Verstappen and the Mercedes curse – victory for Ocon

F1 Hungaroring GP 2021 – race analysis

Hungaroring Gp-F1-2021-Mercedes likes a bowling

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Both Red Bull “out” of the race afterwards the strike-accident of Bottas and Stroll. Hamilton second but back at the top of the world championship…

Bis painful? For the second consecutive race Max Verstappen ends up at the center of an accident that also sees a Mercedes as the protagonist. This time it is Valtteri Bottas who spoils the Dutchman’s race and there is no doubt about the Finn’s responsibilities: on wet asphalt he missed the braking point, ending up dabbing the blameless Lando Norris who in turn ended up on the Red Bull driver. The only consolation for the now former leader of the general classification is that after the accident he miraculously managed to continue, finally bringing home two points that perhaps at the end of the year could prove valuable. None of the other riders involved in the carambola, including teammate Sergio Perez, instead restarted after the red flag that suspended the Hungarian GP.

Excellent Mercedes move from a global perspective.

After the accident that took place at Silverstone between Verstappen and Hamilton (then winner), which caused in addition to the dutchman’s retirement, also the almost total replacement of his car.

In fact, with a view to bugdet cup the accident cost Red Bull about 1.8 million dollars and replacement of the engine for the race at the Hungaroring.

Here we go again, but this time even 2 Red Bull damaged by a Mercedes…

Hamilton thanks (again) and stretches in the standings.

Hungaroring GP F1 2021 incident

Max laconic.

In the first statements after the Hungaroring race, Verstappen could not fail to emphasize the role of his opponents on his two negative Sundays:

”Thrown out again by a Mercedes … this is not what you want. I lost the entire side of my car, even the bottom was damaged. It was almost impossible to drive to be honest. I did my best and picked up a point, at least it’s something, but not what we want.”

”This moment is only disappointing. When we leave after the summer break, I will come back and do my best. I hope my car is competitive, we’ll see. They were very strange moments that cost us important points.”

Mercedes side.

Protagonist guilty of the strike on the first lap that knocked out Norris, Perez and tremendously complicated the race of Verstappen. Valtteri Bottas saw his race end in the worst way, closing in the worst way a really difficult first part of the season.

At the end of the race the Mercedes Finn explained:

“I lost positions after a bad start, then I blocked at the first corner to avoid Lando but I lost control and I couldn’t. It was difficult to understand what the braking point was, I tried to find the right point and in the right position but I made a mistake. Me responsible? Of course, but these are things that happen and everyone makes mistakes”.

Charles Leclerc’s race lasted very little, only a corner. The Monegasque did nothing wrong, but was rammed by Lance Stroll behind him.

A bad Sunday for Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque’s race was abruptly interrupted in turn 1 by the ramming of Lance Stroll, who lost control of his Aston Martin at the first braking in a brandish manner and frankly unacceptable for an F1 driver, exactly as happened with Valtteri Bottas. In a race like today’s, Leclerc could certainly have had his say, but he didn’t get to it.
In interviews, the Monegasque gave vent to all his frustration and anger.

“Today was a good Sunday bowling game before the holidays,” he said not without a bitter irony. “I’m quite frustrated because I knew we could do well. I started cautiously for this reason, but unfortunately it went differently”.

Charles Leclerc retired from the race-Hungaroring GP-F1-2021

Race results. F1 Hungaroring GP 2021.

race results hungaroring gp f1 2021

Sensational at the Hungarian GP: Vettel officially disqualified, Sainz is 3rd

Suspicions have come true and Sebastian Vettel is officially off the podium.

Seb, who cunningly left his AMR21 in turn 12 on the lap of honor without ever getting under the podium, broke article 6.6.2 of the technical regulation which provides that each single-seater has at the end of each GP at least 1 liter of gasoline in the tank, for any checks. Unsuspected by the wild parking, the FIA stewards found that in the car of the 4-time world champion there was only 0.3 liters of gasoline: a level below the minimum allowed by the regulation. And for this reason Vettel was disqualified.


The interview from the race directors of a member of the Silverstone-based team was of no use. However, the amount of fuel taken did not reach the regulatory level. So after 10 pm came the official communication of the disqualification, which upsets the finish classification of the GP in Budapest. With Vettel out of the game, it is Hamilton who takes second place and collects points, thus moving up to +8 from Verstappen in the Drivers’ standings, with the Dutchman therefore 9th and not 10th.

Good news also for Ferrari as Sainz goes from 4th place to 3rd and therefore going to the podium reflexively. The Spaniard celebrates in the restaurant where he was having dinner, posting on his Twitter profile a video in which he toasts his “victory”. For Sainz it is the second podium in the season, after the other second place obtained in Monaco, also on that occasion he was the only Ferrari driver in the race after Lelclerc’s knock-out, just as it happened today in Budapest.

“Confirmed my third position. It’s my second podium in Ferrari, and I’m super happy for the whole team after all the effort we put into this first part of the season. It comes (again) in a inusuale….ma hooray!! FORZA FERRARI”

Esteban Ocon won the Hungaroring GP, taking the first success of his career. First affirmation also in the history of the Alpine, which from this year has taken the place of Renault.

“What a moment! Feeling too good. My first win is particularly sweet. I returned to F1 and we have had some difficult moments this season as well. But we managed to overcome them together with the team. We found a fantastic pace at Silverstone and after this victory. What can I say? It’s fantastic. Congratulations to Fernando, I won thanks also to the defense he made. Eliminated by a few cents, you don’t know what to do. The team has maintained great faith in me and now we are back where we want to be. Sebastian is He was great throughout the race. He put a lot of pressure on me but we managed to keep him behind. Fernando? Fantastic working with him. He has been since the beginning of the year. We are working together and getting the team closer to improve to get back to the best positions on the grid. they told me things about Fernando before he came. But they were all wrong. He is a fantastic guy who works very well in the team. I really enjoy working with him. “

ocon wins Hungaroring GP F1 2021

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