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12+ BL Webtoons You MUST Read

12+ BL Webtoons You MUST Read

In the growing realm of web comics, Boy’s Love (BL) webtoons have taken the stage as a prominent genre, captivating readers with its compelling plotlines and diverse characters all set against the backdrop of LGBTQ+ themes. Whether it be riveting psychological thrillers, historical romances, or sweet high school dramas, these stories have a special way of hooking their readers – serving a buffet of excitement, sorrow, love, and laughter while also portraying the multi-faceted nature of relationships. These narratives are of stories that scream yearning, echo resentment, and whisper love – all simultaneously. From dark and twisted tales like Killing Stalking to light-hearted narratives such as Peach Love, the range of BL webtoons offers a prolific variety for readers of all tastes.

BL Webtoons : Killing Stalking

The Dark Reality of Killing Stalking

One compelling webtoon that has remained a primary topic of conversation among Boy’s Love (BL) enthusiasts is Killing Stalking by Koogi. This webtoon is a work of art that craftily tells a darker, more sinister rendition of love and fixation than you’d usually find in the BL genre. It centers around a complex and chilling relationship between two men – Yoon Bum and Sangwoo.

Bum, who’s already on the brink emotionally, falls for Sangwoo, but his infatuation soon turns into a desperate struggle for survival as he finds himself entrapped by the latter. Evident from the start is the eeriness of the storyline, along with a sense of dread that never quite dissipates.

This webtoon offers a trip into the mind of its two main characters, allowing readers to understand the intricacies of their psychological states, what fuels their actions, and the disturbing interplay between captor and captive. As you dive deeply into this rabbit hole, you might find yourself questioning the very nature and bounds of obsession and love.

However, this webtoon is not for everyone. It’s a gut-wrenching thriller laced with explicit scenes, violence, and elements of psychological horror. This makes it noteworthy as a stark departure from traditional BL webtoon and a chilling reminder that not every love story has a happy ending. So, if you can handle the explicit and dark themes, Killing Stalking is worthwhile.

Killing Stalking teeters on the edge of the uncanny, masterfully intertwining an incredibly intense narrative with a detailed art style. This tension between terrifying reality and breathtaking art makes it a must-read for any BL fan seeking something out of the ordinary. Just make sure you know what you’re signing up for before you start – this webtoon can leave you shivered and shocked long after you’ve finished reading.

The webtoon’s excellence is validated by accolades earned and broad global readership. Killing Stalking was awarded the Best Thriller Award in the 2019 “KakaoPage Awards” and the Grand Prize in the webtoon category by Lezhin Comics, reflecting its quality and popularity among its readers.


BL Webtoons: Painter of the Night

“Painter of the Night”

created by renowned artist Byeonduck, is a BL (Boys’ Love) webtoon that is a must-read for any fan of the genre. Set against the backdrop of a historic locale, the plot centers around the life of Na-Kyum, a highly skilled yet reclusive painter who has chosen to quit his craft of painting erotic scenes featuring men.

Na-Kyum’s tranquility doesn’t last for long, as his solitude is broken by a noble named Yoon Seungho who seeks the unique talent of the young painter. A game of wills and desires ensues between the artist and the noble, full of passion, intensity and emotional turmoil.

Historical Setting and Art Work

The setting of the webtoon is full of historical elements that add depth to the story. Byeonduck’s detailed and meticulous illustrations take the reader back in time, making them experience the rich culture and ambiance of the historical era. The effect is heightened by the exquisite artwork that features in each scene, adding a new level of indulgence for the reader.

Intricate Characters

Byeonduck is known for creating complex and multi-layered characters, and the protagonists of “Painter of the Night” illustrate this aspect perfectly. Both Na-Kyum’s introverted yet passionate character and Yoon Seungho’s powerful and demanding persona contribute to a captivating narrative.

Explicit and Emotional Storyline

“Painter of the Night” doesn’t shy away from explicit content, instead, it uses it as a tool to enhance the depth of the characters and their stories. Equally, it is not just the eroticism that keeps the readers glued to the pages – the storyline delves deep into the emotional struggles of the protagonists, offering a broader scope to the narrative. The emotional intensity of the characters adds more realism and relatability to the plot, making it a compelling read.

Overall, “Painter of the Night” is considered a gem in the world of BL webtoons, backed by captivating artwork, multi-dimensional characters, and a storyline that keeps the readers hooked till the end. While it is definitely not for the faint-hearted given its explicit content, if one can transcend this, it certainly offers a rich and rewarding reading experience.

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BL Webtoons: At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road: A Surprising Soul Swap

“At the End of the Road,” is a captivating BL (Boys’ Love) webtoon by Haribo that takes a fascinating look at a classic trope – the soul swap. The central character, Han Siwon, experiences a massive shift in his life after surviving a car accident, only to find himself in someone else’s body – Yeo Minjoong, a student that’s often scorned and bullied by his peers. The premise might sound familiar, but where Haribo shines is in the storytelling, nuanced character development, and the portrayal of Han Siwon’s struggle to cope with this unexpected circumstance.

Exploring LGBTQ+ Themes

Haribo weaves in LGBTQ+ themes delicately into the narrative – a feature that is often lauded by fans. The narrative beautifully explores the growing affection between the two male characters, handling their evolving relationship gracefully while maintaining the dignity of the characters and their feelings.

“At the End of the Road” manages to unravel the complexity of emotions, identity crisis, and fear that can accompany such a radical transformation. At the same time, it’s a powerful exploration of friendship and burgeoning love. This narrative is tastefully rendered, making it a must-read, especially for fans of the BL genre.

Art and Engagement

In addition to its compelling storyline, “At the End of the Road” is replete with high-quality visuals. The artwork perfectly complements the story, enhancing the overall reader experience. Haribo’s representation of each character and scene is noteworthy, capturing emotion and action in fine detail. This captivating visual style, coupled with the engaging plot, provides an immersive reading experience that’s quite hard to pull away from.

In conclusion

“At the End of the Road” stands out as a prominent BL webtoon. The story offers an engaging blend of a supernatural premise, emotional complexities, and sensitive portrayal of LGBTQ+ themes. The webtoon’s unique blend of exceptional storytelling paired with beautiful art makes Haribo’s creation an excellent addition to any reading list.

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BL Webtoons: Peach Love

Peach Love

Crafted by the talented team at illuspark, carves an enticing tale of romance between two seemingly unique individuals – K, a bored cat shapeshifter, and Cream, an ordinary human. The charm of this webtoon lies not only in its captivating illustration, but also how it effortlessly blends humor, drama, and romance to yield a storyline that will surely pull at your heartstrings.

K and Cream’s Lives

K and Cream’s lives take an unexpected turn as their paths cross, fostering a profound connection between the duo that transcends their individual characteristics. As the story unfolds, their relationship evolves, leading to some truly heartwarming moments.

A Journey of Growth

The flow of this webtoon pushes you to grapple with individual growth, and understanding one’s identity, revealing a touch of realism amidst the fantasy backdrop. The author strikes an ideal balance between lighthearted comedy and moments of intense emotion, allowing for a light read with depth.

Embark on a Journey

With Peach Love, you truly embark on a journey. It’s not just about K and Cream, it’s about their trials, their joys, their discoveries, and how two different worlds can meld into one. For those in the mood for a slice-of-life webtoon with a romantic twist, a hint of mystery and a dash of humor, Peach Love is a must-read.

Striking Art Style

Its simplistic yet striking art style adds to the overall narrative, making it a visual treat. The attention to detail, be it in the character design or the background elements, enriches the storytelling, adding to its immersive quality.

Strength in Pacing

One of Peach Love’s strengths also lies in its pacing. Neither rushed nor stretched, it allows for both character and plot development, giving the reader enough time to get invested in K and Cream’s journey.

Exploring Non-Traditional Relationships

These elements combined make Peach Love a powerful example of exploring non-traditional relationships and personal growth within the format of a webtoon and it’s definitely worth a read.

Illustration of K and Cream, the main characters of Peach Love, with a romantic and whimsical atmosphere.

BL Webtoons: BJ Alex

A Must-Read: BJ Alex by Mingwa

For fans of BL (Boys’ Love) webtoons, BJ Alex, created by talented Mingwa, is a title that definitely shouldn’t be missed. The storyline primarily focuses on the character Donggyun, who is a devoted fanboy of a BJ, or Broadcast Jockey, by the name of Alex.

Mingwa’s meticulous character study offers readers an insight into Donggyun’s obsession with Alex, painting a vivid picture of the protagonist’s inner world. Donggyun’s fantasies and Alex’s charismatic online persona are contrasted sharply, offering readers an immersive blend of reality and fantasy.

The plot takes an unexpected twist when Donggyun, in his mundane college life, discovers that his cold and aloof senior, Jiwon, is none other than the fantasized Alex. This revelation not only endeavors to resonate with readers’ experiences of dreams colliding with reality, but also connects with the feelings of surprise, confusion, and excitement.

Beyond the compelling narrative, BJ Alex boasts a perfect balance of romance, drama, and intensity, all key elements in the BL genre. The webtoon switches between touching scenes of romance and dramatic instances, drawing readers into the whirlpool of Donggyun and Jiwon’s evolving relationship.

Mingwa’s powerful storytelling is equally as effective in the more intense and serious moments of the storyline, relying on the well-built characters and their complex relationships to generate nail-biting suspense.

The striking art style adds further appeal, distinguishing BJ Alex in the world of BL Webtoons. Mingwa ensures that every panel is a testament to their remarkable artistry, with intricate detailing, use of color, and character design adding depth to the story.

As a BL Webtoon, BJ Alex has proven its worth for a spot on the must-read list. With its intriguing plot, skilfully developed characters, captivating blend of different elements and unique art style; it truly provides an unforgettable reading experience.

Cover image of BJ Alex, depicting the characters Donggyun and Alex embracing each other with a colorful background.

BL Webtoons: Heesu in Class 2

Intricate love triangles and brewing teenage feelings – that’s what “Heesu in Class 2” is all about.

Created by the talented webtoon artist, lily You, the story revolves around Heesu, a high school student who finds himself hopelessly in love with his best friend, Seungyoo. Heesu’s daily life is occupied pondering his undying feelings towards Seungyoo, grappling with the dilemma of acknowledging his love or keeping it concealed to preserve their friendship.

A Snippet of Heesu’s Life

Heesu is not your ordinary high schooler. He’s introspective, compassionate, and a bit of a hopeless romantic. His life takes an exciting turn, which becomes the focal point of the tale, as he assists his classmate, Yadong, in understanding the seemingly complicated character of Seungyoo. This unsuspecting turn of events blends in an element of drama and suspense, as audiences partake in unraveling the true nature of Seungyoo.

A Story of Friendship

“Heesu in Class 2” is not just a romantic tale, but a chronicle of friendships, with highlights on the joys and trials of adolescence. It illustrates the impact of our relationships on character development and personal growth, as seen through Heesu’s journey. Every character in “Heesu in Class 2” is rich in depth and individuality, painting an authentic picture of high school life and the inseparable friendships it fosters.

Exploring Teenage Emotions

One of the central themes “Heesu in Class 2” navigates meticulously is teenage emotions. Exploring the whirlwind of turmoil, joy, confusion, and innocence that characterizes adolescence, the webtoon does an exceptional job of resonating with its young audience. It captures the heartaches and triumphs of teen life, all while maintaining an engaging and empathetic narrative.

Why it’s a MUST read

“Heesu in Class 2” has rapidly gained popularity due to its nuanced storytelling and distinctive art style. Readers find themselves drawn into the captivating atmosphere of Heesu’s high school dramas, rooting for his love, and relating to his emotional experiences. With “Heesu in Class 2”, you’re not just going through the pages of a webtoon. You’re embarking on a journey fraught with self-discovery, friendship, and the rollercoaster ride of teenage love, which is undoubtedly why it’s a must-read for any BL webtoon enthusiast.


Delving into this wide range of emotion and intrigue, it is clear why the BL genre of webtoons has gained immense popularity. It offers a rich world of exploration for themes that might often go unaddressed. It forces the reader to view everything without the lens of judgment, but instead one of curiosity, compassion, and understanding. The mentioned webtoons, including Heesu in Class 2 and Painter of the Night, stand testament to this. Each of these stories offer a unique testament to love, heartbreak and unanticipated circumstances found in the labyrinth of human relationships. Their impact is poignant, leaving readers with a lingering taste of the characters’ trials, tribulation, and the beautiful spectrum that love can embody when viewed from different lights.