The best Animated Movies on Disney+

When it comes to animated movies, Disney has always been on the top. After buying Pixar almost every beloved animated film now falls under the umbrella of Disney. Disney + has quickly risen to the level of a streaming giant such as Netflix, offering most of Disney Animated and live-action movies covering all its properties, star war films, Marvel movies, and 21st Century Fox catalog all in just one streaming platform. Disney for sure knows how to do business and take over every market it touches. With a catalog, this huge finding meaningful Disney element gets a little difficult, however Disney + is now home to all-time best-animated movies that the parent company has to offer and we have created a list of top animated movies now streaming on the platform. For streaming these movies smoothly, be sure to have one of the most reliable ISPs for your home. Contact CenturyLink customer service and choose from any of the affordable yet diverse internet plans.

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The List of the Top Rated Animated Movies on Disney Plus.

1.     Soul

Although Soul was unable to garner much attention as it had way more underlying meaning that was not to be comprehended by kids. The main character of Soul is a singer who is unhappy and unsatisfied with his life and existence and puts the blame for his woes on a world that stops him from fulfilling his true destiny. We suggest you leave the kids out for this one so you will be able to watch and appreciate the movie for what it truly is, a very emotional take on the purpose of life and how there is no straight path for anyone wandering this Earth in pursuit of their purpose.

2.     Zootopia

Zootopia was a delightfully unexpected commercial and critical success. While talking about animal stories has been done a little too much, Disney put the use of Zootopia’s vibrant, diverse and colorful environment to talk about the existence of racial prejudice and bias head-on, resulting in an entertaining and quite thought-provoking way. The film is humorous and beautiful, with excellent world-building, but it also has a message, ensuring that it is far more than a revenue grab.


3.     The Incredibles

With all the leaps taken into the superhero movie world, it should not be forgotten that one of the best of all time was an animated venture that was not taken up by any of the mega giants’ Marvel or DC. Yet here we are almost decades later still talking about the legendary Incredibles. The story takes place in a world where superheroes have to go into hiding because they were wrongfully accused. Which leaves them lost and directionless. The incredible remains an absolute legend to this date as it’s a deft balance of heart, humor, and superheroes.

4.     Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 follows Woody’s kidnapping by a greedy collector, its Buzz Lightyear’s turn to save the day. Buzz makes up a team of some other toys from Andy’s room to stroll across the city to Al’s store and find Woody. Meanwhile, in captivity Woody comes across some toys with who he shared screen time and was known as the round-up gang, the adding up of the character gave Toy Story 2 a larger scale of the story. Toy story 2 has everything a sequel needs it gives depth and expands the worlds of our beloved characters. While it will break your heart it also has plenty of humor to make it the best-animated movie of all time.

5.     Wall-E

Wall-E is another uniquely crafted space adventure that has Disney to offer. A masterpiece among animated movies, this movie is undoubtedly one of the best. Wall-E remains a love story between a waste robot named Wall-E who spends his days on abandoned Earth doing his job still cleaning up, and a probe; Eve is sent from a human colony and is on a scouting mission to see if the Earth is still uninhabitable, where she finds Wall-E. Both eventually go on a mission to convince humans to return to Earth which now is very habitable. The journey they take continuously attempts on keeping them apart but Wall-E’s perseverance and his warm heart keep them together all way long. They go on a wild ride against some evil robot uprising. Wall-E remains Hollywood’s one of the most hilarious, cutest, and genuinely one of the best on-screen romance movies ever.


6.     The Lion King

What is an animated movie without the mention of The Lion King? It is a movie that tackles some of the most mature content in Disney’s repertoire, all while including laughing hyenas and talking lions. Mufasa’s death is right up there with Bambi’s mother’s death as one of the most terrible scenes in film history that still impacts the same. The rest of The Lion King deals with themes like mortality, legacy, and obligation, and is not something that you can always re-watch no matter how old you are.

7.     Inside Out

Inside Out, an Oscar-winning film humanizes the emotions of Riley, a young pre-teen girl who is conflicted about transferring to a new place. It includes all the emotions one has inside them from joy to sadness, to anger. But what elevates Inside Out to greatness is its recognition that change is inevitable, life is messy, and it’s entirely natural and even healthy to feel sad, angry, or anxious from time to time. It’s an essential message delivered hilariously and entertainingly.

Conclusion and final remarks.

Do not miss out on these movies if you have not watched these already, or even if you have we promise you that every single of these is worth watching multiple times.