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Anime area: news, rumours and reviews of your favourite heroes

Anime area: news, rumours and reviews of your favourite heroes

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Not only news from the Anime World.
In-depth coverage of the most significant titles such which raised up the attention of the audience.
Plot explanation and philosophical influence on animes characterization.

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector review

The third chapter of Psycho-Pass is here. A new cast at the service of the Sibyl System. Review and analysis in the article.
2020-06-25/by Prestice

Violet Evergarden review | Is it possible to learn emotions?

Violet Evergarden: the empty doll that learned emotions. Article review of a must see anime about empathy and humanity.
2020-05-31/by Prestice

Gurren Lagann explained | Legacy of NGE

Gurren Lagann explained. The precusor of Kill La Kill anf Promare discovers its roots in Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE). Curiosities, theories and plot analysis.
2020-05-30/by Prestice

Tokyo Ghoul explained | Harmony and Chaos of Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul explained analysis. The anime series has receveid conflicting reviews. Let's deep inside Ken Kaneki trasformation and plot insight. The harmony of chaos.
2020-05-27/by Prestice

Attack on Titan philosophy | review season 1-3

Attack on Titan is one the most successuful anime of last 5 years. The review of the first 3 seasons, waiting for the 4. Keep ready for Attack on Titan philosophy!
2020-05-09/by Prestice

The Promised Neverland | philosophy and season 2 preview

Second article dedicated to the Promised Neverland philosophy. Curiosities of the series and season 2 preview. All you need to know about The Promised Neverland.
2020-05-03/by Prestice

The Promised Neverland review: why is the best anime of 2019

The Promised Neverland Review. Character analysis and what we expect from The Promised Neverland season 2. Norman, Emma and Ray awaits you in this article!
2020-04-30/by Prestice

The best ANIME you must see: our RANKING [no spoilers]

The best anime we reviewed. The complete standings of the must see anime series. Death Note, Code Geass or Steins;Gate let's find out our TOP anime series.
2020-03-23/by Prestice

Kill La Kill review: the deception of clothing underneath true reality

Kill La Kill it's not merely fanservice. The first work of Studio Trigger is much more: it's the story about deception of appearances. Go Senketsu!
2020-03-08/by Prestice

Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star: the warrior beyond sadness

Fist of the North Star: the legends of the true savior. In the 25th anniversary of Kenshiro, the Hokuto Shinken warrior restores to sadness its deep value.
2020-02-17/by Prestice
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News and reviews of some of the classic animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note and Makoto Shikai’s latest films are only the most famous titles that can be cited!

Gotta catch’ em all! From the latest Pokemon: Detective Pikachu back to the 2000’s. News of the upcoming videogames and films from the Japan. Specific articles on TGC (trading card game) evaluation.

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