TOP 3 Yu-Gi-OH starter decks for beginner

Win TGC battle tournaments YuGiOh

Top 3 YuGiOh starter decks ideas for beginner player: win your first TCG tournament.

In this article we’ll go through 3 main yugioh decks ideas to start playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and winning RCG tournaments. The following decks have been very popular and competitive in the last part of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Do you need to know the price of these cards? No problem, check our article about Check the right price of your Yu-Gi-Oh card (to sell or buy it).top-yugioh-πακέτο για αρχάριους-2022 μάχη

Which are the TOP 6 structure deck to buy for your META?

Sky Striker YuGiOh deck: a poweful and popular meta deck in 2021-2022.

Το Sky Striker archetype is popular for its incredibly powerful effects that can aid players and debilitate opponents. Sky Striker cards rely heavily on there being no monsters on your side of the field and at least three spells in the graveyard. Once these conditions are met, Sky Striker cards can unleash phenomenal effects involving Extra Deck monsters or hindering foes.

Players can easily bring out Extra Deck Sky Striker monsters to further enhance these effects. However, to effectively utilize these card effects players must be patient and careful. Rushing into duels or making mistakes can be costly, although, using Sky Striker decks correctly is exceedingly rewarding.

The Dryton YuGiOh deck archetype: the ritual summoning strategy.

Το Drytron archetype is renowned for its expeditious and unique method of Ritual Summoning. Drytron cards rely on attack value to Ritual Summon rather than levels. This offers a quick and easy means of Ritual Summoning that can utilize nearly any Light Machine monster. Being able to Ritual Summon with such ease allows players to gain an advantage early on.


The Tri-Brigade Yugioh competitive deck: the most recent TGC to win in competitive tournaments.

Tri-Brigade exists as a consistent and competitive force in the metagame, albeit to a lesser degree compared to previous formats. Their unique mechanic of summoning out Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged-Beast monsters from the Extra Deck at the cost of banishing monsters from the GY allows them to perform powerful plays no other deck can boast. Revolt remains as a key win button in their grasp as well. You can find the variants of this deck and the complete deck list at this σύνδεσμος.


YuGiOh Structure deck to buy in 2022.

Two interesting Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game releases, both set to come out during Spring 2022. The first pack is the all-new Structure Deck: Albaz Strike, which has been built around Fallen of Albaz’s powerful Fusion Summoning effect, which allows him to absorb enemy monsters into himself and transform. The deck comes with five special Tokens that you can use as whatever type of Token you need, all with new art made specially for this set. This is a 46 card deck made up of 40 main cards and 6 Extra Deck cards, breaking down to 5 Ultra Rares, 3 Super Rares, 38 Commons, 5 Special Token Cards, and 1 Double-sided Deluxe Game Mat/Dueling Guide. The pack will sell for $11 when it drops on March 11th, 2022.

A second release of Ghost from the Past.

The second release will be the 2022 Ghosts From The Past pack.  This Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card pack includes five Ultra Rares, one of which could be replaced by a Ghost Rare. They’ll be sold at $20 per box which comes with 20 cards per box, and will be released on April 24th, 2022. We have more info on both decks below.

Two best Yu-Gi-Oh structure deck for beginner player.

In case you want to opt for a structure deck as a starter Yu-Gi-Oh! deck I give you few hints. The following structure decks are based on solid and well-known strategy which should help you to get the max on TCG tournaments with friends. If you want to have a clear idea of which were/are the best structure decks choices to build your YuGiOh deck you can check our related articles: TOP 6 Yu-Gi-Oh Structure deck for your Meta και TOP 5 Yu-Gi-Oh decks for tournaments.

Zombie Horde: a versatile structure deck for beginner player.

A control deck, Zombie Horde is one of the most versatile structure decks out there. It comes with a collection of staple cards that pair well with other zombie decks, not to mention the standout Doomking Balerdroch, which players are still building decks around years later. For new players, it does a fantastic job of introducing you to the strategies of a control deck, showing you how to disrupt your opponent and change the pace of a duel to suit your draws.

If you’re after some singles to bump up its competitiveness, consider Ash Blossom, Vampire Sucker, and Vampire Fraulein to get started.


Dinosmasher’s Fury: the classic dinosaur archetype for a professional base of YugiOh Meta.

This structure deck brought Yu-Gi-Oh!’s dinosaur type back into the spotlight, largely due to its incredibly powerful Ultimate Conductor Tyranno card. But it’s not a one-hit-wonder. With cards like Ojama Trio and Twin Twisters in the deck, it provides a firm expansion for any collection, as well as a fantastic reconstructed deck straight out of the box.

Κατάστρωμα δομής Dinosmasher's Fury

Κατάστρωμα δομής Dinosmasher's Fury


The best bang for your buck. Decks in this category have the capacity to top premier events, though they’re almost always supplemented with expensive power cards.

Dragon Link – Competitive deck [150+ USD]

Dragon Link is, as the name suggests, a Link-centric combo deck focused around Dragon cards. It has been a top-tier presence in the meta more or less consistently since mid-2020, and continues to adapt despite several banlist hits. On the October 2021 banlist, Dragon Link actually escaped completely unscathed, and was already considered a strong deck last format, so this deck remains a fantastic choice going forward. You can check the complete list ofr a dragon link deck εδώ.

TriBrigade – Competitive deck [150+ USD]

The deck still remains one of the strongest contenders going forward into the new format, and the sample list still plays Zoodiac cards for their utility making Zeus, which was recently reprinted in the mega-tins. Zoodiac cards are searchable off Tenki and Shuraig, and provide utility in some matchups – Whiptail can eliminate threats, and post-BODE you can play Kataroost for the Swordsoul matchup.

Tri-Brigade asserted itself as the clear tier 1 deck of the previous format, taking substantially more top cut representation than any other deck, and winning both the Central American and European Remote YCS’s. It also has countless wins at remote duel extravaganzas and invitationals throughout the past few months. The most powerful variant was the Zoodiac Tri-Brigade variant, and this was hit rather hard on the banlist by losing 2 copies of Tenki and their only copy of Zoodiac Barrage. Check the YuGiOh TriBrigade deck list εδώ.


Strong decks, but limited either by a lack of access to powerful staples or by the natural ceiling of the deck. You could still top a regional with one of these decks on a good day.

Virtual World – Competitive regional deck [100 USD]

Combo deck with an extra deck toolbox, using Synchro and Xyz monsters to break boards and set up their recurring boss monster, Shenshen. The Virtual World monsters have a shared restriction which means that Link monsters are usually not played in this deck at all.

Virtual World saw pretty decent levels of success last format, though it was rarely able to clutch out actual wins at events. The deck is notoriously bricky, and there are many instances of Virtual World players having extremely strong performances when their deck draws well, but losing in the finals due to drawing poor hands. Check the cards you need to have for a Virtual World deck at this σύνδεσμος.


Eldlich – Competitive regional deck [100 USD]

Control deck based on trap monsters that has extremely strong recursion. The Eldlixirs summon Eldlich the Golden Lord, and replace themselves with Golden Land continuous trap monsters, which replace themselves with more Eldlixirs.

While Eldlich has been generally relevant since its release in Secret Slayers over a year ago, the deck has oftentimes struggled to keep up with the top meta. The deck was expensive as well, but many of its pricey cards have gotten reprints since. You can find the Eldlich competitive cards list at the following σύνδεσμος.

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