Aerodynamics lessons: CFD analysis and Wind Tunnel devices explanations

Aerodynamics: CFD and Wind Tunnel principles with focus on aero settings in Motorsport. Aero parameters and setting focused on motorsport racing cars. Aero Balance, Aero parameters and CFD setups.
The PRO’s of Computational Fluid Dynamics towards the one of Experimentation!

e bike environmental impact

7 Reasons Why E-bikes Won’t Save the Planet

E-bikes production and disposal. Let's find out why ebikes won't save the planet from climate change but there's a catch.

What is Porpoising F1 Explained – How to fix it

What is porposing in Formula One? F1 porposing explained: the aerodynamics behind, how porpose works and how the F1 teams fixed it.
Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

The design of a closed circuit wind tunnel explained

The analysis of the closed circuit wind tunnel: the most advanced experimental tech to inspect the airflow. Wind tunnel design and sizing explained.
How DRS work in F1

How F1 DRS works – Formula One DRS explained

How does F1 DRS work? The arodynamics of DRS system and its predecessor, the F-Duct system implemented on McLaren-Mercedes.
f1 rear wing aerodynamics explained cfd

The aerodynamics of a F1 rear wing | CFD explained

Aerodynamic analysis of a F1 rear wing. The main components of a F1 rear wing explained with CFD. Lift and drag coefficient are carried out.
Test section wind tunnel

Understanding wind tunnel design | 3 must components

Let's continue the analysis of closed circuit wind tunnel design. We talk about settling chamber, convergent and the requirements of the wind tunnel propeller.
pressure sensitive paint

Pressure Sensitive Paint explained

Pressure sensitive paint explained: what is, how psp works and the real world applications of pressure sensitive paint (PSP) in wind tunnel.
PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry

All about Particle Image Velocimetry PIV | Innovative aero

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a recent method for aero flow measurement. What is, how it works and the issues related to PIV.
LDV - Experimental Aerodynamics

Laser Doppler Velocimetry LDV – The working principle explained

A brief overview of LDV - Laser Doppler Velocimetry, one of the experimental methods to evaluate the velocity field in experimental aerodynamics.
Wind Tunnel

How many wind tunnel types exist?

How many wind tunnel types exist? Analysis of closed and open loops windtunnel (automotive, environmental, subsonic, transonic and supersonic)
Experimental aerodynamics: Hot Wire Anemometry.

Air Flow Measurement: hot wire anemometer explained

The application of hot wire anemometer for flow measurement. Working principle (costant current) and data comparison with King's law.
Industrial design

Citroen DS: from birth to rally | Exceptional Cars

Citroen DS: the model made the revolution in the car manufacturing, introducing for the first time aerodynamics concepts in 1950-1960.
Suez crisis

From the origin to the necessity of F1 development in aerodynamics

The historical background of aerodynamics development. The Suez crisis boosted the technology alternative solution also in F1.
Aerodynamics in F1

Aerodynamic F1 history | Can you guess the era of each car?

What's the aerodynamic background of each F1 era? In this article we go over the F1 history, can you guess each car and driver?
F1 driver training

The training for a racing driver

What's the training a racing driver has to undergo to perform at the top? The typical workout session are the focus of our insight. Do you kow what a PowerBall is?
Car evolution

7 aerodynamic design you didn’t know about | Top Aero

7 innovative aerodynamic design of trasportation system you didn't know about. Have you ever see an aerodynamic truck?
Aerodynamic slipstream

Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car

Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car? Tow and wake turbulence benefits of a slipstream.
Rear Wing F1 angle attack

Ground effect explained | F1 2022 Venturi aerodynamics

The aerodynamic forces acting on a wing. Downforce and Ground Effect. The flat bottom of a F1-like car and the risk of take-off.
Drag coefficient

Drag coefficient of shapes | Shape factor explained – F1

What is the shape factor in aerodynamics? Drag coefficient of shapes and the role of pressure drag.
Rally Cars 70-80's

4 best rally cars: technical evolution in WRC

We go over the most important technical evolution in WRC. The best rally cars such as Lancia Delta, Audi Quattro, Lancia Stratos and more.