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The coolest cosplay for girls

The world of cosplay is extensive, due to the different subcultures and tastes that can develop one or several individuals. As you have probably heard, the cosplay is a variant of costume and role-playing, that is why in this section, we will mention the best cosplay girls ideas for you, if you are interested, stay with us. In particular, in the second part we are going to list the most famous cosplay girls (cosplayer) and their social links while in the first part we are going to analyse a bunch of costumes ideas for cosplay girls.

What does the term ‘cosplay’ mean?

The term cosplay has seen a progressive spread among teenagers and adults. The meaning to engage in cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction (such as a comic book, video game, or television show). This habit is much related to the Japanese culture as it was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of Studio Hard after he attended the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Los Angeles.

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Nami Cosplay (One Piece)

Nami is one of the most beloved characters in the One Piece universe. However, it is one of the characters that have more designs being one of the most difficult to choose. Despite this, we have to match only few conditions. In particular, we have to respect three essential parts, these are the hair in orange tone, no matter if it is short or long, and the tattoo that has on his left shoulder.


How to make Nami Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

For the basic outfit, I recommend this before the time skip Nami costume from Cos-me. It’s comprised of her shirt and top, which look exactly the same. What’s more, they are made of high-quality cloth.

So, if you want to cosplay Nami before timeskip, look no further and get these basic pieces, as they are the essentials that will give you a clear Nami look.

–>>See the basic Nami cosplay on Amazon<<– 


Nami’s hair – get the right red haired wig.

Another essential piece to get the before time skip Nami look is her signature orange hair. Don’t forget that before the timeskip Nami had her hair short! Now, on to the how!

You can, of course, dye it and get it done at a hair salon or something. However, I will suggest this wig if you look for

  • Long cosplay hair wig after the two-year separation from anime series
  • High quality workmanship
  • Wigs can be styled with a hair dryer and hairspray

–>>Check the Nami wig here<<–


Nami Cosplay Shoes.

You can’t cosplay Nami barefoot, so be sure to grab a fancy pair of brown boots. That’s what she wore at the beginning of the series after all. I have found a similar type of shoes here.

–>>Check the Nami shoes here<<–nami-shoes-cosplay-contest

Himiko Toga Cosplay girl  (Boku No Hero Academia)

Himiko Toga is one of the villains in the series. It stands out for being a crazy girl, who likes to be smiling. However, it has gained the popularity of girls. His costume consists of a sailor uniform with a sweater, you can buy it at a cosplay store, where it comes with socks, shoes, wig and other accessories. You can find the make-up video at this link (Youtube)


How to make Himiko Toga Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

Himiko Toga Hair.

Himiko has pale blonde hair, frizzy and held back in two giant meatball-like buns on either side of her head.

You can either dye your own hair, or use a blonde cosplay wig to get Himiko’s wild style. Use a brush to tease your hair, and plain elastics to hold both the buns back.

Himiko Toga Outfit.

Himiko wears a Japanese school uniform consisting of a very oversized beige knitted sweater, a blue-and-white striped sailor suit collar and a giant red ascot bow holding it in place.

She also wears a very short miniskirt which matches the sailor suit collar in color, as well as dark gray knee-high socks.

You can find cosplay school uniforms at most retail websites and wholesale websites, as well as the socks, or if you prefer you can look for a pre-made Himiko Toga cosplay costume.

Look for clothing in muted, faded colors similar to Himiko’s own washed-out-looking uniform while you’re shopping for these supplies.

–>>Check the Himiko Toga general outfit here<<–



Himiko generally doesn’t have many accessories when in her school attire. She has dark brown shoes with thick heels, a basic style which you can pick up from any shoe shop or retail website.

However, when in her villainous form she features numerous accessories including a piped black mask, knives strapped to her legs, a blue utility belt and silver cylinders attached to her mask which resemble a hideous grin shape.

Along with the blue belt, add some plastic green boxes just like Himiko’s if you’re looking for any extra details to add to your costume.

himiko toga cosplay girls costumes ideas

Android 18 Cosplay girl (Dragon Ball Z)

Android 18, Dragon Ball character, you can make a simple and economical design, you just need a jean skirt, a striped blouse with a black top and ankle boots.

We have several models for you. That way you’ll feel comfortable with whatever you choose.


How to make Android 18 Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

Android 18 Hair.

Android 18 has shoulder-length straight hair parted at the middle in a shade of very light blonde, with a strand of it always tucked behind her ear. To achieve this look yourself, you can dye and style your own hair or shop for a wig. Browse online costume websites and wholesalers for the right one. Don’t forget to pick up a rubber wig cap to wear underneath it so your natural hair won’t stick out of your costume!

–>>Check the Android 18 wig here<<–

Android 18 Outfit.

Android 18 has many different outfits, but one of the ones she wears most often consists of a blue denim vest and matching skirt, a brown belt and boots, darker blue pantyhose and a black undershirt with long black-and-white striped sleeves.Many clothing stores carry these items, or you can check thrift stores, costume shops and Halloween stores to find your favorite ones.

–>>Check the Android 18 general outfit here<<–android-18-costumes-ideas-cosplay-dress-how-to-make

Android 18 – Complexion and Eyes.

Android 18 has a pale face and light turquoise eyes. Use some light makeup foundation to get the right complexion. Shop online or at a cosmetics store for liquid or powdered foundation.

If you don’t have light blue eyes, you always order a pair of non-prescription turquoise contact lenses, but read the safety precautions on them before using.

Android 18 Accessories:

No Android 18 costume would be complete without her small gold hoop earrings, gold-buckled belt and bright red rubber boots! Earrings can be pricey, but you can always use plastic clip-on costume jewelry if you prefer.

Check around online or at your favorite shoe store for a decent pair of bright red boots (you can use vinyl boots if you can’t find any rubber ones), and search online clothing outlets for a belt. Remember to choose a belt with a large oval-shaped gold buckle if possible!

With a costume like this, you’ll really be able to show off your love for Dragon Ball Z!

You can find an explanatory tutorial about Android 18 Cosplay at this link.make-android-18-cosplay

Who is Misty:

Alternatives: The beautiful thing about the Pokémon Anime is that most characters wear normal clothing, making them easy to cosplay. If you rather not be Misty, there are other female companions of Ash that you can cosplay, such as Dawn (Gen 4) or Serena (Gen 6). Or if you’re feeling devious, you can cosplay Jesse from Team Rocket (although her long hair/wig will be pretty difficult to pull off correctly). Be sure to bring a James with you if you decide to do Team Rocket!

Misty Cosplay (Pokemon)

Misty and her 3 other sisters run the Cerulean City gym. However she decides to follow the main character, Ash Ketchum, after his Pikachu destroys her bike. While she is still waiting for him to repay for a new bike, she is quite the companion and helps him along his Pokémon journey. Misty is a kind person but she has quite the temper at times, especially when Ash or her Psyduck get on her nerves!

How to make Misty Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

Misty Hair (Cosplay Costume).

Misty has a little side ponytail that is super easy to replicate with a hair tie. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can even use lash glue to position her bangs exactly where you want it to be. You can use the orange wig from Nami Cosplay.

Misty Outfit (Cosplay Costume).
  • Yellow top– If you can find something stretchy and form fitting, that would be ideal. Remember that white or light coloured cottons can be dyed with sharpies and fabric dye!
  • Shorts – Any pair of jean shorts would do, but I personally recommend getting something high-waist because I personally think it’s more flattering and will elongate your legs.
  • Shoes – find a pair of running shoes that have similar or neutral colours.

–>>Check the Misty general outfit here<<–


Winry Rockbell Cosplay (Fullmetal Alchemist)

As you should know we consider Fullmetal Alchemist on the greatest anime series with emotional and engaging characters (see TOP RATED ANIME CHART). While Edward and Alphonse get the attention as main characters, we cannot forget about Winry Rockbell; the sassy sidekick for those two! Born in a family of mechanics, Winry is very knowledgeable in automail and frequently creates parts for the main character Ed. While she doesn’t possess the talented alchemy skills of the protagonists, Winry is just as useful and smart. 


How to make Winry Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

Winry Hair (Cosplay Costume).

If you’ve cosplayed any other character with long blonde hair, you’re in luck because you can now reuse that wig! Since Winry’s hair is mostly covered with a red bandana (or just a rectangle of fabric), I guarantee you that nobody would even know.

Winry Outfit (Cosplay Costume).

Winry wears a tank top with green pants. She’s got that tomboy look that’s easy to pull off for most. Carry a wrench with you and you’ll exactly have the look of Winry Rockbell. Definitely a nice choice if you want an easy cosplay ideas for beginners.

  • Black tube top – Wal-Mart, George, Target, Garage, and Joe Fresh are some brands that you can check for tube tops. These are easy to find at malls.
  • Capris – Don’t worry about matching the colour exactly to what Winry’s capris are, because the main look here is in the accessories. In fact, the more faded and worn, the better. Winry is a working girl and it’ll probably look more accurate if she’s got stains and rips on her pants.
  • Accessories – wrench, gloves, tool belt, and whatever you have lying around in your family garage. Check this product for another Winry Outfit.

–>>Check the Winry outfit here<<–

Alternatives to Winry Cosplay.

Winry is a bit risqué with her tank top, so if you’re not comfortable cosplaying her, there are plenty of other female characters in FMA. Riza Hawkeye is another popular character from FMA. All you have to do is wear her uniform and you’re good to go. Lust is another sexy character that’s easy to do.


Jessica Rabbit (Who Censored Roger Rabbit?)

If you are looking for an amazing girl cosplay idea which is not anime related, the Jessica Rabbit costume will do you justice. This head-turning outfit will place you in the limelight for all the right reasons.


How to make Jessica Rabbit Cosplay – Costumes Ideas

It features a sequined red dress, an orange wig and long blue gloves. Do not worry if your upper torso is not as perfect as Jessica’s.

Jessica Rabbit Outfit (Cosplay Costume).

The dress comes complete with a corset and push-up bra to accentuate your look. Your gorgeous legs will get deserved attention thanks to the design’s signature slit.

Enjoy the transformation into the most iconic redhead ever with this captivating outfit. The impression will last through the cosplay event and beyond.

–>>Check the Jessica Rabbit outfit here<<–


Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Are you team Asuka or team Rei? These two characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion have sparked an eternal debate over which one is the best waifu (see also Our list of the best waifu). Either way, we have this iconic red bodysuit that is usually worn by Asuka whenever she needs to pilot the giant robot.


How to make Asuka Cosplay – Costumes Ideas

Asuka (Cosplay Costume).

Please note that the suit is quite tight so it will outline your figure. If you are a daring girl, who wants sexy cosplay, this one would be a lovely choice. The suit itself is easy to put on and quite simple. If you want an accurate Asuka’s look, you should wear the orange twin-tail wig and an eyepatch for a more immersive cosplay.

–>>Check the Asuka outfit here<<–


Alternatives to Asuka Cosplay.

In case you want to stay within the Neon Genesis Evangelion World you can choose between other two interesting female characters: Rey Ayanami and Misato Katsuragi. Rei Ayanami  is the First Child and pilot of a giant mecha named Evangelion Unit 00. Rei is an enigmatic figure whose unusual behavior astonishes her peers. As the series progresses, she becomes more involved with the people around her, particularly her classmate and fellow Eva pilot, Shinji Ikari.

An example of Misato Katsuragi Cosplay.

Here below you can find a picture of Misato Katsuragi Cosplay Costume.

–>>Check the Misato Katsuragi outfit here<<–


The most famous cosplay girls in the World

In the following list we report some of the most known cosplay girls which have been around for few years! In fact, these cosplayers have become famous (in some case they also got some roles in commercial or in the cinema industry). In case you think we miss some successuful cosplay girls feel free to Contact Us or simply write to [email protected]

  • Amie Lynn – Cosplay Girls

Amie Lynn is one of the most talented cosplayers known who has the talent of sewing her own garments to making her own armor for her costume. One simple cosplay from Code Geass has changed her life. Amie says cosplay is more of her hobby and not her work. She says that hobbies are supposed to be hobbies because they are fun. So she makes the most out of her cosplaying and has brought so many different cross fusions and gender swap cosplays that was adored by the audience. YOu can find Amie Lynn Facebook and Amie Lynn Instagram in the highlighted links.


  • Ely Cosplay – Cosplay Girls

Ely Cosplay is one of the most famous Taiwanese cosplayers who has crazed the industry with her unique and amazing costumes. She has been a cosplayer for ten years and has been highlighted for her focus on details and her amazing costumes. Ely is a high-grade cosplayer and has worked very hard to entertain her fans with amazing costumes and her cosplaying skills. You can find Ely Cosplay Instagram here.


  • Jessica Nigri – Cosplay Girls

Jessica has been popular for her costume of sexy Pikachu and is also famous for being the official spokesperson for lollipop chainsaw and assassin creed IV: black flag, as that’s all is officially posted on her Jessica Nigri Instagram and her Twitter account. Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular American cosplayer, model, voice actress, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and fan convention correspondent, always accessible on Jessica Nigri Reddit, Jessica Nigri Instagram for her fans around the globe. She has been a model since 2012 and a cosplayer since 2009. Jessica has also appeared in several commercials and has done some amazing charity work.


  • Misa Chiang – Cosplay Girls

Misa Chiang is a world-famous Taiwanese cosplayer who started cosplaying in 2010. She is one of the most famous cosplayers and has been the judge of several cosplay costumes. She has been to over 30 events as a guest of honor and is well-known in her cosplays for League of Legends Shakugan no Shana, No Game No Life, and more! Her love for anime and cosplay are combined to give as astonishing results as it is. She makes herself stand out from the crowd with her unique attributes and hard work. You can have a look to her Misa Chiang Instagram Account here.


  • Crystal Graziano (Crystal Fae) – Cosplay Girls

She’s an artist at heart trapped in the body of one gorgeous cosplay superstar!  Known as “Precious Cosplay” to her loyal following, Crystal Graziano is an American illustrator, Cosplay model, and Instagram sensation. From her inner geek to her outer cosplay chic, Crystal Graziano is one of our all-time favorite cosplayers! She makes and wears costumes from series shr loves.

You can find Crystal Graziano Instagram (cosplay) at this link.


  • Riki Riddle Lecotey – Cosplay Girls

LeCotey has been cosplaying for over a decade, and was a cosplay judge and special guest at many fan conventions in the US and around the world, including in Dubai, Ireland, Chile, and the UK. She was a main cast member on both seasons of Syfy channel reality show Heroes of Cosplay in 2013–2014. She is regarded by some as one of the top cosplayers in North America or even in the world.
You can find Riki Riddle Lecotey Instagram at this link.

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