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Tokyo Ghoul: The Complete Episode Order Guide

Tokyo Ghoul: The Complete Episode Order Guide

Embarking on an engrossing journey into the grim, captivating world of Tokyo Ghoul requires an initial plunge into the depths of its universe. A spectator is captivated by the battle between humans and their greatest predators – Ghouls, who are shrouded in secrecy and are a source of sheer fascination. The Tokyo Ghoul franchise, an intricate web of unique characters, plot twists, and suspense, has been stretched into various series – starting with Tokyo Ghoul: Original Series followed sequentially by Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re. To fully appreciate this saga of coexistence, violence and identity, it is important to have a clear, succinct direction, guiding you chronologically through each series in the correct order. This essay provides guidance on how to navigate the often confusing chronological order, offering insights into character progression and storyline developments.

Understanding Tokyo Ghoul Universe

Understand the Basics of Tokyo Ghoul

Before jumping into the television show, start by briefly understanding what you’re about to dive into. Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga series, which has been adapted into an anime, by Sui Ishida, that takes place in a version of Tokyo which is inhabited by Ghouls. These are creatures who can only survive by consuming human flesh, living incognito amid the human population. The story primarily follows Kaneki Ken, a college student who becomes a ghoul after a date-gone-wrong.

Get to Know the Characters

Familiarize yourself with the main characters and their unique characteristics and affiliations. This includes Kaneki Ken, the protagonist who straddles the line between human and ghoul, as well as Touka Kirishima, a ghoul who works at a cafe that serves as a safe refuge for ghouls. On the human side of the struggle there are agents of the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG), an organization that works to exterminate ghouls, like the dedicated investigator Koutarou Amon. Each character fits into the overall narrative in a unique way, affecting the plotline consistently.

Understand The Species

Apart from the characters, understanding the species in Tokyo Ghoul is crucial. Humans and Ghouls coexist, but the tension is always present. Ghouls appear human but have enhanced physical abilities and healing, and must eat human flesh to survive. The CCG is a government organization that seeks to exterminate ghouls and protect humans with the help of Quinques, weapons made from ghoul’s body parts.

Follow The Plot Points

Tokyo Ghoul unfolds over multiple arcs, which are different incidents or periods in the Tokyo Ghoul Universe. Begin with “Tragedy”, then follow through with “Dove”, “Gourmet”, “Aogiri”, “Rue Island”, and so forth. Each arc presents a different set of problems or battles that build up to the end.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode Order

The recommended viewing order is outlined as follows: Watch Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A first, these are from Seasons 1 and 2 respectively. Then move onto Tokyo Ghoul:re, which is divided into two seasons. Remember to take your time, understand the story and keep up with the transformation of the characters, as well as the socio-political commentary of the series.

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Tokyo Ghoul: Original Series

Watching the Tokyo Ghoul Original Series

To understand the franchise of Tokyo Ghoul and to become fluent in its plot, it is fundamental to begin by watching the original series, Tokyo Ghoul. Remember, the original series is comprised of two seasons – Tokyo Ghoul, and Tokyo Ghoul √A.

Identifying the Order of the Episodes

Start with the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, which comprises of 12 episodes. Watch them in their chronological order, from episode 1 to 12. Be attentive as there are several flashbacks and time-jumps that might seem confusing if not properly monitored.

Next, proceed to the second season named Tokyo Ghoul √A, and another set of 12 episodes. Here, take note that the storyline shifts focus from the protagonist of the anime, Kaneki Ken, to other characters from the anime. Ensure to watch them orderly.

Watching and Analyzing the Series

Pay careful attention to the scenes and dialogues as they carry the weight of the storyline. Penning out significant events or drawing out a timeline may assist in comprehending the sequence of events.

Understanding the Key Elements

Keep in mind the elements of the universe in Tokyo Ghoul. The core tenets of the show revolve around ghouls, their survival, the battles they engage in with the humans, and how the protagonist Kaneki fits into this scheme of things. Understanding the dynamics of this co-existence is pivotal for appreciating the storyline.

Recognizing Recurring Themes and Characters

Passing familiarity with each character and the role they play will enhance the comprehension of the series. Also, repeatedly scrutinizing their actions and motives provides insight into their personalities and the implications they have on the overall plot.

Drawing Out Patterns

The repetition of certain themes, dialogues, or events is a signature style of this franchise. Spotting these patterns can not only enrich the viewing experience but also provide deeper insight into the narrative arc of the series.

Ensure that this exercise of watching and analyzing the original series is done thoroughly as this will substantially equip you to journey through other components of the franchise such as the manga and the subsequent shows.


Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re

Understanding Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re

For a broader understanding of the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul, you will need to venture into its sequels – Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re. These two installments delve deeper into the dark world of ghouls and the heart-rending journey of the protagonist, Kaneki Ken. However, the order of these series often confuses viewers, with some even questioning their connection to the main series.

Tokyo Ghoul √A: Series Insight

The sequel to the original series, Tokyo Ghoul √A, deviates from the reference manga’s plotline. It contains 12 episodes, revolving mainly around Kaneki joining the ghouls’ notorious organization, Aogiri Tree. Kaneki’s transformation, his struggles to reconcile his human side with his ghoul side, and the brutal consequences make up the main plotline. For the best understanding, watch Tokyo Ghoul √A after completing the initial Tokyo Ghoul series.

Tokyo Ghoul: re: Chronological Placement

Tokyo Ghoul: re is the final series in the chronology. It approximately takes place two years after the events of √A. This installment has two seasons, both comprising 12 episodes each. Here, the storyline circles back to the manga, presenting Haise Sasaki, a notable character who holds the key to Kaneki Ken’s life. The series also attempts to answer some unresolved questions from the preceding seasons while steering towards an unpredictable climax. Thus, Tokyo Ghoul: re is advised to watch after viewing Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A.

Deciphering The Order through Reviews and Forums

As the actual sequence might be confusing, going through reviews and forums to comprehend the timeline could be beneficial. Advice from other viewers who have gone through the series can provide valuable insights into understanding the complex narrative and its multifaceted characters. Fan theories, interpretation of symbols, and deep discussions about the series’ metaphors can add to your comprehension of the gritty paradoxical world depicted in Tokyo Ghoul √A and Tokyo Ghoul: re.

Understanding The Connection To The Main Series

Although Tokyo Ghoul √A veers away from the manga, it reinforces the main series’s narrative flow by exploring Kaneki’s torment more deeply. On the other hand, Tokyo Ghoul: re reestablishes the connection with the manga, offering a more comprehensive insight into the protagonist’s life amidst the chaos. Both sequels add significantly to the main series by further developing characters, enhancing plot intricacies, and providing raw, unfiltered insights into the world dominated by ghouls and corresponding existential dilemmas.


With the above directions and understanding, one can intricately navigate the universe of Tokyo Ghoul in its full glory. Map out your journey with clarity, trace the chronology of the series, venture into each character’s story, unveil their secrets and immerse into the essence of this enthralling franchise. By analyzing all the facets, including understanding the different species, detecting key plot elements, and tracing the temporal switches, you can ensure a comprehensive understanding and enjoy each twist and turn this intense, action-packed sequence offers. Stepping out of just the viewing realm and diving into the depths of Tokyo Ghoul’s complex world, you will undoubtedly augment your experience, making every episode worth the watch.