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The importance of master ball in Pokemon games.

The master ball is one of the rarest and useful items on Pokemon videogames (introduced since Gen I). In fact, by means of a master ball you have 100% chance to capture a Pokemon. A master ball is an essential pokeball type for Pokemon which are very difficult to get such as the legendary and legendary escaping Pokemon. For example, in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a handful of legendary Pokémon like Cresselia and Mespirit can be difficult to capture without a Master Ball. In case you like Pixelmon, get a look to our article The Best Pixelmon Team for competitive Pokemon battles.

How to get Master Ball in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Like with most other Pokémon games, there is only one Master Ball. You can get the master ball by visiting Galactic HQ.

How to get Master Ball in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

  1. Reach the seventh Gym Leader and encounter Team Galactic on Lake Acuity.
  2. Trail the team back to their headquarters in Veilstone City.
  3. Enter the headquarter with the key that can be acquired by talking to the Team Galactic Grunt standing outside, who will drop the storage key as he runs away. Head over to the Team Galactic Warehouse.
  4. Open the door where they found the Fly HM last time and then enter the passageway into the HQ using their new key.
  5. Encounter Team Galactic’s leader Cyrus and beat him.
  6. fter defeating Cyrus, the player will be gifted with a Master Ball as a reward.master-ball-pokemon-diamond-shining-pearl-cheat

How to get more Master Ball in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


Players can head to Jubilife City and enter the TV Station. Upon entering, walk toward the Lottery Corner, and the lady at the counter will read a lottery number. If the numbers line up directly with one of the player’s Pokémon ID numbers, the trainer will be rewarded with a Master Ball. Hitting the lottery in this game is similar to hitting the lottery in the real world, incredibly unlikely but possible.

How to get more Master Balls with cheats.

This cheat is one of the oldest one of Pokemon gameplay: the cloning cheat. Cloning allows players to clone Pokémon and items. With this, players can give one of their Pokémon the Master Ball as a Held Item. Once the glitch is done correctly, trainers will have two versions of the Pokémon, including two Master Balls.

How cloning Pokemon cheat works [GUIDE].

Cloning cheat allows players to make an exact copy of a Pokémon they own. From stats, abilities, moves, level, and the item they were holding. To clone a Pokémon, players will first need to decide which Pokémon they want to clone. Try this out with a random Pokémon first to avoid losing a high-stat party member if something goes wrong, this is a glitch so anything can happen. Then go to a Pokémon Day Care.

  1. Place a Pokémon in the bottom right corner of Box 1; place another Pokémon in the bottom right corner of Box 2.
  2. Register the Pokémon in Box 1 to the Battle Box. This can be done by pressing the X Button and dragging it into the team.
  3. Go to the Pokémon Day Care in Solaceon Town and speak with the woman at the counter.
  4. Select the Pokémon in Box 2 as the Pokémon going in the Day Care. Switch Box 1 and Box 2 before giving the Pokémon to the Day Care.
  5. You will notice the Pokémon in the battle box is glitched out. Pick a Pokémon the player wishes to get rid of and place it within the player’s battle box party.
  6. Add a second Pokémon to the Battle Box and check the status of the Pokémon.

You can see an explanatory video about Pokemon cloning glitch

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Is it possible to get Master Ball in Pokemon Go?

As you already know, Master Ball has a 100% catch rate. For this reason, due to Pokemon Go gameplay, it has been unavailable on Pokemon Go. However, back in 2017, information excavators revealed that the Master Ball was really present in the game’s code, making the trainers energized with many accepting the Master Ball would in the end be made reachable during an exceptional occasion. 

How to Get Master Ball in Pokemon Sword.

After you have seen the end roll by beating Leon, go to your home to see Professor Magnolia. She will give you a Master Ball. In fact, unlike past Pokemon titles, players have to wait until they have beaten the game and defeated Chairman Rose after he interrupts the Pokemon League. Once the credits have rolled and players are sent back into the game, Professor Magnolia will be waiting for the player character in their house, where they will gift them with a Master Ball before sending them on the post-game journey involving Zacian and Zamazenta.

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