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Gotta catch’ em all! From the latest Pokemon: Detective Pikachu back to the 2000’s. News of the upcoming videogames and films from the Japan. Specific articles on TGC (trading card game) evaluation.

Pokemon ArenaPikachu I chose you! - Ash Ketchum

Only few words are necessary to describe this page: “it’s over nine thousands”. Word of honour of the Prince of the Sayans.

Dragon Ball CourtKamehameha! - Kakarot (Son Goku)

News and reviews of some of the classic animes: Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note and Makoto Shikai’s latest films are only the most famous titles that can be cited!

Anime & MoreI‘m not only Kira, but I’m also God of the new world!” - Light Yagami
Anatomy of a Pokemon Card

How to evaluate your Pokemon cards (TGC)

Have you find your collection of Pokemon cards but you don't know how to recognize their value? In this article we explain the principal features of a Pokemon card and how to recognize them.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a new film era for Pocket Monsters?

Have you seen Pokemon Detective Pikachu? The reviews without spoilers is here. And a new Pokemon film is upcoming.

Dragon Ball Super: a new villain is upcoming!

Important news from the manga are coming for Dragon Ball Super. And Goku is going to play an important role for 2020.
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