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Ferrari mocked in Singapore: FIA credibility in pieces

F1 2022 Singapore GP - Perez wins - Presticebdt

Race results. Singapore GP F1 2022.

race results Singapore gp f1 2022 - Presticebdt


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Official, Perez wins in Singapore: five seconds penalty and a reprimand

Sergio Perez has officially won the 2022 Singapore GP. With a decision that will certainly cause discussion, the FIA ​​has chosen to sanction the Mexican Red Bull driver – guilty of having left more than 10 cars between himself and the car on two occasions. under the Safety Car regime – with a reprimand and a five-second penalty. However, his lead over Charles Leclerc, second placed, was seven and a half seconds and thus allowed the Milton Keynes team rider to retain the second success of his season, the fourth in the Guadalajara native’s entire F1 career. .

Perez’s victory, certainly deserved by the Mexican on the track, was therefore ‘saved’ by the evaluation that the race marshals gave of the first infringement, the one committed in the first part of the race, on the tenth lap. Red Bull # 11 was the lead car in that case and was unable to keep the minimum distance of 10 cars away from the Safety Car. The former Racing Point driver, speaking to the commissioners, admitted that he did not keep the correct gap to the safety car in turns 13 and 14, but justified himself by saying that it was difficult to follow the Safety Car very closely given the track conditions – defined as “very wet” – and given the low temperature of tires and brakes.

The FIA ​​therefore decided to take into consideration the fact that an infringement had been committed – hence the reprimand – but also to accept the fact that the track was wet as an extenuating circumstance.

“Although the track was partly wet – reads the official note – we do not believe that the conditions were such as to make it impossible or dangerous for Perez to maintain the required distance of less than 10 cars. Nonetheless, we took into consideration the wet conditions and the difficulties highlighted by Perez as extenuating circumstances for this incident and, consequently, we decided that a warning should be given. “

Official, Perez wins in Singapore: only five second penalty - Presticebdt

The subsequent infringement, which instead cost Perez five seconds – irrelevant for the outcome of the race – came due to what happened on lap 36. Also in this case, under the Safety Car regime, the Mexican did not respect the correct distance from the car driven by Bernd Mayländer, precisely in curves 13 and 14. In the document disclosed by the Federation, however, it is explained how the management had already warned Red Bull in curves 9 and 10 that Perez was not respecting the correct delta. The fact that it was the second violation of the rule in the same race, after what happened on lap 10, prompted the stewards to impose the minimum penalty of five seconds. Below is the translation of the second official document released by the FIA.

“Car 11 was leading on lap 36, during the second safety car period of the race. It was admitted that, while the safety car lights were still on, Perez was unable to keep within 10 points of the safety car between Turn 13 and Turn 14. This occurred despite the race director having warned the team that Perez was not respecting the 10-length rule between turns 9 and 10. The team passed on the warning to Perez. We refer to Doc. 56 with which we issued a warning to PER for a violation of the same rule during the first intervention of the safety car in the race. As this was Perez’s second violation of Article 55.10 during the match and followed an explicit warning from the Clerk of the Course, we decided to impose a 5-second penalty on Perez. “


Perez: “Commissioners satisfied with my explanation”

In the moments before the official announcement, the Mexican had seemed calm about the move of the Race Direction, to the point of calmly explaining his version of events in this way:

“There was some communication problem – said the Mexican to the microphones of Sky Sport F1 – where I could keep up with the Safety Car, it went very slowly. On the contrary, in areas where I couldn’t keep up with him, he was fast. So there were some communication errors. But I believe these conditions are not normal. It is completely understandable that the conditions in which we found ourselves and which we faced, especially in the last sector, were very difficult. So yes, I would not have expected further measures, because the commissioners were satisfied with my explanation and understood it “.

Even Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, admitted that he would have been surprised if the Race Direction had assigned a more severe penalty to the detriment of Perez:

“I would have been surprised – he added – they heard his side of the story, but I think that there are many precedents, even in the recent past, in which there has been a concertation both upstream and downstream of the deployment. We have also seen this in the training laps. The extenuating circumstances were that the Safety Car was driving very slowly. They had done 30 laps on intermediate tires and ended up with a set of slicks. You could hear Checo asking to go faster. He had no tire temperature. I would have been absolutely amazed if there had been something ”.

Perez couldn't keep up with the Safety Car  - Presticebdt


Leclerc: “At the start I made the tires skid too much”

Eleven poles in seventeen races, but only four wins. Ferrari and Charles Leclerc in particular must question this very low percentage of conversion of the results between Qualifying and Race. Sometimes reliability has ousted the Monegasque from the race prematurely when he was in the lead as happened for example in Barcelona and Baku, on other occasions instead it was the strategy that betrayed the Ferrari driver who was also guilty of a driving error in France which thwarted on Sunday the pole position obtained on Saturday.

Yesterday the crucial moment of the Singapore Grand Prix was the start. Charles Leclerc, on the clean side of the track, got off to a good start when the traffic lights went out, but then had excessive tire skidding that allowed Sergio Perez to take the lead in the race and never leave it. The tire change, a potential moment to regain the leadership, saw Leclerc go long on the pitch forcing the mechanics to move, a burr that brought the stop to over five seconds against the less than three stop of Perez and Red Bull.

Charles Leclerc self-critical as he admits start was

The various neutralizations then gave Leclerc the opportunity to get back into the exhausts of the Mexican, who was not sanctioned in the race for the infringement committed behind the Safety Car. The five-second penalty came later, but Leclerc accused seven seconds of detachment at the finish line, thus finding himself second despite the penalty received by the Red bull driver. The 1997 class made every effort to attack Perez in the final, but in doing so he put too much pressure on the front axle with the tires that have risen excessively in temperature.

“Our pace was very good and it is a pity that we only finished seconds. At the start I made the wheels skid and so I was unable to stay ahead of Perez. In the race I did my best to put pressure on him but in the end my front tires overheated a bit and this allowed him to stretch. As I have already said, I want to use these last races to improve our performance on Sunday and in this sense I believe that today we have taken a step forward “, the words of Charles Leclerc at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix which also saw him go to Race Direction in the company of Ferrari’s strategy manager Inaki Rueda in an attempt to obtain more firmness from the Commissioners towards Perez.


Race results – after the race:  Singapore GP F1 2022

The Alpine engine betrays Alonso: “Important points have been lost”

The F1 2022 Singapore GP made history for the new record set by Fernando Alonso, who has now become the driver with the most races in over 70 years of Formula 1: 350. However, the Spaniard failed to see the checkered flag on the Marina Bay circuit, thanks to a retirement due to problems with the power unit which also had consequences in the constructors’ classification.

The ‘zero’ of the bi-world champion, combined with that of his teammate Esteban Ocon, made the Alpine fall to 5th place in the ranking, overtaken by a McLaren in the points with both its drivers:

“It’s a shame to retire early from today’s race and it means that we have lost some important points for the championship – explained the Asturian, who at the end of 5th place in qualifying had not denied the possibility of even finishing on the podium – I think we can look at the positives and we can be very proud of our performance this weekend. On Saturday we fought for the top five and six positions, and the same happened in today’s race. It was a very complicated race, in difficult conditions, and it was difficult to see the dry line appear on the track. Next weekend we have another race ahead of us, so at least we can focus on Japan right away and get back to the points. “


The Alpine engine also reserved a bad joke for Ocon, who started from 17th place on the grid and also a victim of the same problem that forced Alonso to stop prematurely:

“It was a frustrating day for the team – he said – as much as concerns me, a power unit problem ended our race early and I know the team is currently investigating the exact cause of the failure. It is obviously very disappointing to leave Singapore with a double retirement, but the positive thing we can draw is that our car has been running well all weekend and we know we have a good pace. Next week we will be racing again at Suzuka, my favorite track on the calendar, so now we will reorganize and come back stronger in Japan ”.

Fernando Alonso:


Budget cap, Binotto: “We can only wait”

The gaze of Formula 1 is directed not only at the races but at the FIA ​​offices. Offices that are now hotter than ever: Wednesday the Federation’s decision on the alleged breach of the budget cap by Red Bull in 2021 is expected. ‘last year: an infringement that, if confirmed, would cast a heavy shadow not only on the 2021 title, but also on the 2022 championship. Because it is clear that if Red Bull has enjoyed illegitimate investments, the effects have cascaded for both this year and 2023.

Mattia Binotto therefore has his antennas well set up on what will happen in the middle of the week:

“As for Wednesday, we can only wait and have faith in the Federation’s work”, these are his words to Sky Sport F1. The Ferrari team principal then commented further on the Singapore result. Which, regardless of the FIA’s decisions on Sergio Perez’s alleged infringement under the Safety Car regime, saw a Ferrari defeat “on the track” due to a poor start by Charles Leclerc: “Angry? I am a little disappointed. We have been looking for the result and the victory for a long time, we need it. This weekend we did well, we deserved the success. Perez did well too, for heaven’s sake. But more than angry I am sorry for the final result. Ferrari reacted well to the difficulties of Spa and Zandvoort. This leaves me optimistic for the last races of the season “.

Binotto on Budget cap of Red Bull F1 2022 - Presticebdt


Singapore GP F1 2022, the failed podium: Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, FIA

  1.  Lewis Hamilton. Because at least he tries. He beats and slams, he makes a mistake with his foot on the accelerator. Max like him, but with a better car and a little more cunning.
  2. Carlos Sainz. Why don’t you even try. Had he stayed on vacation, no one would have noticed.
  3. FIA. I know, the Red Cross is an organization to be protected. But this Federation collects grame figures every day and confirms that it is still a quarter of a century ago, in terms of procedures and speed. It starts on Friday, with a chilling revelation on the budget cap: if the news were confirmed, having allowed Red Bull to spend millions of dollars more than it should mean having conditioned not only the 2021 championship (which was already sportingly distorted in the Abu Dhabi race) but also 2022 and who knows how many others. But even if they were not confirmed, another crack would open: how is it possible to have them circulated? Only the Red Bull accountants and the Federation should have known about them, and the former certainly have no advantage in publishing them. It continues on Sunday: yet another race ended by the commissioners, with some episodes sanctioned and others not (why the flag in Magnussen and not in Hamilton? Why Verstappen not even investigated in overtaking Norris?) And the usual delays. The lowest common denominator? Regulations in the worst case poorly written, otherwise interpretable at will. Above all, without correlation and relationship between irregularities and sanctions: if you do not consider the penalty penalizing (and a fine for exceeding the budget cap is not), you do not care about the rules. It is the basis not only of sport, but of every social relationship. Wednesday, let’s get ready for another patatrac: we will have confirmation either of falsified championships or of a Federation unable even to handle confidential information and therefore unworthy of representing Formula 1.


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