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A new stiffer gear box for Ferrari F1000.

The problems emerged during the pre-season test of Catalunya has forced Ferrari to fix the problem of the gear box. In fact, the two drivers of the Pracing Horse have highlighted the non-accurate behaviour of the single seat in the fast changing directions sectors of the Spanish track. The engineers of Ferrari have figured out that it was not due to a mechanical setup problem. Rather, it was related to the stiffness of the gear box. In fact, any flexibility of that component may induce a change of the suspensions angle (camber, toe) during the race. The deformations have been limited by the addiction of crossed layers of carbon fiber. A more stable contact with the road allows the use of stiffer suspension configuration, best car reaction and more efficient ground effect. The estimated step in terms of time attack is approximately -0.200 sec/lap.

I don’t expect Ferrari to be the fastest car in Austria.

Mattia Binotto (Ferrari)

Gearbox f1 carbon fiber

Mercedes with Power Unit Spec 2.

Reliability is the word inside Mercedes. The mechanical fails (3 problems in 6 days) of the Power Unit during the tests have raised the attention of Toto and his team on the reliability of the engine. The power unit may be, for the second year, the weak point of the Silver Arrows. In particular, a complete revision of the oil flow inside the combustion chamber was under study. An increase of calorific value of the new Petronas fuels have put under discussion the cooling system of the piston. Lubrification area, in general will be revisited in the Spec 2 that Mercedes will mount in the first Austria GP.

On our side, we need to close the gap with Ferrari and make sure we have a reliable and solid power unit.

Toto Wolff (Mercedes)

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Racing Point F1 2020

Racing Point. The outsider of 2020 championship.

The frozen chassis imposed by FIA for 2020-2021 may have an increadibly positive impact on one of the middle-field teams: Racing Point. Perez and Stroll will drive a single-seat “2019 Mercedes designed”. The team, in fact, will rely on the world-championship car on the previous year. With the upgrades developed by Hamilton during the past year, Racing Point configures itself as a true threat for Ferrari and Red Bull.

It’s the most competitive car I’ve ever driven.

Sergio Perez (Racing Point)

Red Bull. Honda at the service of aerodynamics.

For the first time, Adrian Newey could have developed a project with a strong interaction with the engine supplier Honda. The Japanese constructor has matched the requests of Red Bull to design a very thin rear assembly in  order to increase the efficiency of the rear.

You have to use an old car with tyres that are not the same so I decided not to do it.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

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