Test section wind tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 20 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 2

The second lesson to complete the review of the closed loop wind tunnel. Settling chamber, convergent section and the importance of the propeller.
Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 1

Two complete lessons dedicated to the analysis of the closed-loop wind tunnel: the most advanced experimental tech to inspect the airflow in test section.
PSP aerodynamics

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – PSP Pressure Sensitive Paint

How to determine the pressure in aerodynamic settings? PSP is a practical way to measure pressure by means of a specific illumination.
PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry

Aerodynamics: Lesson 18 – PIV Particle Image Velocimetry

Do you know how to measure speed of particles in wind-tunnel? PIV is one of the methods. Quick insight and explanation of Particle Image Velocimetry.
LDV - Experimental Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics: Lesson 17 – LDV Laser Doppler Velocimetry

A brief overview of LDV - Laser Doppler Velocimetry, one of the experimental methods to evaluate the velocity field in experimental aerodynamics.
Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 16 – Wind Tunnel Classification

Wind Tunnel Classification: the main components and type of wind tunnel for experimental aerodynamics. Closed and Open Loops windtunnels.
Experimental aerodynamics: Hot Wire Anemometry.

Aerodynamics: Lesson 15 – Experimental Hot Wire Anemometry

Hot Wire Anemometry: the working principle of experimental aerodynamics. How to measure velocity in wind tunnel test. The King's law and data comparison.
Industrial design

Aerodynamics: Lesson 14 – Citroën DS: a product of industrial design

Citroën DS: a product of industrial design. The model made the revolution in the car manufacturing, introducing for the first time aerodynamics concepts.
How DRS works

Aerodynamics: Lesson 13 – How DRS works in F1

An entire article dedicated to how the DRS works in F1. FIA regulations and its predecessor, the F-Duct are exposed and analysed.
Suez crisis

Aerodynamics: Lesson 12 – History background of aerodynamics development

The historical background of aerodynamics development. The Suez crisis boosted the technology alternative solution also in F1.
Aerodynamics in F1

Aerodynamics: Lesson 11 – Aerodynamics in F1 – an introduction

An introduction to Aerodynamics in F1. The major evolution in F1 history are touched in the article. Can you guess each era?
F1 driver training

Aerodynamics: Lesson 10 – The training for a racing driver

What's the training a racing driver has to undergo to perform at the top? The typical workout session are the focus of our insight. Do you kow what a PowerBall is?
Car evolution

Aerodynamics: Lesson 9 – Not only performance: the evolution of trasportation systems

Evolution is no more performance-driven. The developments of trasportation system now takes care of aesthetic rules and ecological principles.
Aerodynamic slipstream

Aerodynamics: Lesson 8 – Tow and wake turbulence

What happens when you follow a car? Tow and wake turbulence. An easy read article inspecting benefits and disadvantages of a slipstream.
Rear Wing F1 angle attack

Aerodynamics: Lesson 7 – Downforce and the ground effect in Motorsport

The aerodynamic forces acting on a wing. Downforce and Ground Effect. The flat bottom of a F1-like car and the risk of take-off.
Drag coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 6 – The shape is a factor for drag

Pressure drag. The impact of the shape of a body on aerodynamic drag (pressure drag). The limit speed for a free falling object.
Rally Cars 70-80's

Aerodynamics: Lesson 5 – Aerotech evolution in Rally Grand Prix

The technical evolution of Rally Cars. Lancia, Audio Sport, Abarth 131are only few of the prestigious brand taking part to the old-style GP.
Golf Ball Wake

Aerodynamics: Lesson 4 – Motorsport and the Golf Ball case study

What's the match between Motorsport aerodynamics and a Golf Ball? In this lesson we investigate the benefit of a turbulent boundary layer.
Skin friction coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 3 – Turbulent and Laminar boundary layer

An introductory lesson about turbulent and laminar flow. Which is the distinction and the advantages? The Navier-Stokes equations await!
Lesson 2

Aerodynamics: lesson 2 – Drag and Lift

The concept of drag and lift are essential in Motorsport. Physical and essential explanation of two important outcomes of aerodynamics analysis.