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Anime Behind - presticebdt spin off for Anime review

Full Metal Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Makoto Shinkai’s films, Code Geass are only some of the titles to be treated!
Our Rating.
These 4 fundamental points determines the quality of an anime:
Complexity and hidden meanings: in this field we consider the depth of the plot, its structure and how much intelligible it appears after the 1st watch. The kind of topics (social, philosophical) and their semantic value have an impact on the mark.
Plot consistency: the series of events is analysed with the principle of causality. High rates means that the plot is both robust and with minor/or even missing plotholes.
Sound and Music: the Opening intro and the soundtracks that accompany the audience throught the episodes and crucial moments are evaluated.
Graphics and Drawings: it is related to the graphical quality of the novel, taking into account the year of release.

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