The Greatest 10+ Anime Traps and Femboy [LIST]

The list of the cutest anime femboy characters

This article focuses on the ‘trap‘ term which has become increasingly popular in recent years on anime industry. It’s the second article we write about a NERD term, as the first one was for obviously reasons, the word Otaku (see our related article: The real meaning of Otaku). Let’s dive on the anime trap universe! On the other hand, if you’re lookinf for the best Anime Waifu (with pics) you definitely have to read this article.

What does the term ‘Trap’ mean?

The term “Trap”, used in the context of anime trap,  is an internet slang term used to refer to a fictional character whose outward appearance is inconsistent with one’s perceived gender. The term was initially popularized by anime and manga fans on 4chan in the early 2000s to call out images of femininely-dressed or androgynous-looking male characters.

Why are femboy and traps so popular on anime and manga?

Trap characters on anime give the author a wider space for creation. By means of creation we intent humour and also plot twist. In fact, an anime trap has its own charm and features which is unique and certainly makes certain anime more colourful. I personally find there is just so much things that one can do when the gender is trap. It’s like there’s a lot of limitation is removed, more new grounds to explore. I cannot imagine what would happen if Felix from Re:Zero was a girl and not a trap. It would somehow lose a lot of impact to the show itself.


Anime Traps and Femboy: the merge of two worlds.

A guy is fixed into wearing guys clothing and a girl, mostly girls of course they can wear some of guys clothing as well, but traps, both of world. There is so much room to play with traps compared to a guy or a girl. When a gender is fixed, indirectly a lot of things is set for that character. Take clothing, hobby, or even washroom. A guy going to the girl’s washroom is straight up suicide while a girl going to a guys washroom will feel awkward. But a trap can go into both while deliver lots of variety in outcome.

An example of Anime Trap: Kurama.

Characters like Kurama (YuYu Hakusho) are traps because beauty is associated with their character’s personality. Kurama is a pretty boy or something so he looks this way to embody being handsome. Haku from Naruto is beautiful to represent innocence. Benimaru from Fatal Fury is just like Kurama, pretty because he is a ladies man.

Kurama character trait:

Kurama is the most calculating, cunning and analytical member of the main characters and perhaps in the whole series. He is able to carefully look past his feelings and see the real situation at hand, which has been demonstrated on more than one occasion. He is extremely perceptive, able to quickly recognize the patterns and mistakes that his opponents make, which gives him an edge.

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The Greatest list of Femboy and Anime Traps.

  • Kurama (YuYu Hakusho).

In the anime, his human form has bright green eyes and long vibrant red hair, with two long forelocks on either shoulder and the rest on his back, but has brown eyes and black hair in the manga. While in this form, he is occasionally mistaken for a female because of his long hair and delicate features, which he detests.greatest-anime-traps-kurama-character

  • Haku (Naruto).

Haku was a 15-year-old boy with an androgynous appearance and was even viewed as being beautiful by Naruto, who exclaimed that he was “prettier than Sakura”, even after he informed him that he was male. He had long black hair, pale skin and large, dark-brown eyes, and a slender frame. A gifted individual, and having been trained by Zabuza himself, Haku was a very dangerous, and powerful ninja for his age. According to Zabuza, Haku possessed such prodigious talent that in many ways, Haku had become more dangerous than him.haku-naruto-femboy-anime-list

  • Saika Totsuka (Oregairu)

Saika has a soft, feminine appearance, and on occasion is mistaken as a female. Hachiman sometimes “forgets” that Totsuka is a boy. He has short, light grey/silver hair, large, sparkling blue eyes, and light skin tone. He is seen wearing his gym uniform throughout most of the series, often accompanied by his tennis racket, a towel around his neck or both.saika-totsuga-waifu-femboy-trap

  • Felix Argyle (Re:Zero)

Felix Argyle, also known as Ferris, is a character from the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu anime and light novels.

Felix is a Lugunica Royal Knight that sports feline features, such as a tail and ears. Felis likes to take advantage of his feminine appearance and adopts feminine mannerisms, mostly to tease others who aren’t expecting it. He’s also a powerful water magician, specializing in healing magic. Ferris has flax colored hair and yellow eyes. His casual wear consists of a blue collar with a ribbon, a blue dress, black tights, blue leggings, blue shoes, white arm covers, and a blue scarf tied around his right

  • Subaru Konoe (Mayo Chiki!)

A second year high school student who works as a butler for the Suzutsuki family. She dresses like a male due to the family circumstance of a must to have a male from her family to serve Kanade’s family. Because of her being the only child, she has to cross-dress and Kanade’s father only allowed her to be her butler if she could spend the entire 3 years at school with her true gender undiscovered, her physical features makes her believed by everyone to be a boy until one

  • Jun Watarase (Happiness!)

Jun is a young lady with a captivating appearance. Her looks defy the very thought of her having a biologically male body. She has long, violet hair, which is accompanied by two violet eyes. She wears the female school uniform, which fits her perfectly. The usual uniform consists of a peach colored top, a white collar, and a bow to finish it off. Jun cannot be properly define as a trap character but she/he could be better classified as a transgender anime character.watarase-jun-is-a-trap

  • Hideri Kanzaki (Blend-S)

Hideri has teal eyes and silver hairs with uneven bangs. As a crossdresser, his outfit is a little black ribbon on top of his head. His worksuit is same as the others, but with his own add-ons, such as ribbon and teal color, which is his choice.

As a ‘trap’, he always looked feminime.hideri-anime-is-a-trap-girl

  • Astolfo Rider (Fate)

Astolfo is an androgynous-looking boy who is fancily dressed. Beautiful beyond all compare, he states that his hair ornaments, which seem like something a princess would wear, are an “irresistible proof of friendship” that he uses to restore peace to his depressively mad boon ally, Roland. His appearance is contrary to the legend of being said to be the most handsome among the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne, and though extremely unexpected, it is natural for legends to become distorted. He purposefully dresses “as a girl” because he likes cute things. His gender in the servant status was written “le Secret”. In case you have a soft spot for Astolfo, you can check the best Astolfo Trap Moment at this link (Youtube).Astolfo-rider-femboy-character-anime

  • Ryou Akizuki (Idol Master)

Ritsuko’s cousin, though very soft-spoken compared to her. Ryo’s actually a cross-dressing boy trying to pass himself as a loli idol, and keeps that as a secret from the other idols. His theme color is green, like Ritsuko. His character song is ‘Dazzling World’. RyRyo_o_Akizuki-idol-femboy-list

  • Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa)

Chihiro is the ultimate programmer, who became a trap because he was bullied as a child for being so weak for a boy. To avoid their criticism and bullying, he decided to disguise himself as a girl. However, this only added to his fear of being bullied again if people discovered his true gender. t is actually not revealed till the second chapter of the manga that the very feminine-looking, highschool girl vibing Chihiro is in fact a dude. He has those slender hands with long fingers and a very feminine body that set the lure of the trap.Chihiro-anime-trap-programmer-character

What do you think of Traps and Femboys in Anime series?

I can’t say I’m a fan of femboy and traps, but I don’t really have any issue with them. I evaluate characters on an individual basis so if the character only has a role of being a trap then I’m not for it, but if the character is fully developed and that’s just how they are then I can enjoy their antics. This goes in line with my thoughts on any character, but I don’t really understand the fanfare surrounding traps on a group basis, rather than individual characters, so that’s all I’ve got.

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The most famous anime femboy [LIST].

  • Luka ‘Ruka’ Urushibara (Steins;Gate)

Luka Urushibara also referred as Ruka is a close friend of Mayuri Shiina and so-called protégé of Rintaro Okabe. While feminine in appearance and personality, Luka is a male in most world lines. Mayuri Shiina is his classmate and she often attempts to coerce him into cosplaying (without much success). Although biologically male, Luka has an extremely feminine appearance, which causes him much trouble (and gets him a lot of attention) from men. In some alpha timelines Ruka successfully manages to become a female (see also: Steins;Gate timeline explained).ruka-steins-gate-femboy-trap-character

  • Hime Arikawa (Himegoto)

One of the main characters for the series “Himegoto”, Hime Arikawa is a second-year student at Shimoshina High School and has a large debt due to his irresponsible parents taking out loans in his name. The student council decides to save him from his debt, but in return, he must cross-dress and become the student council’s dog for the rest of his high school career. He is a young man with bright pink hair and bright blue eyes. At school, he is seen with longer hair, using extensions, with red ribbons tying together as pigtails. He wears a schoolgirl’s uniform with a red Student Council armband. Hime-Arikawa-anime-femboy-list-complete

  • Pico (Boku no Pico)

Each one of us, weebs has had a normie friend ask us, “Hey! What anime should I watch?” and we have all somehow collectively decided to tell them to watch this filth. Please stop. Pico is a young boy that dresses up like a girl in the dresses that Tomatsu, one of the main in the anime gives him. He has blonde hair and certain feminine features which make him look like a young girl.boku-no-pico-anime-trap

  • Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

Kurapika has beautiful brown eyes which turn bright scarlet in color when experiencing intense emotions as a virtue of his ancestry. He belongs to the Kurta clan who are famous for their scarlet eyes. In his first appearance in the series, he wears a blue tabard decorated with an orange-colored (red in the 2011 anime adaptation) hem and a white full-body training suit underneath. He changes his tabard and training suit for the duration of the Yorknew City arc. His shoes are Chinese-style winkle-picker flats.


What is the difference between anime trap and femboy?

The term ‘trap’ is used interchangably with the word ‘femboy’. However, recently there’s been a lot of fuss surrounding the word ‘trap’ as some people consider this an insult.  In a nutshell, a trap is a boy who looks just like a girl, and might be like identical. Not to be confused with a trans girl, because it’s really rude to call a trans girl a trap.

A femboy is a boy who is feminine, hence the name. Femboys might not try and look exactly, like a girl, but usually they’ll keep an air of femininity about them.

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