F1 Brazil GP 2021: full race start time

Interlagos GP

Brazil GP F1 2021 race schedule time Interlagos

Brazil GP F1 2021 race schedule time-Interlagos

Brazil GP F1 2021: Timetable and race schedule.

Brazil GP, Pirelli’s choice (tyres)

  • The Brazilian Grand Prix will use the C2 compound as the P Zero White hard, C3 as the P Zero Yellow medium, and C4 as the P Zero Red soft: the same tyre choice as has been made for all the races on the American continent this year. This is a step softer than the tyre choice nominated for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos when it was last run in 2019 (with C1, C2, and C3 selected).
  • With the hard tyre not being used extensively in 2019, this year’s choice should allow a more even use of all the compounds and potentially wider variations in strategy.
  • Brazil is the final race this year run to a sprint qualifying format, leading to a different tyre allocation than normal. Rather than having 13 sets of tyres for a weekend, there will be just 12 sets. These consist of two sets of P Zero White hard, four sets of P Zero Yellow medium, and six sets of P Zero Red soft. In addition, the teams will have up to six sets of Cinturato Green intermediates and three sets of Cinturato Blue full wets available in case of wet weather.


Abu Dhabi, here are the photos of the new layout

The circuit has been extensively modified this summer and will host the final round of the season on December 12

Abu Dhabi, ecco le foto del nuovo layout

In Abu Dhabi several titles have been decided, since this track became the final date of the World Championship. Compared to the past, however, the track will be heavily modified in some of its points. The idea of organizers and F1 in fact was to make it more spectacular.

For this reason, in the summer the track underwent a great change of look. Off to the chicane between the former turns 5-6 and the winding stretch that went from turn 11 to turn 14. The results of these changes have been made known by the circuit organization: here are the new layouts of the curves affected by the changes.

Abu dhabi 2


New layout faster than 10-15 seconds

The constant back-and-forth max verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are putting on in the championship is raising the expectation for what could be the third drivers’ title in hybrid F1 history to be awarded in the last race of the season. As had already happened in 2014 and 2016, when the head-to-head concerned only the two Mercedes standard-bearers – Hamilton and Rosberg – the venue of the grand finale will be the Yas Marina circuit, in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the two previous mentions, the Emirati track was decisive for the assignment of the championship also in 2010, when Sebastian Vettel managed to mock Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber right at the last breath of that season.

Compared to the past, however, this time the track will be heavily modified in some of its points. The idea of organizers and F1 in fact was to make the track – notoriously little inclined to favor duels and overtaking – more spectacular. For this reason, the chicane between the former turns 5-6 and the winding stretch from turn 11 to turn 14 was eliminated. Remarkable changes, the first ever made to this track. The modifications to the plant were carried out by Driven International, in collaboration with MRK 1 Consulting. Driven’s chief executive, Ben Willshire, told RaceFans that the new layout will be “about 10-15 seconds – depending on the set-up and DRS – faster”. Also for this reason the number of laps planned for the race will increase from 55 to 58.

Race start time for F1 Brazil GP (CEST).

Friday 12th November:

  • Free Practise 1       16:30-17:30
  • Qualifying              20:00-21:00

Saturday 13th November:

  • Free Practise 2        16:00-17:00
  • Sprint                       20:30-21:00

Sunday 14th November:

  • Race                        18:00-20:00