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Race start time, race schedule for United States GP F1 2022 Austin, Texas - Presticebdt

ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ: Τι είναι το Porpoising F1; EXPAINED

F1 2022 United States GP: AUSTIN

Budget Cap, Wolff: “Red Bull produced with steroids”

The Austrian, who lost a title on the last lap to rivals last year, compared Red Bull’s development to taking steroids. On the possible penalties to Max Verstappen he commented:

“I don’t want to be in the shoes of the judges. The pilots are working hard to be at the top. There are decisions made by the team that don’t involve them. However, in the end, you sit in a steroid-made car. It is a difficult decision and I would not like to give an opinion “, these are the words gathered by GPFans. “To be honest, my thinking is more about a matter of principle. How will we address this issue in the future? How robust are these regulations? How are they applied and controlled? How will the governance process take place? I ask myself these questions because we do not know how the judges will decide, and therefore it is a learning process for all of us “.


Steiner wants more races in America: “Three are not enough”

Steiner wants more races in America: "Three are not enough" - United States GP _ F1 2022 - PresticebdtHaas team principal Gunther Steiner has in fact made it clear how – according to him – there would still be room for other appointments in the States.

“I would say that COTA is for hard and pure fans – said the manager from Bolzano, making a sort of ‘ranking’ of the American races already on the calendar – we have been racing there for 10 years now and everyone loves to go there. There is a spectacular track, it is a great event and a beautiful city. Miami is Miami. This year we had a lot of people and it is another great event, but completely different. As if it were a big festival. I don’t know what Las Vegas will be – concluded Steiner – but it will be a great event. We always have to think that the United States is a big country and that having three races is still not enough, I think “.

COMPOUNDS NOMINATED FOR F1 2022 United States GP -Austin


  • The middle three compounds have been nominated for Austin: C2 as the P Zero White hard, C3 as the P Zero Yellow medium, and C4 as the P Zero Red soft
  • The uneven track surface could make it necessary to run a higher ride height, influencing aerodynamic performance. The teams will need to study the data carefully to find the best set up.
  • The United States Grand Prix was a two-stopper last year, but with a completely new range of tyres, it might be a different story this time round – thanks to new regulations, different weather conditions and other variables on track.
  • As was the case in Japan, the second free practice session has been extended to 90 minutes to test the 2023 slick tyre prototypes, helping to fine-tune the compounds for next year before the teams get to try the definitive versions after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The entire FP2 session will be devoted to the tyre test, with Pirelli setting the run plan. If a team uses a young driver for FP1, it is allowed to run its own programme for some of FP2, before concentrating on the tyre test for the remainder of the session. The prototype tyres can easily be recognised as they won’t carry coloured markings on the sidewalls.


Tyres Pirelli forF1 2022 United States GP - Austin - Presticebdt

Mario Isola:

“The Circuit of The Americas is a balanced layout when it comes to the demands placed on cars and tyres in terms of traction, braking and lateral loads, but it’s mainly a flowing track that the drivers love, which nonetheless presents some challenging sections that shouldn’t be underestimated. The track was partially re-asphalted in 2020, with a ‘milling’ process also taking place last year to shave off the worst of the bumps that oblige teams to raise the ride height, which affects aerodynamics. In the first free practice session, there could be a high degree of track evolution so it’s going to be vital for the teams to maximise the data collected during FP3 to define the best strategy. The second free practice session will be dedicated to slick tyre testing for 2023, weather permitting. Weather conditions in Austin have been extremely variable in the past, so it’s a circuit where you have to be ready for anything!”  


Friday 21th October:

  • Free Practice 1         21:00-22:00
  • Free Practisice 2      0:00-1:30

Saturday 22th October:

  • Free Practisice 3      21:00-22:00

Sunday 23th October:

  • Qualifying                 00:00-1:00
  • Race                           21:00-23:00