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Sainz to Ferrari, Ricciardo switches to McLaren

Sainz to Ferrari, Ricciardo switches to McLaren. What about the remaining seat in Renault? A battle is going to fire-up in 2021. All the F1 details in the article.
Vettel leaves Ferrari

Vettel leaves Ferrari | The driver of 2021

Vettel does not extend contract for 2021 with Ferrari. The reasons of the break and the driver line up for 2021. The Official Statement of Ferrari. Vettel leaves Ferrari.

F1 vs emergency: who gains and who loses during this forced break of the championship

What teams are going to take advantage of the forced break of the championship and who could have taken important points in the first start of f1 season?
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Aerodynamic and Mechanical Setup Lesson

Racing Lesson
Test section wind tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 20 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 2

The second lesson to complete the review of the closed loop wind tunnel. Settling chamber, convergent section and the importance of the propeller.
Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 1

Two complete lessons dedicated to the analysis of the closed-loop wind tunnel: the most advanced experimental tech to inspect the airflow in test section.
Graining and blistering

Tyres: what is blistering and graining & more

Can you guess all the tyre damages? Blistering and Graining are only two of a bunch you can find in this article. Do you know them all?
Tyre code
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