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World Champion Max Verstappen F1 2021

Max Verstappen is F1 champion 2021! | Abu Dhabi GP

Post-race analysis of the F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2021.Max Verstappen is F1 world champion 2021! Stewards dismiss Mercedes' Abu Dhabi GP protests.
Abu Dhabi new Layout F1 GP 2021 finale

Abu Dhabi GP F1 2021: full race start time Yas Marina GP

Full race schedule and race start for F1 2021 Abu Dhabi GP in Yas Marina. New layout of the track - Verstappen Hamilton the final duel.
Verstappen Hamilton Saudi Arabia F1 2021 contact penalty war 1

Max Verstappen maintains F1 lead after thrilling 2nd | Saudi Arabia GP

Post-race analysis of the F1 Saudi Arabia GP 2021. Crazy race full of tension, in the end Hamilton wins. Max Verstappen maintains F1 lead after thrilling 2nd | Saudi Arabia GP

Saudi Arabian GP F1 2021: full race start time Jeddah GP

Full race schedule and race start for F1 2021 Saudi Arabian GP in Mexico City. Sir Frank Williams passed away. Williams won seven titles under his stewardship.
Hamilton-Versttapen Qatar GP F1 2021 super ALONSO!!

Hamilton and Mercedes have all the momentum in the title fight| Qatar GP

Post-race analysis of the F1 Qatar GP 2021. Hamilton wins alone, Verstappen second in comeback. Alonso’s podium was exactly why he came back to F1 | Qatar GP.

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screw + bolt stress tool calculator tool

Screw + Bolt Stress Tool Calculator | Structural Joint Analysis

Evaluate the screw/bolt stress of a connection joint under external load (axial and shear force). Free check Von Mises tool for fasteners explained.
bolt and screw calculator preload

Bolt and Screw Preload Free Calculator | Mechanic Calc Tool – Stress Check

Free Bolt and Screw preload calculator from a data torque. Preload force estimation on a joint connection and stress check of the fastener.
How DRS work in F1

How F1 DRS works – Formula One DRS explained

How does F1 DRS work? The arodynamics of DRS system and its predecessor, the F-Duct system implemented on McLaren-Mercedes.
f1 rear wing aerodynamics explained cfd

The aerodynamics of a F1 rear wing | CFD explained

Aerodynamic analysis of a F1 rear wing. The main components of a F1 rear wing explained with CFD. Lift and drag coefficient are carried out.
Test section wind tunnel

Understanding wind tunnel design | 3 must components

Let's continue the analysis of closed circuit wind tunnel design. We talk about settling chamber, convergent and the requirements of the wind tunnel propeller.

Graining and blistering
Tyre code