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race schedule 70th gp f1

F1 70th anniversary GP | Race schedule – Racing Point penalty

Race schedule for the F1 70th anniversary GP 2020. The result of the protest of Renault against Racing Point.

The 4 secrets of Mercedes F1 power unit | F1 best news

There are 4 secrets behind Mercedes F1 power unit. In which areas Mercedes W11 outperforms his rivals? Where does its power come from? Rumours and suggestions in the article.

F1 British GP | After the race: a shocking ending

Race analysis, comments and post race of the British GP 2020. Hamilton wins on 3 wheels due to Pirelli's failure. Our grade mark to the drivers.

F1 British GP | Race schedule – Silverstone preview

Race schedule for the F1 British GP 2020. F1 comes home. Schedule and preview of Silverstone GP 2020.
Hungary gp results news

F1 Hungarian GP | After the race: Hamilton’s domination

Race analysis, comments and post race of the Hungarian GP 2020. Hamilton dominates the race. The performance crisis of a lapped Ferrari.

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Test section wind tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 20 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 2

The second lesson to complete the review of the closed loop wind tunnel. Settling chamber, convergent section and the importance of the propeller.
Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 1

Two complete lessons dedicated to the analysis of the closed-loop wind tunnel: the most advanced experimental tech to inspect the airflow in test section.
Graining and blistering

Tyres: what is blistering and graining & more

Can you guess all the tyre damages? Blistering and Graining are only two of a bunch you can find in this article. Do you know them all?

Tyres uniformity: the dynamic properties

Which are the dynamic properties of tyres? Radial run out and lateral run out are the topics of the article. The impact of force variations on performances.
Tyre code

Tyres: Recognition codes

Article dedicated to understanding the meaning of tyres codes. Examples and in depth details to clear all the doubts: tyre code identification is here!

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