Best 7+ Anime and TV Show on Prime Video of 2022 [UPDATED]

The most interesting series to enjoy in 2022

Most successful Anime series and TV Shows on Prime Video.

As you may know, Prime Video has dived into the big industry of streaming by facing some important competitors such as Netflix (we have written an article about the most interesting Netflix original anime εδώ). Prime Video catalogue has enriched of a bunch of successful and novel anime series and it offers a wide attractive list of Anime titles to enjoy. Let’s start to go over the most appreciated anime series on Prime Video. Later, on this article we’ll also focus on the TV Series.

  • Hunter x Hunter (2011 Anime series) – 9.05 score on myanimelist ranking

“You should enjoy the little detours in life to the fullest, because that’s where you’ll find things more important than what you want.” – Ging Freecss

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is a unique beast of a show. It sits in a strange limbo between genres in a space all its own, like some kind of odd Chimera of shounen and seinen. At first glance it appears to be a rather childish show, with an art style composed entirely of cartoonish proportions, large eyes and bright colors, which stems initially from Togashi’s manga style. In fact, without any outside input, one would not be wrong to assume it was targeted at children. But under this initial layer of bright colors, and messages of friendship and loyalty, lies a deeper, darker show than anyone could have initially imagined. Questions of what it means to be human, what constitutes a life well-lived, and other topics that would not be out of place in serious adult dramas. One could say that I have stared into the abyss, and I am here to tell you that the abyss has most definitely stared into me.7+ τηλεοπτικές σειρές και σειρές Anime στο Prime Video [Best of 2022]

  • Vinland Saga – the history on an anime series [Prime Video]

Vinland Saga is another interesting anime title that recently gained popularity. The second season of Vinland Saga is set for 2022 (You can check the best anime upcoming series on this article: THE BEST UPCOMING ANIME SERIES FOR 2022). Here below, a little extract of Vinland Saga plot, an anime with historical background.

The war between England and the Danes grows worse with each passing year. Death has become commonplace, and the viking mercenaries are loving every moment of it. Allying with either side will cause a massive swing in the balance of power, and the vikings are happy to make names for themselves and take any spoils they earn along the way. Among the chaos, Thorfinn  (the protagonist) must take his revenge and kill Askeladd, the man who murdered his father. The only paradise for the vikings, it seems, is the era of war and death that rages on.

  • Bersek – a debated anime

If you forget the animation, then this anime is pretty good. Exactly what I expected and wanted to see as a sequel to the original series. The dark and raw atmosphere is still there, even darker. Guts is as badass as always and you even see some old characters not only in flashbacks.
There are also new characters that are really well made with a focus on their inner feelings. They are just humans after all and they act like that. There are some inner conflicts and deep thoughts. Also some epic quotes that we “anime only watchers” were waiting for!
The sound effects are very specific, especially Guts and his sword slashes will leave a trace in your memory. The music is a treasure. Really an amazing OST.

Here a little extract of the plot of Bersek: Now branded for death and destined to be hunted by demons until the day he dies, Guts embarks on a journey to defy such a gruesome fate, as waves of beasts relentlessly pursue him. Steeling his resolve, he takes up the monstrous blade Dragonslayer and vows to exact vengeance on the one responsible, hunting down the very man he once looked up to and considered a friend.

  • Bleach – the popular anime – Prime Video

What makes a good anime ? Is it the art ? Is it the story ? We can say a lot of things but in my opinion, what makes an anime legendary is that if you watch it again and again without getting bored, you crave for it when you got nothing else to watch, that makes a great anime.

I give you a little excerpt of Χλωρίνη (final arc coming out in October 2022, see our article εδώ): Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary high schooler—until his family is attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt spirit that seeks to devour human souls. It is then that he meets a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who gets injured while protecting Ichigo’s family from the assailant. To save his family, Ichigo accepts Rukia’s offer of taking her powers and becomes a Soul Reaper as a result.


  • Inuyashiki: Last Hero [original Prime Video choice]

Inuyashiki turned out to be quite an experience to be honest. From the very first episodes, I was hooked by what it had to offer and the characters were well worth investing into. It didn’t feel like a “good vs evil” generic story as we explore the depths of human psychology. While I can’t say this anime is recommendable to anyone, it will be one to remember for years to come. A show like Inuyashiki proves that psychological sci-fi fillers are still a draw in the anime world.

A little pice of Inuyashiki anime plot is reported here: Ichirou Inuyashiki is a 58-year-old family man who is going through a difficult time in his life. Though his frequent back problems are painful, nothing hurts quite as much as the indifference and distaste that his wife and children have for him. Despite this, Ichirou still manages to find solace in Hanako, an abandoned Shiba Inu that he adopts into his home. However, his life takes a turn for the worse when a follow-up physical examination reveals that Ichirou has stomach cancer and only three months to live; though he tries to be strong, his family’s disinterest causes an emotional breakdown. Running off into a nearby field, Ichirou embraces his dog and weeps—until he notices a strange figure standing before him.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (original series + Rebuild)

Year 2021 was an important year for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans and his director, Hideaki Anno. In fact, the last rebuild of the series Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (Thrice upon a time) has been released concluding the successuful (and debated) series so soaked of philosophical messages and psychological meanings.

Ελέγξτε τα καλύτερα anime Netlix Original για να παρακολουθήσετε - 2022

Other famous anime you can watch on Prime Video [2022]

In the following lines we want yo mention other amazing anime you can find on Prime Video. Depending on your location, Prime Video offers can be a slight different. The anime titles mentioned below may be found also on other streaming platforms like Netflix and Cruchyroll. In case you want more suggestions about the Best Ranked anime to watch, you may read our related article [10+ TOP RATED ANIME SERIES TO WATCH].

We give you few little hits about Nana (anime series): the background of NANA feels like an endless white night. Things seem to be continuously in motion; beginnings and endings wrapped up in an infinite wave of falling snowflakes waiting to melt into each other. The forefront sits in perpetual twilight; characters seem to be eclipsed by their own shadows with barely enough to catch a glimpse of who they are. The entire landscape depicts the frigidity of life rising from frosty gales to a calmer ether, only to revert to stormier lands. NANA, as a whole, is pure kinetics; an explosion of emotional energy circling, clashing and always in motion. This is all infused as a careful exploration of fate, transience, and relationships in a modernized setting. NANA as a work fully invokes the power of pathos while taking “drama” to new heights.

  • Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

We have mentioned Wotakoi also referring to an anime which wants to talk about the Otaku world and their particular relation with Love. No action in here, indeed but a Prime Video anime series to enjoy with a ‘light heart’ approach. Don’t you know what Otaku are? In this article we give you a hint: The real menaing of Otaku.

  • Attack on Titan (season 1-3 + final season part one)

Actually no presentation is needed for Attack on Titan, one of the most acclaimed anime of the last decade. The second part of Attack on Titan – The final season is expected on January 2022, you can find the official trailer εδώ.

  • Nadia: Secret of Blue Water

Did you know that Nadia: Secret Blue Water also referred as Fushigi no Umi no Nadia was directed by Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion)?. Then, you shouldn’t miss this. Here the storyplot incipit:

In 1889, the world is on the pinnacle of great discoveries in technology. In mankind’s grasp for the future, a sinister foe known only as Gargoyle, obsessed with restoring the former Atlantean empire to the glory it once held, begins his plans to take over the world. Nadia, with the help of a young inventor, Jean Roque Lartigue, and Captain Nemo of the submarine Nautilus, must fight to save the world from Gargoyle and Neo-Atlantis. Based on the Novel ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne.

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Prime Video Original Series – Best TV Shows – Suggestions

As it happens for Netflix original anime, also Prime Video has started releasing its own Prime Video TV Shows. The most interesting TV shows proposal are reported for 2021-2022 are reported below:


  • The Pursuit of Love (2021) – romance TV show:

The Pursuit of Love follows two cousins who represent different ways of life. Lily James is Linda Radlett, whose exuberant romantic adventures see her travel from London to Paris. Emily Beecham, meanwhile, is Fanny Logan, navigating the confinements of married life. If you’re in the mood, this three-episode miniseries will sweep you up into a story of happiness and sadness, laughter and pain.

  • The Underground Railroad (2021) – drama TV show:

Set in the southern US during the 1800s, the fictional story follows Blacks attempting to escape from slavery via a network of hidden tracks and tunnels. Tapping magical realism and a superb cast including Thuso Mbedu and William Jackson Harper, The Underground Railroad is an emotional and chilling triumph.

  • Hanna (2019) – thriller TV show:

The premise of Hanna, a Joe Wright action thriller from 2011, is so good Amazon fleshed it out for a TV series. Starring Esme Creed-Miles as the skilled young assassin living in the Romanian wilderness, Hanna the TV show expands the teen’s backstory and explains why the CIA’s Marissa Wiegler has an obsession with capturing her.

  • A Very English Scandal (2018-2021) – comedy TV show

A sex scandal in the UK Parliament? Starring Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw? You can thank Russell T. Davies for dramatizing this slice of late-’70s British politics. Jeremy Thorpe, a Liberal member of Parliament, wants to silence unhappy ex-lover Norman before his career ends up in tatters. Watch the murder conspiracy, big trial and media scrutiny through A Very English Scandal’s darkly funny lens.

  • Mad Men (2007) – drama TV show

The world of advertising is intense. It’s no more intense than in the 1960s office of the ad agency Sterling Cooper on Madison Avenue, New York. Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the creative director of Sterling Cooper, is fighting to retain clients and also control himself. Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) joins the agency as Draper’s secretary but has big ambitions. She sets about rising through the ranks at the firm. Although, things aren’t as easy she initially hoped.

  • The Expanse (2015) – Sci-Fi TV Show

Humanity now lives among the the stars – well, the rest of the solar system. A group of anti-heroes are linked by the disappearance of a wealthy political activist and between them they must unravel what happened to her. Adding to the complexity are the political tensions between Earth, Mars and the Belt. And that’s just season one, there are four series of The Expanse available on Prime and each is packed with daring missions, space fights and Martian politics.


  • House (2004) – The classic pick

There’s no shortage of iconic medical dramas, which makes the huge success of House all the more remarkable. Hugh Laurie’s cantankerous diagnostician is probably the best-known TV doctor ever. Indeed, the show was the most-watched show in the world in 2008. What makes it great? Laurie’s performance as the fascinating and flawed Dr. Gregory House is key, but above all the writing is superb. House is miles away from the soap opera stylings of Grey’s Anatomy and lacks the pulsating action of ER.

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