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5 reasons to watch Great Pretender anime series

Why you should watch Great Pretender – A Lupin’s renaissance


Great Pretender anime series.

Great Pretender is an original Japanese crime comedy anime television series produced by Wit Studio, directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryōta Kosawa. The shows consists of 23 episodes.

Great Pretender: Netflix trailer.

Pretending. People do that. People pretend a lot. Whilst that may seem like something that could get to the wrong side of people once they have been uncovered, it does show that there is an interesting story to be told in each pretender people come to pass. You can see the trailer of Great Pretender here.

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Where can I watch the Great Pretender?

Great Pretender is currently available on Netflix (August 2020 release for non Japanese countries).

When the second half of the Great Pretender will be released?

The final part of the show is released on Netflix on 25 November 2020 (last 9 episodes).

What is Great Pretender anime series about?

In this world, some people acts for money. If they did mistake once, they loses everything. It serves them right. Because they’re villains. Well, exception exists. They bring out excellent skills in some cases and keep surviving like pro. The group name is unknown but we can know their existence. “Great Pretender“.

In Los Angeles, Makoto Edamura‘s trouble begins continuously. He is this show’s MC and his nickname is Edamame. He is known for very famous confidence man in Japan. However, his luck didn’t continue forever. One day, Edamura was cheated out of his money by a certain person. He was forced to go America. Main story starts from here.


Is the Great Pretender anime series worth watching?

I’ve read some pretty different opinion about the show. Most of people disliking the show because “Great Pretender” was “holding up” Attack on Titan (Studio Wit has produced both of them). An example of what I heard was:

“Great Pretender” has a bad cast, a poorly written story with a immeasurable predictable results and even its ending song (which is best thing this anime has to offer) couldn’t save it. If you want to hear my advice, stay away from this.

According to my mind, there are at least 5 reasons why you should give chance to Great Pretender (anime).

Why should you watch the Great Pretender?

1. Storyline.

It is pretty straightforward, but its very funny. You will probably know how they will trick the victims, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t well executed and hilarious.

2. “Episodic” characters.

Many characters, like Edamura, just conflicts with themselves. Edamura, one moment he is swindling, the next he is being a good man, and the cycle continues indefinitely. In a show literally titled Great Pretender, you could say that it is clever in the sense that he is a pretender where he is a great swindler one moment, but realistically, he is a good man with good intentions. The number of times Edamura switches his intentions is just incredible. To be fair, it is usually due to some convenient plot device the writers just kinda half-assed their way through. In a fun way, we can say that Edamura is “pretending” himself.


Great Pretender characters (from left to right): Makoto “Edamame” Edamura, Laurent Thierry, Cynthia Moore and Abigail “Aby” Jones.

3. Music.

In Great Pretender music is as sublime as its animation. The Jazz and smooth beats that the soundtrack had were great. The music resonates with the audience. This is coming from someone who enjoys this type of music but the OST was also top tier. The ending song was impressive as it is Freddie Mercury’s “Great Pretender”.  

4. Studio Wit.

The colors made me fall in love with this show even more. From the backdrops to the characters, the art shows Wit Studio’s full potential to create an immersive animation. If you were to see a scene from Great Pretender, any scene, on the streets, you would immediately tell it was from this show or mistake it for a colorful painting. This show belongs in a museum of fine arts.

5. Great Pretender, the renaissance of Lupin III?

The episodic nature of Great Pretender makes it very similar to Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. In a similar way to Lupin anime series, a sense of fun and light heart moment are inserted in the show. At the same time, like the clowning around that Lupin does, it is all tampered by the overall moodier tone, also in Great Pretender anime, the psychological counterpart relives.


Is Great Pretender anime good?

The show is quite good, maybe not exceptional such as The Promised Nerverland, Death Note or Attack on Titan. However, Great Pretender’s use of its characters is comical and convenient. This show will reuse characters that we first see in episode one and make them a recurring feat. From Kudou to Shi-won, there are supporting characters that make a funny reappearance as side characters throughout the show.  Each character has a different design matching their personalities and voices. The facial features, eye shape, and body types differ in the main cast of characters. The body language matches the tones and voices of the voice actor playing the characters.

Great Pretender anime, fake of the fake.

The false behaviours, the false associations, everything, it’s all fake, but it works. And whilst this is the formula used over and over again, the show does have its fair share of funny moments and wholesomeness. The con artists conning people does not seem to be boring, it is fun to watch every time. It isn’t overused though, which makes it even better.


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