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F1 Spanish GP | Race schedule – New chassis for Vettel

Race schedule for the F1 Spanish GP 2020. New chassis for Vettel in Barcelona. Ferrari and Renault appeal. Mclaren defies itself!
After the race: 70th ANNIVERSARY GP

F1 70th anniversary GP | After the race: Verstappen takes his first win of 2020

Race analysis, comments and post race of the F1 70th anniversary GP 2020. Verstappen wins due to his tyre management. Our grade mark to the drivers.
race schedule 70th gp f1

F1 70th anniversary GP | Race schedule – Racing Point penalty

Race schedule for the F1 70th anniversary GP 2020. The result of the protest of Renault against Racing Point.

The 4 secrets of Mercedes F1 power unit | F1 best news

There are 4 secrets behind Mercedes F1 power unit. In which areas Mercedes W11 outperforms his rivals? Where does its power come from? Rumours and suggestions in the article.

F1 British GP | After the race: a shocking ending

Race analysis, comments and post race of the British GP 2020. Hamilton wins on 3 wheels due to Pirelli's failure. Our grade mark to the drivers.

F1 British GP | Race schedule – Silverstone preview

Race schedule for the F1 British GP 2020. F1 comes home. Schedule and preview of Silverstone GP 2020.
Hungary gp results news

F1 Hungarian GP | After the race: Hamilton’s domination

Race analysis, comments and post race of the Hungarian GP 2020. Hamilton dominates the race. The performance crisis of a lapped Ferrari.
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F1 Hungary GP | Race schedule – why is a decisive race for Ferrari

Race schedule for the F1 Hungary GP 2020. The third appointment of the championship is already decisive for Ferrari. The results of FP2.

F1 Styrian GP | After the race: Ferrari nightmare

Race analysis, comments and post race of the Styrian GP 2020. The nightmare of Ferrari with both drivers out of the race after few turns. The first seasonal win of Hamilton.

F1 Styrian GP | Ferrari aero-upgrade – News

Ferrari upgrades for the Styrian GP. The new aero-package for the second Austria GP. SF1000 improvements and news from the F1 world. Alonso declaration for 2021 comeback.

F1 Styrian GP | Race schedule and Mugello back to F1

The race schedule for the F1 Styrian GP 2020. The whole timetable for the F1 Events. The new calendar of F1 2020 with two more races added to the initial eight.
Austria GP 2020 F1 race

F1 Austria GP | After the race: the comments

Race analysis, comments and post race of the Austria GP 2020. The opportunity taken by Leclerc with an underperforming Ferrari. The negative weekend of Hamilton and more.

F1 Austria GP 2020: why was Ferrari SF1000 so slow?

The reason behind the poor performance of SF1000 in the Qualifying of Austria GP. In depth technical analysis, comments and more.
F1 austria gp schedule

On the Way to Austria GP 2020: race schedule

The race schedule for the F1 Austria GP 2020. The whole timetable for the F1 Events. Ladies and gentlemen, F1 is about to start!
f1 austria gp 2020

F1 Austria GP 2020, a new gear box for Ferrari, Mercedes with Engine Spec 2

F1 2020 is about to start. The upgrades team by team for the Austria GP. A new gear box for Ferrari, Mercedes with Spec 2. All in the article.
Psycho-Pass 3 review

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector review

The third chapter of Psycho-Pass is here. A new cast at the service of the Sibyl System. Review and analysis in the article.
Violet Evergarden review

Violet Evergarden review | Is it possible to learn emotions?

Violet Evergarden: the empty doll that learned emotions. Article review of a must see anime about empathy and humanity.
best cookie banner for worpress

GDPR and CCPA compliance | Best cookie banner for wordpress website

What's the best banner to set up your cookie solution? In this article we'll discover and easy and cheap way to make our website (i.e. Wordpress) compliant (GDRP and CCPA).
Pokemon Shock

Pokemon Shock | The forgotten epileptic episode

The forgotten Pokemon episode that sent 700 children to the hospital. Disclosures about the eptilectic banned episode of 1997: Pokemon Shock.
Dutch GP cancelled

Dutch GP cancelled | Kimi gets an unexpected present

Another cancellation for F1 2020 calendar. Dutch GP will debut in 2021. The latest news from F1 world: Williams financial difficulties and Kimi's gift.