The best 5 Pixelmon server [FULL 2022 Minecraft List]

The Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft.

Pixelmon for Minecraft is a modification inspired from the Anime series ‘Pokemon’. It’s a multiplayer supported mod that adds more than 200 alive Pokemons inside your Minecraft world. The mod borrowed from the traditional Pokémon mechanics, as well as throwing in pixelated, familiar Pokémon, gym leaders to fight and items to purchase. In case you’re interested on which is the best Pixelmon team to use you have better read our related article (The best Pixelmon team for competitive Pokemon battles).

The best Pixelmon servers to play in 2022

Here below you can find the complete list to the best Pixelmon servers to join in 2022.

Other interesting Pixelmon servers for Pokemon trainer and gamer.

Few other  Pixelmon server and their related community which deserve a mention are reported below.

  • RC-Gamers IP:
  • DirtCraft Pixelmon IP:
  • Poke Islands IP:
  • NobleRealms IP:
  • PocketPixels IP:
  • TreeMC IP:

You should also note that the majority of these servers require the Minecraft Pixelmon reforged mod to be installed.


A Non-P2W Whitelist Pixelmon Server Looking to Grow: Tunkomon

Tunkomon is a casual, whitelist only pixelmon server currently running The Pixelmon Modpack (aka Pixelmon Reforged) version 8.3.6. We pride ourselves on our incredibly tight-knit community, and are currently trying to build a more dedicated server population so that we can continue to flesh out the server’s community and complete the system that we’re trying to build. The server features tournaments and a unique ranking system based around them, land claims, jobs, player owned gyms, the elite four, minigames, and more! You can see more at this link.



What to expect from Legends Arceus update to Pixelmon.

It won’t be coming anytime soon though. The developers still have to focus on converting the mod to 1.16.5, and nothing is fully planned out yet, also Legends Arceus hasn’t been released a long time ago, which shows they still need to fully complete the game, and many of the aspects may be needed to tackle.

What can change with Legends Arceus update:

  • Hinusian pokemon and moves: Almost a garuntee. The ways to evolve them will also probably be included but not confirmed.
  • Pokemon attacking the player as a difficulty: the pixelmon mod will not have pokemon attacking you with moves as a in-built thing per world, but as a difficulty option that you can select.
  • Skills: the skill system in legends is not guaranteed to be in, but possible.
  • Structures: the camps and villages may be added into the game, but it’s still unclear.
  • New items: There are some new items in Legends Arceus. Same goes with the new recipes.


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