Racing area: F1 news and aerodynamics lessons

Helmut Marko's Move: Gasly downgraded

Driver revolution inside the Red Bull team. And now Toro Rosso finds itself with two downgraded drivers. But what are the performance of H. Marko's drivers?

Work in progress at Ferrari​

The new role of Simone Resta in Ferrari for 2020-2021. A new name is back to Ferrari after the last years in Mercedes.

Leclerc-Verstappen fight + video

Why Verstappen move was allowed during the last laps of Austrian GP? The comparison with the former cases is presented.

Aerodynamic performance parameters

What are the main parameters and coefficient of a racing car?

CFD and Wind Tunnel PROs ans CONs

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) vs Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: lesson 1

In the fist aerodynamics lesson we define the main aero parameters that characterize, on the first phase, the performance of a racing car.
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