The Promised Neverland Philosophy

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The promised neverland philosophy

In our previous article of the Promised Neverland, the focused our attention on the main characters of the anime series. Today we want to highlight other aspects of the series, inspecting philosophy and revealing some curiosities about.

The Promised Neverland philosophy. Inside the beast world.

The anime series of the Promised Neverland, gives the audience a number of topics to wonder about. The psychological side has a great impact on the story development. The contrast which emerges in episode 1 (where no one know about the true nature of the orphanage) and the following ones feed the suspense of the entire plot. What if you know that the place where you grew up will be also your prison till death?

In the episodes of the Promised Neverland, we have the opportunity to consider the different reactions of the siblings which are different character by character and age by age. As just introduced in our review of the Promised Neverland (link here), the Promised Neverland is featured by a setting similar to the one of 1984. It represents a small sized controlled society (i.e. the orphanage) where everything is set to achieve the ultimate goal. The final aim is again completely materialistic: to become food. Each aspect of the daily life is controlled by the Mama whose only goal is to preserve the integrity of the “meat”.

Another hint that the animed series gives is a warning about the intense breeding of a animal inside farms. This time, the role of animal is taken by the humans. The children, unware of their function in the world, are treated by mere beast with an identification number on the neck. Even those who save themselves, “the Mums” have lost their human integrity: in order to save their life they had the soul burned. They become the slayer of their “beloved” children.

The meaning of the titles in the Promised Neverland.

That’s not too diffcult to spot. However, if you didn’t figured out the meaning of anime titles in the Promised Neverland here’s the answer. The title simply identifies the date in which the actions of the protagonists take place. Yes it could be a number since it’s not divided by separators but it’s a date instead!

The Promised Neverland episodes

The tiles in the Promised Neverland refer to a date.

Ray, a special name.

You’ll be surprised or not if I tell you that Ray was named after the famous musician Ray Charles? To believe or to not believe in it it’s your choice!

The Promised Neverland season 2 release.

As we know, the second season of the Promised Neverland is going to arrive in January 2021 (see the official news here). The fans of the manga already know the development of the plot of the siblings of the Grace field House. It’s very likely that the second season would not be the last one of the animated series. For sure, the next season of the Promised Neverland, is going to have a more dyamical setting, where action could have a major role on the storytelling. The real nature of the Demons will be revealed and their interaction with humanity is going to be discovered. Fot the trailer of The promised Neverland 2 see here.

The promised neverland season 2 preview

The Promised Neverland season 2 preview.

The first season of The Promised Neverland, has left a lot of opportunities opened. On one side we have the opportunity of introducing the outside world, and on the other the possibility of setting up the final plan of escape for the younger children of the Grace Field House. In 2021, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see Isabella again after the final episodes of season 1 which seemed to be a farewell to the antagonist. Moreover, we have the knot of Norman. The fantastic trio cannot be dissolved so easily and I expect a comeback in the early episodes of season 2. According to this view, the second season of the Promised Neverland could describe the transitory condition to achieve the reunion of the Norman, Emma and Ray together.

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