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12+ Epic Scenes in Anime [RANKED]

The awe-inspiring world of anime with our list of 12+ epic scenes. Uncover narrative gems that define the essence of extraordinary anime storytelling.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Videogames [Characters and News]

The last news about Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash videogame. The list of the playable characters and the most likely moveset.
fairy tail animators

Fairy Tail Animators: 3 things you need to know

Discover the talented Fairy Tail animators who bring magic to life! Explore their role, notable works, and contributions to the anime's success.

Code Geass Characters Analysis: Exploring the Complete Cast

Uncover the complte cast of Code Geass! Explore Code Geass characters' depths and contributions, diving into the captivating anime world.

One Piece Arc List | Impressive Anime guide for fans

The extensive guide to One Piece Arc List. The full list of manga chapters and episodes. Why One Piece is so good and when it will finish.

Complete Guide One Piece filler episodes [LIST 2023] | Watch

The complete guide to One Piece filler episodes list. Why One Piece is worth watching or not. The best watch order for One Piece anime series.

Bleach Filler Episodes and Arc + Order to Watch Explained [LIST]

The compact list of the Bleach filler episodes. Which Bleach arcs you should watch and which to skip. Bleach plot explanation and watch order.

My Hero Academia Filler Episodes LIST [Explained]

The compact list of the My Hero Academia filler episodes. Why you should watch MHA and the filler episodes. Recommended watch order for MHA.

A stunning order to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion [GUIDE]

What's the perfect order to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion? All the releases about Evangelion universe explained to view Anno's anime correctly.


The list of the TOP Rated Animated Movies to watch on Disney+ [2022]. The best movies to enjoy with kids or even alone of our must watch ranking.

Complete Fairy Tail filler LIST [episodes guide] | Watch order anime

The complete guide to Fairy Tail filler episodes list. Why Fairy Tail is worth watching and the right order watch for Fairy Tail anime series.

DEFINITIVE Naruto Shippuden filler LIST [episodes] | Watch order anime

The complete guide to Naruto Shippuden filler episodes list. 4 reasons to watch Naruto Shippuden. The episodes order watch and which to skip.

The best Bleach Filler Arcs to enjoy [RANK LIST]

The compact list of the Bleach filler episodes. Which Bleach arcs you should watch and which to skip. Bleach plot explanation and watch order.

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Anime [Explained GUIDE 2022]

The complete guide to fullmetal alchemist and FMA Brotherhood. Where to watch FMA, their differences, plot analysis and ending explanation.

The Most Popular Anime by Decade | All time

The complete list of the big 3 anime of each decade. Which are the most popular anime of all time? One Piece, Attack on Titan or Jujutsu Kaisen?
7+ TV Show and Anime Series on Prime Video [Best of 2022]

Best 7+ Anime and TV Show on Prime Video of 2022

The most interesting Anime series and TV Shows to enjoy on Prime Video. Let's check the most appreciated titles on Amazon Streaming platform.

Complete Boruto filler episodes [LIST 2022] | Where to watch

The complete guide to Boruto filler episodes list. Where to watch Boruto:Naruto Next Generations and why it is worth watching. Updated 2022.

TOP 6 RECOMMENDED Romance Anime to Watch [LISTED]

The top romance anime series to watch for a perfect combo with your partner. The ranked list of our recommended romance anime shows to enjoy.