Complete Fairy Tail filler LIST [episodes guide]

Why is Fairy Tail worth watching and best watch order

What is Fairy Tail story about?

The story centers around the “Fairy Tail Guild” in Magnolia. Focusing on the 4 main characters: Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Erza. Within the guild there’s a request board for jobs. Each wizard goes on jobs around the city, ranging from bizarre, to dangerous, to easy to ridiculous, and everything in between. By taking these jobs, they’re able to make a living for themselves, and do other things for Magnolia (and often other towns). That’s the main focus of the story. What happens in between is adventure, action, life or death situations, comedy, character development and plenty other elements that play out. The latest season Fairy Tail: 100 years quest is airin on 2022, check our related post (The Best Upcoming Anime for 2022)

How many fillers does Fairy Tail anime have?

Fairy Tail has a total of 61 filler episodoes reported with a filler rate of only 19% (over a total 328 episodes of the animated series). The filler percentage of Fairy Tail is quite low comared to that of Bleach and Naruto Shippuded which have a filler percentage above 40%.

Fairy Tail: comparison of manga and anime.

In terms of battle sequences I believe that the anime exceeds the manga in this for two reasons. The first reason is the amazing OST’s which bring the battle to life and hype up the viewer. Secondly, there is this constant urge to know how someone will win the fight since Fairy Tail usually had creative ways in which the characters won (ie. the way Natsu used his flames to beat Erigor).

For the artwork, the manga exceeds this by a longshot.


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Which are the filler episodes of Fairy Tail?

Many fans dislike filler episodes, as most are often considered boring and pointless.The manga can sometimes be limited in the amount it can show during the main storyline, fillers can help give you an insight into different characters individual experiences during that time. However, you won’t miss anything from the main storyline by skipping them.

Complete quick list of Fairy Tail filler episodes:

Filler episodes on Fairy Tail:9, 19, 50, 70-75, 125-150, 202-226, 268.

Manga Canon episodes on Fairy Tail anime series: 1-8, 10-18, 21-48, 51-68, 76-124, 152-181, 184-200, 227-245, 247-254, 257-259, 261-267, 269, 271-311, 313-328.

The best order to watch Fairy Tail anime series.

The show has 9 seasons and 328 episodes in total and takes the audience on an amazing adventure. The animation style is bold and is brilliant at world-building. Fairy Tail is a massive investment of time.

The best way to enjoy Fairy Tail anime – Best order to watch Fairy Tail anime.

The best way to watch Faity Tail is according to its release. I definitely recommended to watch Fairy Tail in the order of release followed by the movies and OVAs to avoid unnecessary confusion and time.

Best order to watch Fairy Tail – Release order.

  • Season 1 (2009-10): 48 episodes
  • Season 2 (2010-11): 24 episodes
  • Season 3 (2011): 28 episodes
  • Season 4 (2011-12): 25 episodes
  • Season 5 (2012): 25 episodes
  • Season 6 (2012-13): 25 episodes
  • Season 7 (2014-15): 90 episodes
  • Season 8 (2016): 12 episodes
  • Season 9 (2018-19): 51 episodes

Fairy Tail Movies.

  • Prologue: The Sunrise
  • Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (2012)
  • Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (2017)
  • The First Morning (2013)

Fairy Tail OVAs.

  • OVA 1: Welcome to Fairy Hills!! (2011)
  • OVA 2: Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan (2011)
  • OVA 3: Memory Days (2012)
  • OVA 4: Fairies’ Training Camp (2012)
  • OVA 5: The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land (2013)
  • OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave (2013)
  • OVA 7: Fairies’ Penalty Game (2016)
  • OVA 8: Natsu vs Mavis (2016)
  • OVA 9: Fairies’ Christmas (2016)

The fastest way to watch Fairy Tail.

This is actually the easiest order for the people who don’t want any complications in between. You just have to go with the seasons, and boom, you reach the finale just like that.

  • Fairy Tail (2009)
  • Fairy Tail 2 (2014)
  • Fairy Tail: Final Series
  • Fairy Tail: 100 Years Questfairy-tail-worth-watching-anime-wallpaper

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Is Fairy Tail worth watching?

It’s a very, very great anime, but so called ‘intellectual’ haters will tell you otherwise. In fairy tail, the characters, the plot, the OST, the story, the fight scenes are near perfect and amazing. It’s one of the most beautiful animes I’ve ever watched. I’ve never felt as deep and emotionally touched by any other anime, except for this one and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Naruto.

Similar series to watch if you enjoyed Fairy Tail.

Anime series similar to Fairy Tail: Bleach

Bleach and Fairy Tail are both action packed but with a bit of humor slipped in. With pretty much unstoppable heroes the action is constant and both stories could seemingly go on forever. Both heroes travel and fight with groups and have a close feeling of comradery for the group members. You can check more about Bleach and its filler arc in this post.

Anime series similar to Fairy Tail: Groove Adventure Rave

The story is from the same creator. Natsu and Haru, Ellie and Lucy, Gray and Musica are very alike. Both involve talking creatures, magic and dragons as well.

Anime series similar to Fairy Tail: Edens Zero

Both series are about a group of friends pursuing exciting adventures and using magic powers to defeat their foes. Both have main characters that are very similar to each other (personality and design) and heavily rely in themes like family and friendship and also have plenty of fanservice/comedic moments. Lastly, Fairy Tail and Edens Zero were created by the same mangaka. If you liked Fairy Tail, you will probably like Edens Zero. You can see the trailer here.

Why Fairy Tail anime is not worth watching.

The start of the episode is good, and understanding the Fairy Tail Guild maybe a bit… difficult, but they’re lovable. I find the beginning of Fairy Tail a lot enjoyable up until the Phantom Lord Arc (Reason is that it introduces… other similar traits like the main character, I should say). After that, it was just bring moments after another. It has character knowledge, and I’m perfectly good with that (for example: The reasoning behind Gray stripping). The arcs are not enjoyable after the Phantom Lord Arc, and I cannot put myself to think there are any decent ones.
Overall, there are some arcs that I happened to enjoy.fairy-tail-order-watch-explained-anime-filler

4 Reasons why you should watch Fairy Tail anime.

  • The characters: There are a lot of characters in Fairy Tail, it should be possible to at least find a few you would like. To me, all the characters are very likeable, i specially like our Main hero Natsu, because he seems bold, but he actually isn’t stupid or slow or dense like other typical shounen heros are. Also with our characters, fairy tail manage to create some interesting relationships between our characters, both deep friendship, but also romantic ones, which usally is really rare in shounen. I’m sure that there haven’t been lots of girls, watching series like Bleach, One Piece or Naruto and just wishing for some romantic relationships to happen. Well i will say that Fairy Tail manages to give you – maybe not fully canon – but surely lots of romantic possible relationship.
  • The story: The story in fairy tail is amusing, but there indeed is not very much plot going on here. Most of the things happening seems rather random. But the story is set up on a group of people in a mage guild named Fairy Tail, where the series main topic probably is friendship between them. With at story like this, not having any special plot actually works. Instead of plot, we have fun and interesting small arcs all the time, which never makes Fairy Tail boring! And we all have to remember that Fairy Tail is still on-going, and there is lot of unanswered questions yet to figure out, so it is possible for a deeper plot to pop up in the end!
  • Voice and Sound: Fairy Tail also have an amazing Voice Acting cast (In japanese) with some of the very popular seiyuu’s, like Happy’s voice actor Kugimiya Rie (Alphonse, Taiga, Shana, Louise, etc) and Lucy’s voice actor Hirano Aya (Suzumiya Haruhi, Izumi Konata, etc) and my own favorites, Natsu and Gray’s voice actors Kakihara Tetsuya (Simon, Amaimon, etc) and Nakamura Yuuichi (Tomoya, Greed, Gai, Ikuto, etc) and there are a lot more amazing voice actors, but that would be too much to list here now. Go check out for yourself!
  • Enjoyment: Unless you really have a problem with half naked girls and breasts, which you really cannot escape from in Fairy tail however much i wish for it, it should not be possible for anyone to not enjoy this anime! It is just hilarious and funny but still have its good and serious moments, and even some complicated relationships between some of our characters, and Fairy Tail manage to surprise me lots of times too!

Where to watch Fairy Tail episodes.

Depending on your location, you may find Fairy Tail on these streaming platforms: Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll. As happened for One Piece, the episodes are also available on free online website.

In case you’re Italian-based you can find Fairy Tail in the dubbed version also on Anime Unity.