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The complete list of One Piece arcs divided by manga chapters and anime episodes

“There was once a man named Gold Roger Who was king of the pirates…..”and I was a fan.

One Piece Arc List.

As you should know, One Piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga story with more than of 20 years seasons and released chapters from its first appearance. In our article, you can find the complete list of One Piece Arc to enjoy the adventure of Straw Hat Pirates. In case you’re looking for the complete list of One Piece Filler, we have written an article about here.

One Piece Plot and Story Arcs.

In the past, there was this great pirate that everyone recognized as the pirate king, when he was being executed his last words were that he has left all of his treasure, the One-Piece, on one island and whoever finds it would become the next king of the pirates. The story starts 22 years later, when our protagonist, Monkey d. Luffy, starts his journey to create his own pirate crew so he can find the one piece and become the king of the pirates. During this journey Luffy and his crew will visit various weird islands with different social structures and mysteries, fighting marines, saving the occasional Kingdom from corrupted members of the world government, while indirectly unveiling the secrets and mysteries that surround the world and its history.


Is One Piece really that good?

There’s no other anime that can compare to One Piece. That isn’t to say that it’s the best and that other manga aren’t unique in their own ways, but One Piece just does things that you will probably never see in anything else. First of all, it’s an ongoing story for over 20 years… and still progressively gets better every arc in my opinion.

There are hundreds of characters, you get to know many of them incredibly deeply, the story spans basically an entire globe, the concept of character abilities is comprised with one of the most unique and fun super powers of any “super power” story I’ve ever encountered, the epic parts are absurdly epic because of all the time Oda takes to build them up, and the sad parts are equally gut wrenching because of all the time that Oda takes to set those up as well. We wrote a complete list about our TOP RATED ANIME here.

One Piece Arc List – Anime Guide.

Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga

East Blue Saga

  • Romance Dawn Arc – Manga Chapters 1-7, Anime Episodes: 1-3
  • Orange Town Arc – Manga Chapters 8-21, Anime Episodes: 4-8
  • Syrup Village Arc – Manga Chapters 22-41, Anime Episodes: 9-18
  • One Piece: The Movie
  • Baratie Arc – Manga Chapters 42-68, Anime Episodes: 19-30
  • Arlong Park Arc – Manga Chapters 69-95, Anime Episodes: 31-44
  • Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles [Cover Page Serial] – Manga Chapters: 35-75, Anime Episodes 46-47
  • Loguetown Arc – Manga Chapters 96-100, Anime Episodes: 45, 48-53
  • Warship Island Arc- Anime only. Episodes: 54-61
  • Clockwork Island Adventure

Alabasta Saga

  • Reverse Mountain Arc – Manga Chapters 101-105, Anime Episodes: 62-63
  • Whisky Peak Arc – Manga Chapters 106-114, Anime Episodes: 64-67
  • Koby and Helmeppo Arc [Cover Page Serial] – Manga Chapters 83-119, Anime Episodes: 68-69
  • Little Garden Arc – Manga Chapters 115-129, Anime Episodes: 70-77
  • Drum Island Arc – Manga Chapters 130-154, Anime Episodes: 78-91
  • Alabasta Arc – Manga Chapters 155-217, Anime Episodes: 92-130
  • Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
  • Episode of Arabasta: The Pirates and the Princess of the Desert 
  • Post-Alabasta Arc – Anime only. Episodes 131-135
  • The Adventure of Deadend

Skypiea Saga

  • Goat Island Arc – Anime only. Episodes 136-138
  • Ruluka Island Arc – Anime only. Episodes 139-143
  • Jaya Arc – Manga Chapters 218-236, Anime Episodes: 144-152
  • Skypiea Arc – Manga Chapters 237-302, Anime Episodes: 153-195
  • The Cursed Holy Sword
  • G-8 Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 196-206
  • Episode of Sky Island (Recap episode released in 2019)
  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
  • Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

Water 7 Saga

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc – Manga Chapters 303-321, Anime Episodes: 207-219
  • Ocean’s Dream Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 220-224
  • Foxy’s Return Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 225-226
  • Water 7 Arc – Manga Chapters 322-374, Anime Episodes: 227-263
  • Enies Lobby Arc – Manga Chapters 375-340, Anime Episodes: 264-312
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc – Manga Chapters 431-441, Anime Episodes: 313-325
  • Episode of Chopper: The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom

Thriller Bark Saga

  • Ice Hunter Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 326-336
  • Thriller Bark Arc – Manga Chapters 442-489, Anime Episodes: 337-381
  • One Piece Film: Strong World
  • One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase
  • Spa Island Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 382-384

Summit War Saga

  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc – Manga Chapters 490-513, Anime Episodes: 385-405
  • Amazon Lily Arc- Manga Chapters 514-524, Anime Episodes: 408-421
  • Impel Down Arc- Manga Chapters 525-549, Anime Episodes: 422-425 and 430-456
    • Note: The anime splits this arc into two parts, with the Little East Blue Arc in between. The manga considers it to be a single arc.
  • Little East Blue Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 426-429
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Serial [Cover Page Serial] – Manga Chapters 543-560, Anime Episodes: 453-456
  • Marineford Arc – Manga Chapters 550-580, Anime Episodes: 457-489
  • Post-War Arc – Manga Chapters 581-597, Anime Episodes: 490-516


The Final Sea: The New World Saga

Fish-Man Island Saga

  • Return to Sabaody Arc – Manga Chapters 598-602, Anime Episodes: 517-522
  • One Piece Film: Z
  • Fish-Man Island Arc – Manga Chapters 603-653, Anime Episodes: 523-574

Dressrosa Saga

  • Z’s Ambition Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 575-578
  • Punk Hazard Arc – Manga Chapters 654-699, Anime Episodes: 579-625
  • Caesar Retrieval Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 626-628
  • Dressrosa Arc – Manga Chapters 700-801, Anime Episodes: 629-746
  • 3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to his Friends (After episode 658)
  • Episode of Sabo: Bond of Three Brothers – A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will (After episode 705)
  • Adventure of Nebulandia (After episode 722)


Yonko Saga

  • Silver Mine Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 747-450
  • Heart Of Gold (After episode 749)
  • One Piece Film: Gold
  • Zou Arc – Manga Chapters 802-824, Anime Episodes: 751-779
  • Marine Rookie Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 780-782
  • Whole Cake Island Arc – Manga Chapters 825-902, Anime Episodes: 783-877
  • Reverie Arc – Manga Chapters 903-908, Anime Episodes: 878-889
  • One Piece: Stampede
  • Land of Wano Arc – Manga Chapter 909 – Anime Episodes: 890-894, 897-906, 906- present.
    • Note: The anime series splits this into three arcs because the story is still in active production. Filler arcs have been inserted to pad out time between main parts of the story.
  • Carbonic King Arc – Anime only. Episodes: 895-896
  • Romance Dawn Arc – Anime only. Episode: 908

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When will One Piece finish?

Now, considering Oda’s comments, does this mean that the story is ending before December 31st 2024? Debatable.

Before 2014, when Oda and his editor first made the 10 year comment he was publishing an average of 43 chapters per year.

After that, before his 2019 comments, he went down to an average of 39 chapters per year. Since he reinforced his 2024 goal in 2019, I think this pace is enough to reach it.

Since then, his average has gone down to 33.5 chapters per year, with Oda recently stating in his Jump festa announcement that he can’t believe Wano isn’t over yet. Indicating that he’s at least somewhat behind schedule.

If one Piece were really going to end in 2024, that would mean that at Oda’s current pace, the story would be ending around Chapter 1136, 94 chapters from the one releasing tomorrow. Comparatively, if Oda had mantained his 39 chapters per year rhythm in 2020 and 2021, the story would have reached chapter 1162 by the end of 2024, meaning 120 chapters from the one releasing tomorrow. Since we’re talking averages, its not precise, but Oda’s change in pace has set him back at least 30-ish chapters or 1 year from his estimated end time. Meaning that by this estimate, One Piece should end in 2025…. right?


How is One Piece storytelling?

Oda intently focuses hard on specific characters and goes into their back stories as they were children so that we can truly understand their crazy mentalities as adults. It’s so deep and yes sometimes very poorly paced but ultimately he doesn’t want you to just see all the bad guys as simply “bad guys” but understand their perspectives of where they came from mentally as to why they are the way they are.

Some of the best parts about the story is how he sets up plots and secrets hundreds of chapters before seeing the fruition of them. Things you would never expect or things you long forgotten about end up coming into play in such an amazing way that it just makes you revere the manga artist while you read. You can watch an extract of the video here.

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