Ferrari upgrade for the Styrian GP.

The evolutions in the aero-package.

The Ferrari aero-upgrade for the Styrian GP consist in a revisited front wing and an a new underbody in order to close the gap with Red Bull, Racing Point and Mercedes. In particular, as we see from the images below, the Prancing Horse has brought innovations in the area of the underbody which will be removed in 2021. This means that this can be considered a temporary solution to rapidly fix the problems of SF1000. In fact, the low top speed of the Vettel and Leclerc may be caused by a lack of traction out of low-speed turns. The lack of traction affects the acceleration curve and therefore the maximum speed reached. In the images below, the main differeces which arises in the undercover components.

A new front wing.

The other aero-upgrade regards the front wing. The wing tip, or in simplier words, the “side walk” highlighted in the front wing. The new profile seems to convey the flow in a more outside direction with respect the front wheel. Modifications on the upper profiles and chords should help SF1000 in reducing drag.

In general, during the free-practises FP1 and FP2 Ferrari has showed an increased velocity between 6-9 km/h in the turns. However, a lot of correlation and comparison work has been made and it is not clear yet whether the improvement was related to the general setup of the car.

Fernando Alonso comeback in F1 in 2021.

Renault confirmed on Wednesday that the almost-39-year-old will replace Daniel Ricciardo next year.

Alonso has clearly signed a two-year contract, as the Spaniard said he knows that winning will not be possible in 2021.

The 2021 rules was a goal I set for if I really wanted to come back. They have been delayed for a year until 2022 but I still think that 2021 can be useful in terms of creating a positive momentum for 2022.

Fernando Alonso

Some have suggested it would be a wise move for the 38-year-old to prepare for his return to Formula 1 next year with Renault. But the Spaniard insisted: “I don’t think I will drive a Formula 1 car this year. “I will come to some races to see the work of the team and maybe I’ll work on the simulator in Enstone to help me gain back the speed”, Alonso said.

Alonso 2021 f1

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