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La chronologie complexe de Steins Gate 0 expliquée

Steins; Gate 0 Timeline Analysis

Steins Gate 0, the intriguingly complex sequel that serves as a parallel ending to the original Steins Gate series, seamlessly threads together elements of science fiction, psychology, and gripping narratives. The foundation of this series rests deeply on the idea of multiple timelines; wherein lies the storyline’s central theme and appeal. As we traverse through this otherworldly landscape of time and possibilities, a plethora of characters, especially the protagonist Rintarou Okabe, play crucial roles in the consequential transformations of this universe. The understanding of how these timelines interweave and how the characters navigate themselves in this maze is key to appreciating the genius of this series.

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This engaging opus deftly explores and maneuvers around the intricate mechanics of time-travel, advancing theories that provoke thought while carrying the audience along an intense emotional rollercoaster. We’ve written a very usefull post about Steins;Gate here (Steins; Gate Explained) while on this article we focused on the right order to watch it (The right order to watch Steins Gate series).

Origin & Basics of Steins Gate 0

Origins of Steins Gate 0

Steins Gate 0 is a story continuation developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus. It’s an alternate timeline where Rintarou Okabe, the series protagonist, fails to save Kurisu Makise in the original timeline, causing a shift and creating the world of Steins Gate 0. The narrative of this timeline is a dark contrast to the original humor-filled one, with psychological elements being strongly emphasized. Okabe himself experiences a drastic personality change as he spirals into depression following his failure to save Kurisu.

Beta Timeline and Okabe’s Decision

In the Beta timeline of Steins Gate 0, Okabe abandons his mad scientist role. Depressed and guilt-stricken over Kurisu’s death, he decides to distance himself from the Future Gadget Lab members and aims to live a normal life. However, Okabe gets pulled back into a web of time-travel conspiracies when he encounters Maho Hiyajo, Kurisu’s colleague.

Role of Past and Returning Characters

Previous characters like Mayuri Shiina, Daru, and Moeka Kiryuu all return in this timeline, with their roles relating to time travel slightly changed due to the shift in timeline. Suzuha Amane, Daru’s daughter from the future, plays a vital role as she attempts to get Okabe back on track to fight against World War III. Meanwhile, Okabe’s past experiences cause him to struggle with reliving painful memories, setting a darker undertone.

Introduction of New Characters

Steins Gate 0 introduces several new characters, including Maho Hiyajo, a neuroscience researcher, and Yuki Amane, Suzuha’s mother. Maho works at the same company as Kurisu, and the Advanced Neural Cortex System (Amadeus System) she introduces plays a critical role in the series. The Amadeus System, which has Makise Kurisu’s memories installed in it, brings a digital Kurisu back into Okabe’s life, making matters even more complicated for him.

Contextual Relation and Narrative Extension of Original Series

Operating as an intriguing midquel, Steins Gate 0 seamlessly bridges the diverging narratives within the original Steins Gate universe. Embodying foreknowledge of the future, Okabe treads through various plot arcs and time-ridden narratives, engaging in tireless battles with his psychological turmoil. The endeavor, though intense and fraught with despair, is integral to paving the path for the eventual unveiling of the original series’ authentic finale.


Understanding the Steins Gate 0 Timeline

Unraveling the Timeline in Steins Gate 0

Steins Gate 0 transcends the cusp of a straight continuation and takes a skillful dive into the realm of ‘what if’ conjectures that diverge from the original storyline’s perceived reality. Most of this narrative exploration takes place in the ‘Beta World Line’, an established timeline where the protagonist Rintarou Okabe’s attempts to rescue Kurisu Makise fall short, thus transporting him into a vortex of profound desolation.

Shifts Between World Lines: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega

The main protagonist, Okabe, has a peculiar ability to shift between different world lines. These world lines are variant possibilities of how events can unfold. The ‘Alpha’ line is where Okabe forms a resistance against SERN, and the ‘Beta’ line, which is primarily explored in Steins Gate 0, faces a World War III threat.

The ‘Gamma’ world line, not very much dug into in the series, has a darker version of Okabe as a collaborator with SERN. The ‘Delta’ line explores cheerful turns of events, while the ‘Omega’ line is a spin-off variant where Okabe never invented time travel.

Impact of Different Timelines on the Storyline

The changes between these world lines considerably affect the storyline. These alterations not only modify how major events pan out but also influence the characters’ personalities, relationships, and their involvement in the story. For instance, Okabe’s inability to save Kurisu in the ‘Beta’ line leads to not only him suffering from PTSD but also triggers a chain of events leading to World War III.

Time Traveling Mechanics in Steins Gate 0

The time traveling mechanics in Steins Gate 0 revolve around the idea of world lines and divergence numbers. The theory behind it is that every small decision branches into different world lines, creating an intricate spider-web of possible realities.

One intriguing concept in the series is ‘Reading Steiner’, Okabe’s ability to retain his memories even when he jumps between world lines. There’s also the idea of ‘D-Mail’, a system of sending emails to the past, and time-leaping, a mechanism to send memories to the past.

Talking about theories associated with time traveling, Steins Gate 0 utilizes ideas of the butterfly effect, where simple actions have massive implications on world events. The series also explores the concept of determinism, implying that some events are bound to happen, no matter what actions are to prevent them.

Enriching the Steins Gate Universe

Steins Gate 0 serves as a masterful extension of the original series by presenting a more complex timeline, diving deeper into a multitude of new world lines. This approach not only uncovers new aspects of the characters’ personalities but also explores their relationships far more extensively. By situating the characters in a variety of scenarios, it adds layers to the narrative, presenting reactions that enrich the overall storyline, thereby making it all the more engaging and captivating.

Image illustrating the different timelines in Steins Gate 0 and their impact on the storyline

Key Events & Characters in Steins Gate 0

Enter Amadeus Kurisu

In the series Steins Gate 0, we meet Amadeus Kurisu, the artificial intelligence embodiment of Kurisu Makise, the remarkable scientist from the original timeline. Amadeus Kurisu becomes central to the plot; a catalyst for the manifestation of multiple, varied timelines due to its capacity to recall past timeline events. This artificial intelligence, containing the pre-death memories of Kurisu Makise, serves as more than an information collector—it embodies the unique experiences and emotions of the original Kurisu. This blend of intricate tech and emotional depth ignites an internal struggle around identity.

Okabe’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Steins Gate 0 deeply explores the PTSD experienced by its protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, due to the events of the original Steins Gate. The toll of repeatedly altering timelines, the sacrifice of Kurisu Makise, and the deaths of friends have fundamentally shaken him. While it helps Okabe grow as a character, his PTSD also allows him to strategize and act differently, leading to new timelines unseen in the original Steins Gate. Most notably, Okabe’s PTSD contributes to the inception of the ‘Zero’ timeline, reflecting his broken, resigned state and sets in motion the events of Steins Gate 0.

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence serves as both an ally and an enemy in Steins Gate 0, providing a fresh narrative perspective. On one hand, the ‘Amadeus System’—which carries memories of Kurisu Makise—becomes Okabe’s companion, giving him much-needed guidance. On the other hand, the AI’s information poses a risk of being seized by SERN or other organizations, catalyzing World War III. Therefore, the AI’s role extends beyond plot progression—it underlines themes like memory, identity, and the ethics of technology.

Divergence from the Original Timeline

Unlike the original Steins Gate that primarily follows a singular timeline, Steins Gate 0 jumps across multiple timelines. This divergence starts when Okabe gives up on saving Kurisu in the Beta World Line, which essentially leads to the creation of the ‘Zero’ timeline. However, as Okabe interacts with the Kurisu AI and other timeline-changing events occur, the story shifts into other world lines like ‘Vega and Altair,’ ‘Promised Rinascimento,’ and more. This constant switching of timelines forms the complex story structure of Steins Gate 0.

Prominent Characters

In the Steins Gate 0 narrative, various existing characters from the original Steins Gate return with added importance and fresh plot developments. Mayuri Shiina, who was previously a secondary character, is brought to the forefront, especially in the ‘Vega and Altair’ timeline. The role of Suzuha Amane, the guerilla time-traveler, becomes significant as she encourages Okabe to reach out for the more hopeful ‘Steins Gate’ timeline. The plot is further enriched by the advent of new characters, such as Maho Hiyajo, the protege of Kurisu and one of the key figures in developing the Amadeus system.


Analysis and Interpretation of Steins Gate 0

Deciphering the Timelines in Steins Gate 0

In order to fully comprehend the context of the timelines within Steins Gate 0, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of divergence points. These refer to specific moments that result in branching of the timeline into distinct futures. The main divergence point in this story is marked by the failure of Rintaro Okabe in his initial attempt to save Makise Kurisu, giving birth to the Beta timeline.

This Beta timeline forms the main structure of Steins Gate 0. Okabe’s acceptance of his inability to alter the future leads him to abandon his time-traveling exploits and resume his life as a university student. This paves the foundation for a World War III setup where an international dispute erupts over Makise’s time travel research.

Alongside this, Okabe is continually tormented by his guilt and desolation, fueled by both his inability to rescue Kurisu and the impending catastrophe. This timeline presents a graver and intense mood compared to the original Steins Gate series.

Alpha Timeline Versus Beta Timeline

Comprehending the original Steins Gate series will provide a clearer view of the Beta timeline in which Steins Gate 0 operates. The original series follows the Alpha timeline, where Okabe inadvertently creates a time machine and attracts the attention of SERN (a shadowy scientific organization), which leads to a dystopian future.

However, in Steins Gate 0, we’re operating in the Beta timeline. Instead of the dystopia of the Alpha timeline, the Beta version results in World War III. Kurisu’s death and Okabe’s subsequent guilt and resignation set the tone for the series, characterized by a much darker and serious tone.

Amadeus and the Impact on the Timeline

A critical development in the Beta timeline is the introduction of Amadeus, an artificial intelligence that possesses Kurisu’s memory. Here, Okabe is caught between his residual feelings for Kurisu and the recognition of Amadeus as an AI. It’s the introduction of Amadeus that leads Okabe to the Beta timeline affecting the overall time travel dynamic significantly.

The Vega & Altair arc of the series represents Okabe’s return to trying to alter the timeline after an important revelation: The video message from his future self, finally viewable, outlining a plan to save Kurisu without altering the events of that day. By deceiving the world, it creates the Steins Gate Worldline, a world where neither Kurisu nor Mayuri has to die, and World War III doesn’t start over Kurisu’s Time Travel thesis.

Comparing Steins Gate 0 with the Original Series

While the original Steins Gate has more elements of hope and comedy, Steins Gate 0 is inherently tragic and focuses more on the themes of despair, remorse, and the consequences of time travel. The shifts in timelines and the character arc of Okabe make Steins Gate 0 a darker and more serious series.

In essence, Steins Gate 0 provides more depth to the time-travelling concept compared to the original. While they both operate on the idea of branching timelines, Steins Gate 0 utilizes this to explore more timelines and therefore more possible outcomes.

The Steins Gate 0 timeline is complex, rooted in scientific concepts and emotional character arcs, but provides a compelling twist to the franchise’s exploration of time, choice, and consequence.

A visual representation of timelines splitting and converging, with Steins Gate 0 highlighted.

Steins Gate 0 distinguishes itself from its predecessor through a more elaborate web of events that are fueled by the intricacies of human emotions, complex theories, and climactic revelations. Its remarkable cast of characters dynamically evolve with the shifting timelines, imbuing the narrative with depth and individual character arcs that are both compelling and tragically beautiful. The motifs that resonate throughout this version – loss, love, choice, fate, and the haunting tentacles of time – augment the profoundness of the series. The ingenuity of this narrative lies in its complex framework, which manages to maintain clarity while oscillating between various timelines and fascinating character developments. Steins Gate 0 stands as a testament to how adept storytelling, when interspersed with fundamental elements of human nature and the mysteries of time, can create a captivating world that leaves a lasting imprint on its audience.

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