The best Bleach Filler Arcs [RANK LIST]

Which filler arc you should watch and which one to skip

The fillers arc in Bleach anime series.

Bleach is one of that anime titles that should stand out in every anime fan list. In fact, the anime whose main protagonist is Ichigo Kurosaki, is commonly considered one of the ‘big 3’ animes of 2000’s. Bleach is also well known for its high number of filler episodes. If you want to get a complete overview of the filler episodes you have better read our related article BLEACH: why is worth watching and filler list. We can now focus on which are the filler arcs that deserve a watch. You should also be happy to hear that a new Bleach story will be released, check the trailer here.

The best Bleach Filler arcs: Zanpakuto Rebellion (episodes 230-265)

We can see lot of Zanpakuto’s original form and their inner monologue.

If we compare Bleach fillers with Naruto or One Piece, you will understand the greatness of Bleach’s fillers. One piece have a small amount of filler episodes between arc to arc that are completely irrelevant to the story. Sometimes you get a flashback episodes for weeks. And naruto’s fillers are even worse. They have a bad story and slow pacing. Compared to these, Bleach’s fillers are way better.

The level of detail put into it was enough that it could have been a canon arc. It helps flesh out the world immensely as well, showing off what many spirits looked like.

Up to that point, the only one that had ever been shown was Zangetsu. Muramasa was a compelling villain that had legit reasons for doing what he was. It also had great face-offs with captains and their spirits, Hitsugaya’s easily one of the most emotional.


The best Bleach Filler arcs: Gotei 13 Invading Army arc Arc (episodes 317-342).

Ichigo arrives in Soul Society, where is absolutely flummoxed to find his old pals, Ikkaku and Renji, trying to attack him. Yoruichi rescues him before anything gets worse, disclosing to him that the two Shinigami are, in fact, inventions of a researcher known as Inaba Kageroza.

The Reigai Uprising is an event in which Kagerōza Inaba creates Modified Soul copies of many members of the Gotei 13, placing them in Reigai bodies. Inaba sought to capture Nozomi Kujō in order to fuse with her and once again become their original being Ōko Yushima. Upon fusion, Yushima sought to destroy the Soul Society.

This villain has inexplicably managed to create replicants of every important character in Seireitei, each of whom possess the same memories, knowledge, as well as powers. Known as the Reigai, their motivations are unclear at this point, except that they want to destroy the Gotei 13 for some reason. In Karakura Town, Team Ichigo meets Kujo Nozomi, a gentle person who is being chased by Kageroza and his minions.

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The mixed rank Bleach Filler arcs: New Captain Shusuke Amangai Arc (episodes 168-189)

A new captain is made captain of 3rd division. Turns out he is a traitor that set it all up to bring down a noble house and kill yamamoto. The most i can say about this is Amagai knew who was the guy behind the death of his father via the bakuto yet he allied himself with him. He also didnt seem to do his homework at least not in the area where it would have done the most good. Supposedly avenging his father and being the one behind the event showed he didnt really know anything. Beyond that it was still more balanced though the interactions with the “princess” were somewhat forced and unnecessary, just another reason to rope Ichigo into Soul Society business.

The worst Bleach Filler arcs: the Bount arc (episodes 64-109).

Bounts are essentially vampires that need to consume souls rather than blood. It fit perfectly with the light horror themes that Bleach had at the very start of the series. The Bount arc had a bit of a rough start, whatwith all the vampire references and stuff, but about 6 episodes in it started to get very interesting. I especially like how it doesn’t go into to the Soul Society or Las Noches quickly. Basically, the first half is in the world of the living.

Most of the characters are incredibly plain aside from Kariya, and none of the fights are all that enthralling as it’s a lot more backstory than action. That’s not always a bad thing as it can hype the viewer up for what’s to come, but when none of that hype is delivered, it’s a waste of time.


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