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top rated anime series must watch list


The list of the top rated anime which are a must watch. List 20221 updated with the most famous anime series. Feel to watch a highly rated anime?
Death Note: Kira vs L

Death Note analysis: Light vs L

Death Note analysis. Kira vs Light and plot insight. The hidden meanings of the masterpiece of Tsugumi Ōba. Where to watch Death Note streaming.

Complete Guide One Piece filler episodes [LIST 2022] | Watch

The complete guide to One Piece filler episodes list. Why One Piece is worth watching or not. The best watch order for One Piece anime series.

Bleach Filler Episodes and Arc + Order to Watch Explained [LIST]

The compact list of the Bleach filler episodes. Which Bleach arcs you should watch and which to skip. Bleach plot explanation and watch order.

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The complete guide to Fairy Tail filler episodes list. Why Fairy Tail is worth watching and the right order watch for Fairy Tail anime series.

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The complete guide to Naruto Shippuden filler episodes list. 4 reasons to watch Naruto Shippuden. The episodes order watch and which to skip.

The best Bleach Filler Arcs to enjoy [RANK LIST]

The compact list of the Bleach filler episodes. Which Bleach arcs you should watch and which to skip. Bleach plot explanation and watch order.
Code Geass R2

Why Lelouch is the real hero of Code Geass

Code Geass analysis of R1 and R2. Why is Lelouch the real hero of Code Geass. Philosophy and influences on the anime series.

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Anime [Explained GUIDE 2022]

The complete guide to fullmetal alchemist and FMA Brotherhood. Where to watch FMA, their differences, plot analysis and ending explanation.

Complete Boruto filler episodes [LIST 2022] | Where to watch

The complete guide to Boruto filler episodes list. Where to watch Boruto:Naruto Next Generations and why it is worth watching. Updated 2022.
Death Note: the controversial ending

Death Note explained: Light and the shinigami theory

Death Note ending explained. The role of Shinigami in the Near+Mello vs Kira final fight. Where to watch Death Note episodes on streaming.

The BEST Upcoming Anime Releases for 2022 to watch – SERIES

The best upcoming anime releases for 2022. Which are the top anime to watch in 2022? Renewal of anime famous series and release date.
Tokyo Ghoul explained

Tokyo Ghoul explained | Harmony and Chaos of Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul explained analysis. Let's deep inside Ken Kaneki trasformation and plot insight. Where to watch Tokyo Ghoul episodes on streaming.
Kill la kill trigger

Kill La Kill characters explained: relationship and plot review

Kill La Kill characters explained: plot review and analysis. Where to watch the streaming episodes of Kill La Kill. Kill La Kill is more than fanservice.
why the promised neverland 2 is a disaster

Why The Promised Neverland 2 is a disaster | Anime

Is The Promised Neverland 2 a disaster? Plot analysis between the manga and The Promised Neverlad season 2. Why the anime will not a renew for another season.

5 reason to watch Great Pretender anime review

Great Pretender anime review. Why should you watch Great Pretender? Is it one of the best Netflix anime shows? Review and analysis.
The promised Neverland season 2 preview

The Promised Neverland philosophy Explained

Second article dedicated to the Promised Neverland philosophy. Curiosities of the series and season 2 preview. All you need to know about The Promised Neverland.
The Promised Neverland review

The Promised Neverland review: why is the best anime of 2019

The Promised Neverland Review. Character analysis and what we expect from The Promised Neverland season 2. Norman, Emma and Ray awaits you in this article!
Death Parade analysis

Death Parade analysis: the bar game to reveal soul destiny

Death Parade: the philosophical bar that lays the weaknesses of the souls in front of Decim, the bartender. Review and analysis about the Quindecim world.
Psycho-Pass 3 review

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector review

The third chapter of Psycho-Pass is here. A new cast at the service of the Sibyl System. Review and analysis in the article.