The Navier-Stokes equations await!