The best motorcycle for beginners [2022 UPDATED]

The best motorcycle for beginners (with prices)

The best motorcycles for each rider style.

Many new riders know the style of motorcycle they want to ride. Many even know the exact model they’d like to be on, but just need a smaller bike to use as a steppingstone before they feel ready to ride the bigger machine. In our article you can find a ranked list of the best beginner motorcycle according to each rider needs with their relative prices.

  • Best beginner cruiser motorcycle
  • Best sport motorcycle for beginners
  • Best dirty motorcycle for beginners


What is a cruiser motorcycle?

A cruiser motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that is typically built with comfort in mind. Top cruiser motorcycles come in different styles and are designed with a laid-back riding position. Several things make the cruiser motorcycle genre a natural fit for new motorcyclists. Cruisers tend to have low seat heights that make it easy for riders of short stature to keep their feet on the ground and feel planted. The genre also lends itself to casual, unrushed riding, unlike sportier machines that may spur the rider up to higher speeds. The contemporary types of cruiser motorcycles are modeled after American motorcycles like Harley-Davidson and Indian: V-Twin engine and air-cooled, boasting an aggressive and chunky design.


The best beginner cruiser motorcycles in 2022 [LIST RANKED]

In the list below you can find our choices for cruiser motorcycles which are perfect for beginner riders.

  • Honda Rebel 500 (2022). Price: $6,399

The Rebel 500 is powered by a 471cc parallel-twin engine, compared to the single-cylinder engine in the 300 model. It has a low seat height and versatile ergonomics, so shorter riders can plant their feet yet taller riders won’t feel too cramped up.

Honda also offers a well-rounded lineup of accessories for Rebel 300 and 500 models, so saddlebags, windshields, USB chargers, and more are readily available to help tune your ride.

Rebel 300 and 500 models share just about everything but the engine, so we leaned toward the 500 twin because of its ability to cruise highway speed at lower revolutions. The 300 is a great option as well, but riders may find themselves wanting to step up to something larger

  • Honda Rebel 1100 DCT (2022). Price: $9,999

 1,100cc bike for beginners? But true to the Rebel name, Honda has made the Rebel 1100 DCT a welcoming machine to riders of virtually any skill level. Power output from the 1,084cc parallel twin is adjustable on three levels, as are engine-braking and shift points on the DCT model, which means that you can make that big engine purr softly or roar like a lion if you want to.

The addition of Honda’s Dual-Clutch Transmission allows for automatic or clutchless shifting and removes one technical element of learning to ride a motorcycle as well, so new riders can just focus more on the road in front of them. Weighed on our scales at 512 pounds ready to ride, the 1100 feels nimble and spry, especially when it’s around other large-displacement cruisers.

Ride modes and engine adjustability, adequate suspension on a well-designed frame, Dual-Clutch Transmission, and excellent braking performance make this bike not only a great beginner bike, but one that riders can grow into and keep for a long

  • Royal Enfield INT650 (2022) Price: $5,999

While not a traditional cruiser, the Royal Enfield INT650 is an excellent standard motorcycle and a great choice for many new riders. The INT650′s greatest appeal lies in its timeless styling, versatile two-cylinder engine, and very approachable price.

The INT650 is powered by an air-and-oil-cooled 648cc parallel twin that is easily capable of cruising at highway speeds—not something a lot of $6,000 bikes can say. It also doesn’t feel like a budget motorcycle; it feels relatively high quality and permanent. A wide variety of paint options are available, most of them bright and fun, adding to the retro fun vibe.

As the INT650 doesn’t have the traditional dropped-seat silhouette of cruiser models, its bench seat sits a little higher up at 31.7 inches, which can make it less than ideal for short-legged riders.

Suspension is a little on the soft side but performed more than adequately in our testing, and brakes were surprisingly strong considering the price of the bike. You really get a lot of motorcycle for the price with this 650.2022-Royal-Enfield-INT-650-best-cruiser-motorcycle


  • Yamaha Bolt R-Spec (2022). Price: $8,599

The Yamaha Bolt has been on the market since 2014 when it was introduced as new competition for the Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. It is very much a traditional cruiser with its low seat, slim gas tank, and retro styling, but there are still some aspects of it that feel very Japanese in the best way.

Customization is also a unique element of the Bolt, as the name may imply. It was designed to be easily modified to suit the owner, so many of the parts, like handlebars, risers, and footpegs, have universal fitments, shared with other models and other brands.

Carving up a twisty canyon on the Bolt is an absolute joy. Mid-mounted foot controls give the rider an element of control not typically available with forward controls, allowing them to better control their weight and shift it around the bike. Suspension front and back are nonadjustable but have performed well while tested by riders of varying sizes.Yamaha Bolt R-Spec-2022-best-cruiser-motorbike-riders

  • Harley-Davidson Iron 883 (2022). Price: $11,000.

For over 60 years, Harley-Davidson has been making what is one day considered comfortable endurance cruisers and tourers, and the next day overly expensive two-wheel land yachts. Social opinion aside, however, the fact remains that the Iron 883 is just a damned good bike.

What makes it so is the 883cc Evolution V-Twin that gives it its name. It’s an extremely forgiving engine, with just about 54 lb-ft of torque. Harley typically does not share peak power figures, but power delivery is linear, and the superb framework of the bike lets you know everything that the bike is doing through your legs, butt, and hands. Unlike the bigger Harley bikes, it’s light enough and pared down enough that you will learn how it wants to communicate with you, telling you things such as how its tires are gripping, how it’s feeling in the corners, and the like.

If you start on a Harley-Davidson Iron 883, you will have to pay a little more for a badge premium because there is still the belief that Harley’s are the bikes of America. Prices start at a hair under $11,000, but since Harley discontinued its Street line-up of bikes, you won’t find a more forgiving and generous entry point to the wide world of customizable cruisers that Harley-Davidson makes.


Is it worth buying a used motorcycle?

Used bikes are going to be more affordable; they’re not as much of an investment or major commitment just to get yourself on the road. Because they’ve been used by someone else, they’re also likely to have little scratches and dents on them, and when you’re learning to ride, it’s often easier to do so on something that doesn’t feel perfect and precious. This little bit of patina on the bike is likely to make you feel more comfortable using it and less like you have to baby the thing. And when you’re ready to upgrade, assuming you haven’t beat the thing up too badly in your learning process, you can sell it for close to what you paid.

There are a few things to be wary of while learning on a used motorcycle, however. Older brake systems on vintage bikes don’t perform like modern ones and require more distance to stop. Older engines may have been abused and not maintained; pay close attention to air filters and the color and smell of the engine oil. Rubber components can degrade over time, wiring and hoses can become brittle after sitting outside, and tires can crack, so just know that you’d be rolling the dice with certain inconsistencies not found in a new bike on the showroom floor.

What is a sport motorcycle?

When you make the pro vs. con list for owning a motorcycle, is the biggest pro being able to get places fast? How about feeling that adrenaline rush as you commute to work in style? If so, you’re probably in the market for a sport bike: the dream bike for any adrenaline junkie, and, surprisingly enough, a good beginner bike.

The best sport motorcycle for beginners [2022 RANKED]

  • Yamaha YZF-R3 (2022). Price: $5,299

As a beginner, you need a comfortable seat that gives you control of the bike. The Yamaha YZF-R3 has exactly that — a flat seat that distributes your weight evenly and allows you to position your feet on the ground firmly during stops. This bike is the best of both worlds — it is sporty and pocket friendly.

Yamaha is a renowned motorcycle manufacturing company that builds some of the best bikes on the market. The Yamaha YZF-R3 is a lightweight bike that is easy to handle and maintain. However, don’t let this bike’s beginner status fool you. The YZF-R3 is known to pack a punch. This sports bike features an advanced forged piston design that has adds a significant amount of performance to the bike.


Yamaha YZF-R3-2022-best-sport-motorcycle-for-beginner-riders

  • Kawasaki Z400 ABS (2022). Price: $4,999

This engine has a power output rating of 49horsepower and 28lb-ft of torque. While the 2020 Kawasaki Z400 ABS is smaller in size compared to other bikes in its category, this size is one of its biggest selling points. This Kawasaki comes fitted with the latest tech gizmos which include an anti-lock braking system, LED lighting, and new assist and slipper clutch.

The 2020 Kawasaki Z400 ABS is by far the latest model in the Z series. This beauty debuted in 2018 and went into production in 2019. This Japanese beginner motorcycle is powered by a 399cc 4-stroke parallel twin liquid-cooled DOHC engine.Kawasaki Z400 ABS price best motorbike

  • Kawasaki Ninja 650 (2022). Price: $7,899

Much like the Suzuki SV650 and the Honda CBR500R, the Kawasaki Ninja 650 is another option to consider for a beginner rider who is taller and confident in handling a bigger motorbike.

The Ninja 650 looks just like a proper sports bike, and that’s not the only similarity to the more potent Ninjas, as it also offers stable handling. Unlike its sportier siblings, the Ninja 650 has a more upright seating position, which makes the bike much more comfortable to ride, and also suitable for taller riders.Kawasaki-Ninja-650-best-sport-motorcycle-price


What is a dirt motorbike?

Dirt bikes are a type of non-street-legal motorcycle that lack road-safe equipment, like most off-road specific vehicles. They lack the headlights, brake lights, and mirrors that a dual-sport would have but on the upside, you don’t have to get a special license for them because of this. They are equipped with small engines, small gas tanks, and stiff suspension to help you soar over jumps and move through a trail with little impact on the spine or bones. They even come in a tiny 50cc size for the younger riders to learn.

  • Yamaha YZ250F (2022). Price: $8,699

When it comes down to blue VS red, it’s mostly preference and riding style. I’d lean towards the Honda for overall ride-ability and I’d rank Yamaha a bit higher for motor-output. But when it comes down to it, both are solid and both are more-than-enough bike for any newbie.Yamaha YZ250F3-best-dirt-motorbike-2022

  • Kawasaki KLX110 (2022). Price: $2,499 – For Kids

This mini-bike is perfect for kids who are just starting in the sport. It is powered by an air-cooled four-stroke engine that peaks at 7bhp. The bike’s light weight ensures that it handles well. It has a quick throttle and a low center of gravity that is suited for a beginner. The Kawasaki KLX110 wins big on ergonomics, and it is quite suitable for kids.

It does not have a clutch lever, and riders have to shut the throttle and shift. The gear ratios are, however, closely stacked to enhance rideability.

The bike rides on a 12-inch rear tire and a 14-inch front one. It is also equipped with a rear mono-shock, 30 mm telescopic front forks, and an 8.5 inch ground clearance.Kawasaki-KLX110-best-dirt-motorbike-price

  • Suzuki RM85 (2022). Price: $4,299

Suzuki mid-sized two-stroke dirt bike, the RM85, is an ideal model for juniors. It goes back to 2002 when it replaced the RM80. The RM85 included some of the successes of its predecessor, like the liquid-cooled two-stroke motor, aluminum frame, disc brakes, and progressive suspension.

The 85cc motor delivers a commendable amount of low-end output and especially shines through the middle of the powerband.

Riders will get a feel of a high-performing dirt bike but in a model that handles well and is easy to control. The motor on the RM85 is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and a long clutch lever.Suzuki-RM85-2022-price-motorbike-list

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