A complete guide to Pokemon Energy Cards

Pokemon energy card types, value and rarity explained

What are Pokemon Energy Cards.

Pokemon Energy cards are the cards that power Pokémon attacks in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TGC). Under normal circumstances, a Pokémon cannot attack without the required Energy attached to it and a player can only attach one Energy card to one of their Pokémon per turn. There are currently two different classes of Energy cards: basic and Special. For instance, the original Charizard’s Fire Spin needed four Fire energy. In addition to the basic energy of each type, we’ve seen dozens of unique energy cards that offer additional benefits.Pokemon-energy-card-type-rarity-guide-explained

What are the Basic Pokemon energy cards.

Basic Energy cards are the nine Energy cards that share their printed type with a Pokémon. They are the only cards that players are permitted to have more than four copies of in their decks (aside from Arceus, which has its own Special Rule). Under normal circumstances, basic Energy cards provide one of their printed type of Energy. Any type of Energy can be used for Colorless Energy; there are no basic Energy cards that provide only one Colorless Energy. The types of basic energy cards are reported below.


The Complete list of Pokemon Special Energy Cards.

Special Energy cards provide more than one Energy of a specific type and/or have an additional effect besides providing Energy. Some may heal the Pokémon they are attached to, add damage to their attacks, or may even provide several different types of Energy at once. Unlike basic Energy cards, no more than four can be included in a deck.The complete list of Special Energy Cards is reported below. You can also have an overview εδώ.

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The Complete list of Pokemon Special Energy Cards.

Special Energy cards provide more than one Energy of a specific type and/or have an additional effect besides providing Energy. Some may heal the Pokémon they are attached to, add damage to their attacks, or may even provide several different types of Energy at once. Unlike basic Energy cards, no more than four can be included in a deck.The complete list of Special Energy Cards is reported below. You can also have an overview εδώ.

List of Pokemon Energy Cards (Special).

Card nameDebut expansion
Double Colorless EnergyBase Set
Rainbow EnergyTeam Rocket
Full Heal EnergyTeam Rocket
Potion EnergyTeam Rocket
Darkness EnergyNeo Genesis
Metal EnergyNeo Genesis
Recycle EnergyNeo Genesis
Miracle EnergyNeo Destiny
Boost EnergyAquapolis
Crystal EnergyAquapolis
Warp EnergyAquapolis
Bounce EnergySkyridge
Cyclone EnergySkyridge
Retro EnergySkyridge
Multi EnergyEX Sandstorm
Aqua EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Magma EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Double Rainbow EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Dark Metal EnergyEX Team Rocket Returns
R EnergyEX Team Rocket Returns
Heal EnergyEX Deoxys
Scramble EnergyEX Deoxys
Holon Energy FFEX Delta Species
Holon Energy GLEX Delta Species
Holon Energy WPEX Delta Species
React EnergyEX Legend Maker
δ Rainbow EnergyEX Holon Phantoms
Call EnergyMajestic Dawn
Health EnergyMajestic Dawn
Recover EnergyMajestic Dawn
SP EnergyRising Rivals
Upper EnergyRising Rivals
Rescue EnergyTriumphant
Prism EnergyNext Destinies
Blend Energy GrassFireΨυχικόDarknessDragons Exalted
Blend Energy ΝερόLightningFightingMetalDragons Exalted
Plasma EnergyPlasma Storm
Herbal EnergyFurious Fists
Strong EnergyFurious Fists
Mystery EnergyPhantom Forces
Shield EnergyPrimal Clash
Wonder EnergyPrimal Clash
Double Aqua EnergyDouble Crisis
Double Magma EnergyDouble Crisis
Double Dragon EnergyRoaring Skies
Flash EnergyAncient Origins
Dangerous EnergyAncient Origins
Burning EnergyBREAKthrough
Splash EnergyBREAKpoint
Counter EnergyCrimson Invasion
Super Boost Energy Prism StarUltra Prism
Unit Energy GrassFireΝερόUltra Prism
Unit Energy LightningΨυχικόMetalUltra Prism
Unit Energy FightingDarknessForbidden Light
Beast Energy Prism StarForbidden Light
Memory EnergyLost Thunder
Triple Acceleration EnergyUnbroken Bonds
Weakness Guard EnergyUnified Minds
Draw EnergyCosmic Eclipse
Aurora EnergySword & Shield
Capture EnergyRebel Clash
Horror Ψυχικό EnergyRebel Clash
Speed Lightning EnergyRebel Clash
Twin EnergyRebel Clash
Heat Fire EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Hiding Darkness EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Powerful  EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Aromatic Grass EnergyΖωντανή τάση
Coating Metal EnergyΖωντανή τάση
Stone Fighting EnergyΖωντανή τάση
Wash Νερό EnergyΖωντανή τάση
Single Strike EnergyBattle Styles
Rapid Strike EnergyBattle Styles
Impact EnergyChilling Reign
Lucky EnergyChilling Reign
Spiral EnergyChilling Reign
Treasure EnergyEvolving Skies
Fusion Strike EnergyFusion Strike
Double Turbo EnergyBrilliant Stars

Which are the most valuable Pokemon Energy Cards?

In general, Pokemon collectors may be not so much attracted by Pokemon Energy Cards but in some cases these kind of cards hide behind an incredible value. Let’s see which are the most worth Pokemon Energy Card.

The most valuable energy card list:

  • Burning Energy
  • Metal Energy
  • Darkness Energy
  • Strong Energy
  • Double Energy Rainbow
  • Beast Energy
  • Heal Energy
  • Holon Energy WP
  • Double Colourless Energy
  • Double Dragon Energy

What is the worth of Pokemon Energy Cards?

First Edition energy cards can sell up to $35 each, but only if they are fully graded PSA 10s (see also our article How and Why to grade Pokemon cards). The average 1st Edition card is going to sell for about $2 each. This means that energies are among the cheapest of First Edition cards that you can get.

Part of the reason why original energy cards are not worth anything is that they do not do anything special. The design from the original energy cards was copied for the very first sets of Pokemon. This means that they do not really stand out from the crowd. In case you wanna sell your Pokemon cards, check out our article TOP 5 sites to sell Pokemon cards.

If that wasn’t enough, these energy cards have actually been reprinted in Pokemon Evolutions. This means that even the most recent sets of Pokemon have cards that look similar to the base set.

Your energy cards are always going to be worth something. It doesn’t matter where they come from. They are going to hold value. However, don’t think you have anything special just because you have picked it up from the base set.

You have to remember at that time there was a guaranteed energy card in every single booster pack. A lot of booster packs were sold, which means that there are a lot of energy cards out there. Same with the theme decks. A lot of them were produced at the time, which puts even more energy cards out there to buy.


How many Pokemon Energy Cards do I need to keep?

In an ideal world, you should be keeping 40-50 of each basic energy available. This way you can build up plenty of different decks whenever you want. It stops you from needing to take apart decks when you want to build something new. It shouldn’t take too long to get hold of that many basic energy cards either. At the most, you are looking at 2-3 Trainer Kits and that is all that you need.

The rarest Pokemon Energy Cards.

  • Double Colorless Energy

Double Colorless Energy card has always been part of Pokemon since its release in 1999. It was last printed in 2017 and has always seen play in the META. That’s because it provides two colorless energies at one time. This is useful for almost any deck. In fact, it became so powerful that it hasn’t been rereleased since 2017. It has since been replaced with the less powerful Twin energy, usable only by Pokemon without ruleboxes.


  • Holon Energy WP

Each of the Holon series of energy provides extra benefits to two types, and my favorite of the bunch has to be the WP rendition. Holon WP will only ever provide a single Colorless unit, but when its bearer also has a basic Water energy, you get to ignore all effects except for damage from your opponent’s attacks! This awesome guard defends against status conditions, energy discards, and other nasty surprises.

Additionally, if WP’s beholder has a basic Psychic energy attached, its retreat cost becomes 0, letting you swap out for free.


  • Double Dragon Energy

When it comes to type-restricting energy, you won’t find better than Double Dragon, which fittingly can only be attached to Dragon Pokemon. However, not only does this provide two energy at once, the twin resources may count for energy of any type, letting you access tricky moves with abnormal energy costs without having to include misplaced elements in your deck.double-dragon-energy-pokemon-tgc-rarity-guide-cards

  • Double Rainbow Energy

Any energy that offers multiple resources at once drastically speeds up your gameplay, letting you use your best attacks before your opponent can counter. Enter Double Rainbow Energy, which not only provides two energy with a single card but lets them count as energy of any type!

The downsides are that you can only equip Rainbow on evolved Pokemon, and any damage you’ll inflict is reduced by 10.Double-rainbow-energy-pokemon-cards-guide

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