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Race start time Austrian GP F1 2022 Spielberg - Presticebdt

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F1 2022 Austrian GP: Spielberg

Ferrari: if silence has gold in its mouth, Scuderia on the attack

Turn the page. Look ahead. Enjoying the success of Carlos Sainz, but also thinking about the Austrian GP which has the power to arrive early and thus erase the controversy and the rages at Silverstone. Because at the Red Bull Ring it’s like going into the wolf’s lair, on a track that, at least on paper, seems designed specifically to have a nice comparison between the RB18, which is the favorite, and the F1-75.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1-75,British GP F1 2022 - Austrian GP - Presticebdt

The simulations of the Gestione Sportiva show that the red is able to be competitive in Styria for the race that will mark the mid-season line, but this is no longer a surprise because the F1-75 has shown good adaptability on any track. has raced so far.

The splendid structure owned by Dietrich Mateschitz is located at over 700 meters above sea level, so the engineers will have to deal with a more rarefied air that will have an impact on the cooling of the engine and the brakes and on the filling of the turbo which is called to compensate for the lower power of the aspirate.

The characteristics of the track should enhance the traction qualities of the F1-75, taking advantage of the turbo which was designed to run at a speed of use around 100,000 rpm, significantly lower than that allowed by the FIA ​​regulation (125,000 rpm), while at the end of the straights the greater aerodynamic efficiency of the Red Bull could emerge, always capable of reaching higher top speeds.

Spielberg is heavily stressed by the 066/7 which is at maximum speed for 77% of the lap and, in particular, the MGU-H which achieves energy recovery from the turbine, while the contribution of kinetic energy recovery during braking with the MGU-K is among the lowest of the season because the braking sections are not numerous and brakes for less than 9 ”in total for each lap, equal to 16% of the time.

Austrian GP F1 2022| Ferrari: Leclerc and Sainz - Presticebdt

On the weekend it won’t be hot and, on the contrary, there are threats of rain on Friday and Sunday, so the reliability problems resulting from overheating seem to have been avoided. Austria is a great opportunity for Ferrari, to try to recover some points on Max Verstappen thanks to the race on Saturday which offers an extra opportunity in a weekend that becomes more intense than usual, with a free practice session, the qualifying on Friday evening and the sprint race on Saturday.

It is very important to put a car on the track that immediately adapts very well to the track: remember that the Red Bull Ring has a medium downforce and it will be interesting to see which rear wing the technicians directed by Enrico Cardile will consider more valid in the carnet of the different ones available for the F1-75.


COMPOUNDS NOMINATED FOR F1 2022 Austrian GP – Spielberg

Pirelli tyre compounds Austrian GP F1 2022 - Presticebdt



  • The Red Bull Ring in Austria is a short and sharp rollercoaster with just 10 corners and constant elevation changes. Pirelli brings the three softest tyres in the range: C3 as the P Zero White hard, C4 as the P Zero Yellow medium, and C5 as the P Zero Red soft.
  • Last year there were two races at the Red Bull Ring held back-to-back: this weekend is the same tyre nomination as the second race there, designed to help put on a show by increasing degradation and creating more overtaking opportunities. On that occasion, the winning strategy was a two-stopper: one opening stint on the medium, followed by two hard tyre stints. Of course, the compounds and structures are different this year.
  • Austria is also home to the second sprint weekend of the season, after Imola. As a reminder, rather than having 13 sets of tyres for a conventional weekend, there will be just 12 sets. These consist of two sets of hard, four sets of medium, and six sets of soft. In addition, the teams will have up to six sets of Cinturato Green intermediates and three sets of Cinturato Blue full wets available in case of wet weather – which is very possible in the Styrian hills.
  • Alpine, McLaren, Red Bull and Williams will stay on after the Austrian Grand Prix as part of Pirelli’s testing programme for next year’s tyres. McLaren and Williams will test for two days, with the other two teams putting in one day each.


Mario Isola:

“The asphalt at the Red Bull Ring offers reasonably low grip on a low-severity circuit, which makes it possible to bring the softest tyres in the range. This helps us in putting the focus on entertainment, at a venue that has often delivered exciting races in the past, thanks to a busy and compact lap that’s essentially a series of short corners. Traction and especially braking are key here: with a  particular risk of lock-ups in some of the tricky downhill braking areas. Maintaining the performance of the rear tyres throughout the lap is also vital to ensure adequate traction. Our tyre nomination makes a variety of different potential strategies possible.”


Friday 8th July:

  • Free Practice 1         13:30-14:30
  • Qualifying                 17:00-18:00

Saturday 9th July:

  • Free Practisice 2      12:30-13:30
  • Sprint                         16:30-17:30

Sunday 10th July:

  • Race                           15:00-17:00