How to make Nami Cosplay (One Piece)

The coolest cosplay for Nami

Where can I start cosplaying? What are the first steps? What do I need to take care of? These are the questions that make many new cosplay creators and those who want to get into this passion suffer. How to make a cosplay then?

Even many experienced people are sometimes quite desperate at this initial stage!

In this hobby it is actually not all as difficult as you might think.

How to start making a Cosplay?

Some rather useful points for starting a cosplay that many beginners are not aware of are the following:

  • It sounds trivial but choose your favorite character!
  • Know your skills as a cosplayer, but accept challenges to improve.
  • Collect several references to note as many details as possible!
  • Where to start in cosplay? Start with small tests!
  • Experiment!

The beginning can be daunting and difficult, especially if you have no experience in cosplay or even with Halloween costumes, but sooner or later everyone has succeeded in cosplaying. Remember that many cosplayers started out just like you, and with experience and a willingness to cosplay make great costumes!

Plus below is also a guideline for a cosplay of the brave Nami (One Piece) from which to take cues for some details and features!

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How to make Nami Cosplay (One Piece) – Step by Step guide

Nami is one of the most beloved characters in the One Piece universe. The girl is thus the focus of male fans’ fantasies while cosplayers do not miss the opportunity to dress up as the heroine created by Eiichiro Oda. The cat burglar Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and the second member to join the crew after Zoro, in the Orange Town arc. She initially was part of the Arlong Pirates and joined the Straw Hats just to rob them. However, she joined the Straw Hats for real after they defeated Arlong. Nevertheless, it is one of the characters that have more designs being one of the most difficult to choose. Despite this, we have to match only few conditions. In particular, we have to respect three essential parts, these are the hair in orange tone, no matter if it is short or long, and the tattoo that has on his left shoulder.

How-to-make-Cosplay-Nami-Wano- One-Piece-Presticebdt

How to make Nami Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

For the basic outfit, I recommend this before the time skip Nami costume from Cos-me. It’s comprised of her shirt and top, which look exactly the same. What’s more, they are made of high-quality cloth.

So, if you want to cosplay Nami before timeskip, look no further and get these basic pieces, as they are the essentials that will give you a clear Nami look.

–>>See the basic Nami cosplay on Amazon<<– 


Nami’s hair – get the right red haired wig.

Another essential piece to get the before time skip Nami look is her signature orange hair. Don’t forget that before the timeskip Nami had her hair short! Now, on to the how!

You can, of course, dye it and get it done at a hair salon or something. However, I will suggest this wig if you look for

  • Long cosplay hair wig after the two-year separation from anime series
  • High quality workmanship
  • Wigs can be styled with a hair dryer and hairspray

–>>Check the Nami wig here<<–


Nami Cosplay Shoes.

You can’t cosplay Nami barefoot, so be sure to grab a fancy pair of brown boots. That’s what she wore at the beginning of the series after all. I have found a similar type of shoes here.

–>>Check the Nami shoes here<<–nami-shoes-cosplay-contest

Her clima tact and log pose.

To make our outfits complete, Nami’s clima tact and log pose are pretty much essential. How can she be a navigator and manipulate the weather without her essential tools? For those two I have to recommend two products from the excellent company CosInspite. Note that I actually struggled to find something worthwhile online until I bumped into them.

CLIMA-TACT / One Piece Weapon / Nami Cosplay- Presticebdt

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