The best motorcycle for beginners [2022 UPDATED] | Prices

The updated list of the best motorcycle for beginners. Which are the top cruise motorcycles? Which are the best sport and dirty motorbikes? Read more.
Toe Setup in F1

What is tire toe angle adjustment | Wheel aligment explained

The toe angle explained on a car. The effect of toe angle adjustment on driving performance. The effect of toe on wheel alignment.
Camber Motorsport

What is camber angle | Explained car setup and performance

What is camber angle? The influence of wheel camber angle explained on vehicle dynamics and how to easily fix oversteer and understeer.
screw + bolt stress tool calculator tool

Screw + Bolt Stress Tool Calculator | Structural Joint Analysis

Evaluate the screw/bolt stress of a connection joint under external load (axial and shear force). Free check Von Mises tool for fasteners explained.
bolt and screw calculator preload

Bolt and Screw Preload Free Calculator | Mechanic Calc Tool – Stress Check

Free Bolt and Screw preload calculator from a data torque. Preload force estimation on a joint connection and stress check of the fastener.
Graining and blistering

Tyres: what is blistering and graining

Can you guess all the tyre damages? Blistering and Graining are only two of a bunch you can find in this article. Do you know them all?

4 important dynamic properties of tyres | Motorsport

Which are the dynamic properties of tyres? Radial run out and lateral run out are the topics of the article. The impact of force variations on performances.
Tyre code

The meaning of tire code explained | Motorsport World

The meaning of tire code explained. How to check the size of your tires? Tire label and DOT specifications.
Magic Formula Tyre

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: Magic Formula and Brush Tyre Model

Practical models for representing tyre behaviour: brush model tire and Magic formula explained.
Rolling resistance and tow Tesla - Ford

What is rolling resistance in tyres | Parameters and performance

The role of the rolling resistance in tyre modeling. The trick behind the Tesla Cybertruck challenge vs Ford hides on the low rolling coefficient.
Slip ratio and slip angle

Why slip angle and slip ratio are important for a car | F1

Model of a tyre for motorsport performance. The longitudinal forces: what are slip angle and slip ration and how they influence vehicle performance.
g-g diagram

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: g-g diagram, mechanical and pneumatic trail

F1 telemetry is the key to collect data. g-g diagram and pneumatic trail explained to obtain the optimal tyre grip. Load sensivity and slip angle.
Caster Setup in Motorsport

What is caster angle | Explained F1 setup and performance

Why positive and negative caster angle affect performance? The caster angle explained and the caster-camber relation on a race car.
Contact Patch grip

Why is tyre contact patch so important on race car

What's the advantage of a larger tyre contact patch? A simple insight to understand the way to performance on a race car.
Tyre structure

Tire construction types: radial or cross ply | Motorsport

What's the difference between tire construction types? The advantages of cross ply and radial construction. Choose the best for your car.
Tyre explanation Motorsport

Why race car use tyre nitrogen inflation | Boost F1 Tech

Tyres are a key factor for grip, safety and pollution. But why is nitrogen inflation so common in race cars? The benefints of nitrogen inflation.