TOP 5 site to sell Pokemon TGC cards. What’s the price of your Pokemon card? – Part 2

Once you’ve clear in mind the characteristics of your Pokemon cards as explained here (How to evalutate Pokemon card TGC), you need to establish the right price at which selling them. The card price is both determined by the card type and the market trends. In particular, the TGC Pokemon market can be divided on two sectors:

  • TGC competitive market: in these categories the value of Pokemon card depends on which are the card most used in competitive decks. The card which both fit the tournament regulation ensuring high win rates are going to acquire great values. Since the expansions that can be used by players are subjceted to turnover, cards values experiments fluctuations.
  • TGC collectible market: the cards that belong to these section are the ones interesting the collectors. These cards tend to preserve their values or even increase it. In general, the most valuable cards constitue the oldest set (the first ever released) such as base set, fossil, jungle, team rocket, base set 2, neo genesis, neo revelation… Also in this case the card with higher value are the super rare/holos. Moreover, the presence of uncommon and common cards which allow to complete an entire set greatly increase the potential profit you can make. It’s useless to repeat that, especially for this kind of market, the card condition may affect the final price of more than >60%. Then, the owner of a card (better if holo/rare) with the fist edition symbol can make a great deal!
Forst edition Pokemon card

The first edition symbol in a Pokemon card (Pikachu in this case, Jungle expansion).

TOP 5 where to sell and buy Pokemon cards

  1. in the Pokemon section you can easy look for your Pokemon card by simply typing the Pokemon card name, giving information qabout the expansion. It’s also possible to buy/sell containers, boosters, playmates and a lot of other stuff. It’s a very reliable site in which you can easily find out the historical price trend for the selected Pokemon card. Look out! Before buying always check the feedbacks of the seller!  TOP 5 site to sell Pokemon TGC cards
  2. Ebay: an interesting way to determine the price of a card is to see the sold items on Ebay. In fact, you can make an average of the price at which the card has been sold to determine the correct price at which starting selling your Pokemon card collection. In this case you may pay attention at the date at which the sold items refers (too old sold items price can not reflect the present value of your cards).
  3. it contains a database with a trend for each Pokemon card. An example is reported below.
    TOP 5 site to sell Pokemon TGC cards
  4. maybe it’s a not well known site as the previous one but it’s still reliable to determine your card price. The site is located in the US so whenever you want to buy a card you need to check for international shipping.
  5. as for the previous site, you can choose from different card game (i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon ecc.) and you can make your own idea about the value of a card. However, if the availability of a card is restricted, the price may not be reliable.

I give you another advice: when evalutating your Pokemon collection do not use since the price of the suff is strictly related to what they have on stock. However, it remains a very good site to buy sealed things (boosters, new cards, boxes ecc..). On next episode we’ll see what are the common ways to increase the value of your collection. If you miss the Part 1: How to evalutate your Pokemon cards, click here!

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