Complete Guide One Piece filler episodes [LIST 2023] | Best watch order

All you should know about One Piece anime and why is worth watching

Which are the filler episodes of One Piece?

The following episodes are filler content which you should skip because they don’t contribute to the main storyline. With more than 1000 aired episodes One Piece has a filler rate of about 9.25% (90-100 filler episodes).

Complete quick list of One Piece filler episodes:

Filler episodes on One Piece: 54-60, 98-99, 102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 780-782, 895-896, 907, 1029-1030.

Mixed Filler-Manga canon episodes on One Piece anime series: 46-47, 61, 68-69, 101, 354, 421, 489, 520, 574, 625, 633, 653, 657, 679, 690, 731, 738, 751, 777-778, 789, 803, 807, 878-879, 881-885, 887-890, 924, 985, 989, 991-992.

How many fillers does One Piece anime have?

One Piece has more than 1000 episodes and about 90-100 filler episodes. This makes One Piece one of the the ‘Big Three’ anime (together with Naruto and Bleach) with the lowest filler rate. In fact, One Piece has a filler rate of about 9% which is much lower than Bleach (43% filler rate, see our related article Bleach: filler rate list).

What is One Piece story about?

One Piece is the story of the adventurous Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with the dream of finding the legendary treasure, the “One Piece,” and becoming the King of the Pirates. He faces a long journey ahead of him, sailing perilous seas and facing powerful foes in the Navy who are seeking to end the age of pirates and rival pirate crews who also want to rule the high seas. Alongside his trusty crew, Luffy sets out to follow his dreams and create his own legend.

One Piece manga and anime.

One Piece, is a manga created and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, beginning to be published on July 22, 1997 through Shonen Jump magazine, currently continuing to be published. The anime adaptation began to be broadcast on October 20, 1999 by the Fuji TV television network and was in charge of the Toei Animation studio, the broadcast continues to this day


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The right order to watch One Piece anime series.

The best way to watch One Piece is the according to the following chronological order. Anyway, no problems arise in case you’ve watched One Piece according to its release date.

The best way to enjoy One Piece anime – Best order to watch One Piece anime.

  • One Piece Episodes 1 – 8
  • One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack!
  • One Piece Episodes 9 – 18
  • One Piece: The Movie
  • One Piece Episodes 19 – 53
  • One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure
  • One Piece TV Special: Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel
  • One Piece: Jango’s Dance Carnival
  • One Piece Episodes 54 – 61
  • One Piece: Episode of East Blue: Luffy and his 4 Crewmates’ Big Adventure
  • One Piece Episodes 62 – 91
  • One Piece: Dream Soccer King
  • One Piece Episodes 92 – 130
  • One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta
  • One Piece: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strage Animals
  • One Piece Episodes 131 – 138
  • One Piece: Dead End Adventure
  • One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword
  • One Piece: Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father’s Huge, HUGE Dream
  • One Piece: Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King
  • One Piece: Episode 139 – 195
  • One Piece: Episode of the Sky Island
  • One Piece Episodes 196 – 206
  • One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
  • One Piece Episodes 207 – 219
  • One Piece: Protect! The Last Great Stage
  • One Piece Episodes 220 – 228
  • One Piece: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle
  • One Piece Episodes 229 – 290
  • One Piece Episodes 293 – 302
  • One Piece Episodes 304 – 312
  • One Piece Episodes 291, 292, 303, 406, 407
  • One Piece Episodes 313 – 325
  • One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom
  • One Piece Episodes 326 – 429
  • One Piece Film: Strong World
  • One Piece: Straw Hat Chase
  • One Piece 3D! Trap Coaster
  • One Piece: Romance Dawn Story
  • One Piece Episodes 385 – 405
  • One Piece Episodes 408 – 516
  • One Piece: 3D2Y
  • One Piece Episodes 517 – 522
  • One Piece: Episode of Nami: Tears of a Navigator and the Bonds of Friends
  • One Piece Episodes 523 – 578
  • One Piece: Glorious Island Part 1
  • One Piece: Glorious Island Part 2
  • One Piece Film: Z
  • One Piece Episode of Luffy: Adventure on Hand Island
  • One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia
  • One Piece Episodes 579 – 625
  • One Piece: Episode of Merry: The Tale of One More Friend
  • One Piece Episodes 629 – 746
  • One Piece: Episode of Sabo: The Three Brothers’ Bond – The Miraculous Reunion and Inherited Will
  • One Piece Episodes 747 – 750
  • One Piece: Heart of Gold
  • One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0
  • One Piece Film: Gold
  • One Piece Episodes 751 – 896
  • One Piece: Stampede
  • One Piece Episodes 897 – 906
  • One Piece: Anime 20th Anniversary special: Episode 907
  • One Piece Episodes 908 – Ongoing

The fastest way to watch One Piece: One Pace project.

There is a fastest way to watch One Piece anime. A good news is that there is a project called One Pace. It is basically a fan made faster version of the anime where a lot of bullshit has been cut out. Some people really like it and some people don’t because they believe it cuts out some vital parts of the anime. Judging from online forums, I think there has to be a system to watch this anime.

  1. Watch till right before the battle at marine fort as part of the original anime
  2. Switch to One Pace during the battle or keep watching the Original if you enjoy being pressurized a little.
  3. After the battle of marine fort, you can basically switch to One Pace completely.

As much as I know, One pace also cuts out filler episodes so you might want to keep switching between the Original and One Pace in case you want to watch the fillers. If you are ready to put in this much effort, then One Piece is surely worth watching as it is, even with the shitty pace, one of the best Anime I’ve ever watched.

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Is One Piece worth watching?

Of course it is. One Piece’s greatest strength is the characters. It’s really an ensemble show – while Luffy is the protagonist, his crew, known as the Straw Hat Pirates, are every bit as important to the journey as he is. Among their varied personalities, strengths, and ambitions, any viewer is sure to find one or more they deeply empathize with and root for. Furthermore, none of the main cast feels wasted. As the story stretches on, they have important roles, even if some of them occasionally leave the later arcs. The crew makes the story incredibly endearing.

Should I continue watching One Piece episodes?

What helps keep One Piece focused are the mysteries Oda has woven into the narrative. The true nature of the titular One Piece and even the location of the island it’s on, Laugh Tale, are both completely speculative. Other mysteries include the Void Century, a period in history with no records, and the Will of D., a mysterious destiny for people with the initial “D,” including Luffy and some of his greatest foes. Very little is known about these mysteries, but they’re sprinkled throughout the narrative like breadcrumbs, popping up often enough to remind viewers that One Piece does have an endgame, that it is building to a climax, no matter how long it will take us to get there.


Why One Piece anime is not worth watching.

One Piece is one of the best Anime ever made. For the first 250–300 episodes it feels freaking awesome. Then, it starts to slow down in pace. The story is still freaking good. By the time you get to the Battle of Whitebeard vs the Navy, the anime has slowed down a lot. This battle the most epic large scale battle that I’ve ever watched in an Anime, nothing even comes close. The problem is that it takes literally 2–3 episodes to finish a simple dialogue between 2 people during this battle. It is extremely slow.

At about 600 episodes in, you get to the Dressrossa Arc. Believe me, you will want to murder the creators and start to hate the anime so much because of the pace of this arc. It is slower than a bored sloth. In short, the anime slows down to a point of unwatchability. So if you hate slow animes and don’t want to regret starting this anime just because you cannot keep up with the crappy pace later, don’t watch it.

6 Reasons why you should watch One Piece anime.

  • The characters: An Idiot captain, the badass first mate, The perv cook, the greedy navigator, the lying sharpshooter, the queer archaeologist, the reindeer who is a doctor, the cyborg shipwright and the dead singer!Their boat scenes are an amazing watch.
  • The backstories: The backstories of the main characters have tore its fans into tears. Why just the Straw Hats, even the villains at times have crazy back stories. These help associate with a character to such an extent that you feel you are in the story itself.
  • The villains: The villains in this story are just too amazing. Extremely unique characters and picturization ( you actually start hating them), great side characters and exquisite story build ups… Each villain has tested Luffy till his limit until he has come up with a very creative way of beating them.


  • The Fight scenes: I will never forget Enel’s face when he realizes his powers are useless against Luffy. Or the first time Luffy uses gear second against Blueno. The way Luffy comes out of the Dolphin’s mouth and punches Hordy. When Zoro cuts Daz Bones, man of steel. When Sanji kicks Vergo to save Tashigi. I can go on and on and on.
  • The Epic Scenes: If I were to describe One Piece in one line it would – ‘One Piece is a collection of Epic Scenes’ and I wouldn’t be the least bit wrong.
  • Dialogues: This is like the garnishing of the dish. As if everything else wasn’t perfect, some of the dialogues hit the right note every single time.

Where to watch One Piece episodes.

Depending on your location, you may find One Piece on these streaming platforms: Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll. As happened for Bleach, the episodes are also available on free online website.

In case you’re Italian-based you can find One Piece in the dubbed version also on Anime Unity.