Vettel’s succession: THE CASTING HAS BEGUN

During the weekend in Monaco we all heard about voices, rumours, buzzings. All about the potential retirement of Vettel at the end of the season. Does it mean  the German drive is not able to withstand the pressure of unsuccessful years in Ferrari?

But what choices has Maranello team to substitute the 4 times word champion. In my mind I do not considerate the various Magnussen, Grosjean, Perez as potential candidates. So which other drivers are desirable? I’m delighted to present 3 candidates, which are age different, perspective unique but all with the skill to take control of the wheelsteer of Ferrari F1.


The overtaker: Daniel Ricciardo

It’s the natural choice. Contract expiring in 2020. His actual team at the moment does not allow him to fight for prestigious positions.

Pros: perfect age to move to Ferrari

Cons: he should expect equal treatment with a young guy as Leclerc. He is going to find himself in Vettel’s condition when they where in Red Bull (Vettel suffered the young Ricciardo)

Comment: hoping his laugh not to become like this due to the Ferrari environment

State of mind: Colgate max fresh


The team radio’s genius: Fernando Alonso

The Spanish is trying to come back to the Circus in all manners. He hopes in any vacancies in a top team seat. He knows he is to make the difference also with a car is not the best in class car. News: Alonso has ruled out from Indy 2020. His first impressions about

“If I do Indy, a one-off will be the approach again,” he said. “To do the full season at the moment is too much of a commitment in terms of races.

“If you go there you should be in contention; you are not a tourist.”

Pros: his presence will bring enthusiams and expectations in whole the environment. He’s not only a pilot he brings with him a character.

Cons: he has problably spread antipathy towards his previous team. Moreover the collaboration with Charles will be difficult (Hamilton-Alonso -2008- does you remind you something?).

Comment: the chance he has to come back to Ferrari are less than of a GP2 engine to compete with a F1 power unit.

State of mind: conspiracy man


Old but gold: Kimi Raikkonen

Will we see the grandfather of the drivers dress for the third time  a Ferrari suits? He signed for Sauber for 2 years (2019-2020) which is a satellite team of Ferrari. Our heart will be full of joy. Alonso is not the only master of team radio. The best way to retire from F1.

Pros: safe choice and team player, the perfect duet with Leclerc

Cons: bwoah

Comment: is your BAC (blood alcohol content) ready?

State of mind: holy drinker

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