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|After the race |Yas Marina| GP: the comments

After the race: Yas Marina GP 2019. The supremacy of Mercedes and Hamilton leave no breadcums to the rivals. As often the extravagant strategy of Ferrari is analyzed. The grades for the last appointment of the season are a MUST.
Tech preview Yas Marina 2019

On the Way to Abu Dhabi GP 2019: Technical preview

The Technical Preview of 2019 F1 Circuit of the Abu Dhabi GP. The last shoot of the season is here. The Pirelli choice for the weekend.
F1 Abu Dhabi 2019 schedule

On the Way to Abu Dhabi GP 2019: race schedule

The race schedule for the F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2019. The whole timetable for the F1 Events. Everything is not determined, yet.

|After the race |Brazilian| GP: the comments

After the race: Brazilian GP 2019. The weird GP near the house of Barrichello's granmother assings the win to Verstappen. But the FACT is the Ferrari's driver crash. As always we give our grades but before an accident needs to be analyzed!
F1 Brazil 2019 preview setup

Aerodynamic and Mechanical Setup Lesson

Racing Lesson
Toe Setup in F1


After the lessons about Caster and Camber we have the Toe. In racing setup, stability vs reactivity is not the only tradeoff.
Caster Setup in Motorsport


The caster effect on the Motorsport setup. The self-aligning torque and the caster-camber relation in cornering condition.


What is the camber? The setup of the camber and its influence on vehicle dynamics is introduced. The impact on handling and time attack of camber angle.

Aerodynamics: Lesson 9 - Not only performance: the evolution of trasportation systems

Evolution is no more performance-driven. The developments of trasportation system now takes care of aesthetic rules and ecological principles.
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