How much do bloggers make money with WordPress

How much money a beginner blogger can make with its anime passion

How to blogging: story of my anime website.

It has been 3 years since we started this anime blog. During this time has undergone multiple re-styling. On each iteration more article and more efficient features have been implemented. First of all you may wonder why to start an anime blog and how much mone yand effort you should consider to put to achieve your goal.

How to start an anime blog: passion.

The fundamental thing is the passion about anime or for the niche you want  to wirte about. You have to consider that blogging is not a easy world. There’s a tough competition out there. Before taking action you have better concentrate on which niche you want to focus. Taking the example of an anime blog you may take into account the following questions:

‘On which topic I want my anime blog to focus on?’ ‘Is that topic of interest for fans and visitors of your website blog?’

Is it possible to earn with a blog? How much can you earn with an anime blog?

Yes it is centainly possible to earn with a blog. And even with an anime blog. However, a beginner blogger should have clear in mind that opening and maintaining a blog (in general) requires full dedication. In fact there are a number of concers to whom pay attention such like update your posts, check your website healt, find new interesting topics…


Let’s test the fastest hosting Cloudways for only $10/month [after free trial]

How to start an anime blog.

Starting a new blog is like changing jobs. On your path, you’ll continously learn new things as a beginner blogger. First of all, you need to create your own website. If your idea is also to get an income from your anime blog, you shouldn’t go for blogspot or (not to be confused with blogs because you won’t be able to monetize them with ads. For this very reason, you have to buy a domain name and have a hosting plan.

How to start a blog the right way: domain and hosting.

This post does not profile itself as a full explanatory guide to open a webiste or an anime blog. But at least we’ll give you the basics about blogging. A comprehensive article can be found in this article 4 EASY STEPS TO OPEN A BLOG. The best platform for creating a blog is using It is basically a user-friendly tool (i.e. installed sofware) to create a website. A wordpress based website is fully customizable and you can even choose a theme depending on your needs.


The costs for domain and hosting to open a new blog: stay within 280$/year.

The first thing to do is to buy a domain. A domain name is something “”, for example, for this website the domain name is presticebdt and the homepage url is You can get a closer view on the first steps to take to create your website at this article 4 EASY STEPS TO CREATE A WEBSITE.

Which are the costs for a domain name?

First of all you’ve to choose a domain name for your anime blog. It can be a name which can recall anime or manga or even an invented name. Sometimes by using a domain name which recall your article niche may have a positive influence on ranking, but it is not a rule. To register (buy) a domain name you have to reach a domain registrar. One of the most known and popular domain registrar is The costs for registering a new domain are $11.99 for the first year and $17.99 for renewals/year.

My personal advice is to use to register your domain. It is very user friendly and the costs for registering is about $8.99 and future renewals price is $9.49.

One you’ve your domain name ready, you have to consider which hosting platoform to use.

How to start blogging the right way: get a cheap and performing hosting.

Now you have to accurately select a hosting platform. What is does a hosting platform is to physically host your website. In fact, these hosting services comes with the possibility to install WordPress, from which you can start creating your anime blog.

An important thing about hosting is the montly price and its renewal costs. On the other side, you have to pay attention to the performances of your websites (for example if a maximum number of visitors is fixed).

A popular choice for your website hosting: Siteground.

Siteground is a farly common choice for beginner bloggers. In fact, it is quite easy to use and a lot of guides are available on the web. Siteground platform offers a quite comprehensive solution (also Cloudfare CDN is included) and three types of plans are available for choice. For detailed pricing, see here. In this article (Why Siteground is the best hosting for WordPress), you can have a better insight about the features which are present. The startup plan starts from $3.99/month after surging to $14.99/month for the following renewals (the middle plan, the one you have better opt for in case you consider having discrete ~30000 visitors) audience comes at $24.99/month).

A cheaper solution for hosting your blog and increased speed: Cloudways managed hosting.

In our website blog, we opted to use Cloudways managed hosting. In fact, after starting with Siteground, we hit the max number of visitors/month. In fact, you have to pay attention to the max number of visitors/pageviews allowed. In case you exceed that number, your website will massively slow down determing a bad experience for visitors and google rank.

For a number of reasons (lower costs, increased performance, bigger storage) we’ve decided to move to Cloudways platform. We’ve written a post about here: How I got 100/100 pagespeedscore on Google PageSpeed Insight. The cost for Cloudways is about $15-$17/month and it can handle till 70’000 monthly visitors.

With that price, also a CDN is provided and you can scale up your server at any time depending on your needs. You can deploy a server for free to test Cloudways at this link Try Clouways Hosting for Free.

How to start a [anime] blog: build your website with WordPress

One you’ve your domain name and hosting platform set-up. You are ready to build your anime blog with WordPress. You can choose a free basic theme or a premium theme (which allows more functionalities to be implemented). In this video you can have an idea of the most awared theme used by WordPress bloggers.

Another thing to do before going online is to set your Cookie Solution for privacy compliance (i.e. GDPR). You can find an interesting article about cookie consent solution of bloggers here (How to create a cookie banner for WordPress). Now you’re ready to publish your first article!

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How much do bloggers make money with WordPress

As you already know, there are three fundamental ways to earn an income as a blogger newcomer:

  • Sell your our products or courses/webinars
  • Promote your affiliate links
  • Show ads on your anime blog

The first option is quite difficult to implement for a beginner blogger. In fact, you should have great reach and attached visitors to start selling your own stuff. For this reason we do not consider this option for early stages. The second way is to promote your own affiliate links (i.e. promoting amazon products). This second option is viable but you have to take care of your audience. You should not exceed on promoting as nowadays the entire world is promoting something. And very often they promote useless thing. So the third practise is what we want to focus on (show ads on your blog). Moreover, this latter one, allows also to focus on your article posts while earning to sustain your website.

How to make an income with your blog: show ads

The strategy we want to talk about is showing ads on your blog to make a passive income. First of all, you need to apply to a and ads network. An ads network is the means by which the advertisers (who want to display ads) are made in contact with publishers (which display the ads on their websites). The most common ads networks are: Google Adsense, PropellerAds, AdsTerra, Infolinks, Ezoic and BidVertizer. Let’s analyse how much money you can expect from these ads network.

How to make a Ads Network work on your website?

The procedure is quite similar for all the above-mentioned ads platform. You have to sign up with a new account if you haven’t one. Then, you are asked your website url. Depending on the ads network, your request to be a publisher is subjected to approval.

The Network with strict approval: Adsense and Ezoic.

You may have issues to be approved to these two ads network and here’s why. Both platform require to be compliant with Google Guidelines and Policy and your blog should have original content. It could be hard to be approved for Google Adsense and in some cases, even though you’re approved you may be banned for infringing their policy. From 31st January 2022 Ezoic requires you to have a Google Adsense account to stay with them. Moreover, Ezoic requires a minimum traffic threshold of 10’000 visits/month. For these reasons, despite the interesting CPM (usually in the range $2-$4 for Adsense and $3-$7 for Ezoic) it may be difficult for a beginner blogger to start with them. An interesting article about the 3 TOP Google Adsense alternatives is reported here (TOP 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for WordPress site)

My Experience with Ezoic.

I started used Ezoic on February 2021. Ezoic is a certified Google Adsense partner and this allow you to get high quality ads and CPM (cost per mille, i.e. earning for each thousand impression). My experience with Ezoic was quite positive as their platform offers a wide range of features:

  • Improved caching
  • Ezoic Leap to improve the speed and responsiveness of your blog
  • AI features to increase revenue

You can see the proof payments with Ezoic below. As you can see I saw an increase of more than 50% revenue using Ezoic. On the other hand, when I faced unknown problems with my Google Adsense account, I was no more able to use Ezoic. You can have a look to Ezoic at this link (at submit your application)



How much you can earn with PropellerAds on your blog.

PropellersAds is a fairly good option as Google Adsense alternative and this statement was true also for my website blog. In recent time PropellestAds tried to implement new ads features to monetize the traffic. These one are available on Propeller Ads network. You can easily join PropellerAds here (NO minimum traffic is required)

  • Popunder (compatible with Adsense)
  • Push Notification (it doesn’t affect Google Rank and UX)
  • In-page push
  • Interstitial (particular banner which are more user friendly than traditional banners)
  • Direct links
  • Multitag (all-in-one solution which integrates all features before)

What’s a typical CPM for a blog using PropellerAds?

The average CPM values for PropellerAds ranges between $1 and $3. The most profitable monetization feature you can consider are the Popunder. However Popunder (Onclick) may be a bit annoying for the visitors, so you need to get the right balance. A great thing of PropellerAds is their low threshold payment which is only $5 for Paypal (it is a great news for a beginner blogger as in first time you should not expect extremely high revenue and you should not have to wait too much to receive your payment). Here’s my CPM and earnings on PropellerAds in a month while I was using PropellerAds with consistency. You may expect to earn around $50-80/month with a 30’000 visits/month.earn-blogging-propeller-ads-cpm

How to start blogging: my experience with AdsTerra Network.

During my blogger experience I also tested AdsTerra alongside to PropellerAds. I’ve found AdsTerra quite similar to PropellerAds. The differences with PropellerAds are solely the following:

  • Allows for classical banners to be implemented
  • Minimum threshold for Paypal is $100

The other features, eventhough with a slight different name (i.e social bar) have their counterpart to the ones of PropellerAds. AdsTerra does not require a minimun traffic to be enrolled in. In the figure below, few different types of Ad Units available on Adsterra are reported.


How much can you expect to earn with AdsTerra?

The averages CPM for AdsTerra are someway comparable to that of PropellerAds. Other anime bloggers such as animeeverything, claim that they has an increased revenue with AdsTerra compared with PropellerAds but it wasn’t my case. The CPM rates for AdsTerra stands between $1 and $2. As for PropellerAds you have better tune your ads to match the right balance between earnings and user experience on your web. An interesting side of AdsTerra is that it admits the category ‘anime’ for ads publisher allowing more oriented advertisements to be showed (and increase conversions!). You may expect to earn around $50-70/month with a 30’000 visits/month.

How much do bloggers make money with Infolinks Ads on a blog.

Infolinks consists of more than +350’000 publishers. From Infolinks you can expect a more classical way of showing ads (banners and links). I used Infolinks for a while before reverting to PropellerAds/AdsTerra and I should say that’s it’s quite a good Ads Network even the aspect may be a little outdated. With Infolinks, my CPM were not that high and CPM didn’t exceed $1. You may expect to earn around $30-40/month with a 30’000 visits/month.infolinks-blogger-beginner-earn-anime

Bidvertizer Network: another solution to monetize your website blog.

Bidvertiser has made this platform for a better user interface and user experience known as UI and UX. Publishers or advertisers can quickly initiate the process of signing up. The process is automatic and secure. The publisher needs to fill in all the details of their website.

From my experience, the CPM ofr Bidvertizer are quite similar to that of Infolinks while offering a wider ad unit selection (quite comparable to AdsTerra and PropellerAds). You may expect to earn around $30-40/month with a 30’000 visits/month. Join Bidvertizer with this link.

How much do bloggers make money with my Anime blog.

As you may notice, to generate great income from your anime blog you need to drive a lot of traffic. For this reason, I can be difficult to make a living with your only anime blog (I’ll be honest with you). In case you’re able to have 2000/3000 visitors/day you may expect to earn about $300-$400 each month which is a considerable income. However, if you’re stuck because of the idea of earning you have better drop the idea of opening a new blog.


Should I open an anime blog or a blog in general?

To answer this very question we need to focus on the fundamental reasons why you want become a blogger. During the first 6 months you should forget the idea of earning money. In fact, earning since the very beginning may happen but it’s not the rule. For this reason you should open a blog if you want to write about something. Something it’s very important for you and that you want to share with others. Then, of course you can add specific posts to drive traffic but that’s not what blogging is meant to.

Is it worth opening a blog?

In case you’re wondering if it’s worth the bother opening a blog, for example an anime blog, I think it worth because of all the skill you’ll develop alongside the path. As a blogger you’ll learn what is SEO, some basics of WordPress, domain, SSL and commerical strategy to make your ads work the best.

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