Anime area: news, rumours and reviews of your favourite heroes

Anime area: news, rumours and reviews of your favourite heroes

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Not only news from the Anime World.
In-depth coverage of the most significant titles such which raised up the attention of the audience.
Plot explanation and philosophical influence on animes characterization.

Death Parade analysis: the bar game to reveal soul destiny

Death Parade: the philosophical bar that lays the weaknesses of the souls in front of Decim, the bartender. Review and analysis about the Quindecim world.
2020-01-19/by Prestice

Death Note: Kira vs Near+Mello

Death Note: Kira vs Mello + Near. The role of Shinigami, the unexpected ending. Are Mello and Near the right L's successors?
2019-12-21/by Prestice

Death Note analysis: Light vs L

Death Note: Kira vs L. Why the utopian society of Light cannot work? The hidden meanings and references of the masterpiece of Tsugumi Ōba. Characters' inspection and analysis.
2019-12-14/by Prestice

Psycho-Pass 2 analysis: The Paradox of Omnipotence

Psycho-Pass 2: the analysis of the sequel setted in the cyberpunk Tokyo governed by the Sibyl System. The solution to omnipotence paradox, what's color (WC)?
2019-11-25/by Prestice

Psycho-Pass analysis: The Social Justice of the Sibyl System

Psycho-Pass: the analysis of the anime set in the distopian 1984 like-Tokyo governed by the Sibyl System. Is it right to judge people before their action?
2019-11-17/by Prestice

Weathering with You: the superb reality of Shinkai stumbles upon the predecessor Your Name

The new masterpiece of M. Shinkai after the release of Your Name. Is the realism enough to face the success of his precessor? Hodaka and Hina await you in the review!
2019-11-04/by Prestice

Steins;Gate timeline analysis: the anime makes time travel its own fortune

Steins;Gate is probably the best anime about time travel. The mechanics of time travel is introduced and storyplot analysis is carried on with a timeline map. Didn't you get all about Steins; Gate? This article is what you need!
2019-10-28/by Prestice

Code Geass Review – Lelouch of the Rebellion – The Meaning, plot and characters explained – Part 2

The overall message depicted by Code Geass. The style and the symbology inside the anime. The role of Zero and the value he represents. Analogies with other animes: Naruto and Death Note.
2019-10-04/by Prestice

Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion – The Meaning, plot and characters explained – Part 1

Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion. Plot, Meanings and Characters Explained. In depth-analysis of the main characters of the anime. The dynamics relates Suzaku and Lelouch. The role of the Zero Requiem in the plot.
2019-09-21/by Prestice

Highest Anime Films gross income: RANKING

Which did anime/anime film get the most important income? Is it also your favourite one? Guess it! Here the complete ranking.
2019-08-11/by Philip

News and reviews of some of the classic animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note and Makoto Shikai’s latest films are only the most famous titles that can be cited!

Anime ReviewsI‘m not only Kira, but I’m also God of the new world!” - Light Yagami

Gotta catch’ em all! From the latest Pokemon: Detective Pikachu back to the 2000’s. News of the upcoming videogames and films from the Japan. Specific articles on TGC (trading card game) evaluation.

Pokemon ArenaPikachu I choose you! - Ash Ketchum

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