Aerodynamics lessons: CFD analysis and Wind Tunnel devices explanations

Aerodynamics: CFD and Wind Tunnel principles with focus on aero settings in Motorsport. Aero parameters and setting focused on motorsport racing cars. Aero Balance, Aero parameters and CFD setups.
The PRO’s of Computational Fluid Dynamics towards the one of Experimentation!

Skin friction coefficient

Turbulent flow and boundary layer in Racing cars

An introductory lesson about turbulent and laminar flow. Which is the distinction and the advantages? The Navier-Stokes equations await!
Lesson 2

How lift and drag force are generated in Racing cars

The concept of lift and drag force are essential in Motorsport. How are lift and drag force generated? Definition and mathematical explanation.
Aerodynamic devices

Which are the most important aerodynamic coefficients? | F1

Which are the main aerodynamic coefficient in racing? Lift and drag coefficient explained and their use in race engineering.

What is aerodynamics (and why we need it) | Motorsport car

What is the field of study of aerodynamics? Which are the main devices to investigate it? The aerodynamics course is ready to start!