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One Piece Card Game: How to play and the rules!

One Piece Card Game is becoming increasingly popular among the trading card games. In this article we’ll provide the best places ans sites where to buy and sell One Piece Cards. But before that, let’s have a look of the main rules to play One Piece Card Game.


Each deck in this card game will contain a single Leader/Captain card and 50 cards of the same color as the Leader card. In addition to a Leader card, players may have character cards, event cards, and location cards in their deck.

Each Captain has a specific amount of life, which is represented by taking cards from the player’s deck and placement next to the Captain.

For example, both Rufy and Kaido have 5 lives, but it appears that some Leaders will have more or less life than others. Clearly, the goal of each game is to reduce an opponent’s Leader to 0 life.

Another interesting aspect of the game is how to play one’s cards. Each card in One Piece Card Game has a “Don” cost. In addition to a player’s main deck, each player also has a ten-card Don deck that he or she can use to power up a character’s abilities or put him or her on the playing field.

At the beginning of each turn, a player draws two Dons and places them in his or her Don area. Once used, it returns to the Don Area, so it looks like players will gradually have more energy per turn. By spending Don, it is possible to use characters and activate precise abilities; assigning Don increases the characters’ power.

To attack and defend is very simple. When a player attacks, he chooses a target. The target has the opportunity to counter if it has the ability. Conversely, the strongest card wins. If the player has targeted the opponent’s Leader, the opponent draws a Life card and adds it to his hand. If he has targeted another Character card, that card is discarded.

Learn how to play One Piece Card with the Teaching App (IOS and Android)

You can download the official game app, One Piece Card Game Teaching App, available for IOS and Android. Through this app you can try out this amazing card game and learn how to play with ease.

Buy and Sell One Piece Cards: The Rise of One Piece Card Game

One Piece Card Game was released just last year and it has since rapidly gained traction among players and collectors alike. Why? It seems for many reasons, but for starters, the popularity can be attributed to the already established fanbase with the One Piece manga and anime television series, the tutorial app Bandai released teaching beginners how to play, and because it’s simply a fun, strategic, and unique trading card game.

Just in the past few months, we’ve seen One Piece Card Game dominate sales on the TCGplayer Marketplace. In December 2022, it was our fourth top selling product line, right behind the big three. On top of that, Romance Dawn Booster Box (One Piece) took the gold for top selling sealed product, ahead of Silver Tempest Booster Box and Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Box.

Top 5 card to sell- Magic- pokemon-yugioh-One Piece-Basball

The Price of One Piece Cards.

Once you’ve clear in mind the characteristics of your One Piece cards, you need to establish the right price at which selling them. The card price is both determined by the card type and the market trends. In particular, the TGC One Piece market can be divided on two sectors:

  • TGC competitive market: in these categories the value of One Piece card depends on which are the card most used in competitive decks. The card which both fit the tournament regulation ensuring high win rates are going to acquire great values. Since the expansions that can be used by players are subjceted to turnover, cards values experiments fluctuations.
  • TGC collectible market: the cards that belong to these section are the ones interesting the collectors. These cards tend to preserve their values or even increase it. In general, the most valuable cards belong to the oldest set (the first ever released) . Also in this case the card with higher value are the super rare/holos. Moreover, the presence of uncommon and common cards which allow to complete an entire set greatly increase the potential profit you can make. It’s useless to repeat that, especially for this kind of market, the card condition may affect the final price of more than >60%.

Top 5 site to sell or buy One Piece Card Game - Ace - Presticebdt


TOP 5 site where to sell and buy One Piece cards

  1. in the One Piece section you can easy look for your One Piece card by simply typing the One Piece card name, giving information about the expansion. It’s also possible to buy/sell containers, boosters, playmates and a lot of other stuff. It’s a very reliable site in which you can easily find out the historical price trend for the selected Pokemon card. Look out! Before buying always check the feedbacks of the seller! TOP 5 site to sell One Piece TGC cards - Presticebdt
  2. Ebay: an interesting way to determine the price of a card is to see the sold items on Ebay. In fact, you can make an average of the price at which the card has been sold to determine the correct price at which starting selling your One Piece card collection. In this case you may pay attention at the date at which the sold items refers (too old sold items price can not reflect the present value of your cards).
  3. it contains all the information, updates and types of cards/bundles of One Piece.
  4. maybe it’s a not well known site as the previous one but it’s still reliable to determine your card price. The site is located in the US so whenever you want to buy a card you need to check for international shipping.
  5. as for the previous site, you can choose from different card game (i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon ecc.) and you can make your own idea about the value of a card. However, if the availability of a card is restricted, the price may not be reliable.

The latest One Piece TCG cards to buy. The best One Piece box set and booster offers [May 2023].

Here below, we report the latest One Piece Cards set released. We also provide the links of where you can buy them on Amazon at best price. In general, as we discussed in another post for the Pokemon cards (Are Pokemon booster packs worth buying?) it is more convenient to buy a sealed booster box than a single booster packs. You can find the best offers for the One Piece expansion set here.

  • One Piece TCG: Bandai One Piece Card Game Romance Dawn [OP-01], save up 25%, see the offer here.

  • One Piece TCG: Bandai One Piece Card Game Paramount War [OP-02], save up 10% at this link.
  • One Piece TCG: Bandai One Piece Card Game Mighty Enemies [OP-03], save up 7% at this link.
  • One Piece TCG: Romance Dawn Booster Box, save up 5% at this link.

  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment One Piece TCG: Animal Kingdom Pirates Starter Deck, discount -14% at this link.


What are the 3 Most Expensive One Piece Cards?

The One Piece TCG is off to a spectacular start, and includes some of the best constructed starter decks that I’ve gotten to play with. However, once you’re done trying starter experience, you can enjoy cracking packs that have a lot of potential money hiding inside.

With the exception of a particularly rare promo, all the most valuable cards in the game can be found in their first set, Romance Dawn. The chance to find some of these beautiful chase Rares makes every pack exciting, with the very real added bonus that some of the rarest cards are not just pretty to look at—many are also certified powerhouses.

#3 Nami (Parallel)

Nami (Parallel) - Romance Dawn - One Piece Card Game - Presticebdt

t’s rare to have a card that hits on almost every metric for value, but Nami is the perfect storm. As a game piece, she’s great, contributing to your board state while finding your next big play for you. Her parallel variant is rare and striking to look at. The character herself is a fan favorite and we can throw in the previously mentioned “waifu” effect to cap her valuation. Altogether, a card that’s more than worth adding to your binder.

#2 Shanks (Parallel) (Alternative Art)

The rarest -Shanks (Parallel) (Alternate Art) - Romance Dawn - One Piece Card Game - Presticebdt

Shanks is another fan-favorite character, especially as he is arguably the entire impetus for the adventures of the series itself. Popularly called “Manga Shanks,” this rare, alt-art chase card has a notably low pull rate that has inflated its price tag, and Shanks is further helped along by serving as a sudden burst of damage that can stop blocks to end games.

#1 Monkey.D.Luffy (Super Pre-Release Winner)

Monkey.D.Luffy (Super Pre-Release) [Winner] - One Piece Promotion Cards - The rarest One Piece Card Game - Presticebdt

The One Piece Card Game ran a series of pre-release events in late September into early October of 2022. At the time, the game was comparatively unknown, so there are remarkably few Monkey.D.Luffy Super-Pre-Release Winner promos out in the wild, making it the most valuable One Piece card yet.

Featuring the face of the series, this is likely to remain a card worth adding to your collection for a long time, if only so you can have a piece of the game’s history.

The best places to sell your One Piece card collection near me: physical stores.

Another way to sell your One Piece card collection is to find a phisycal reseller. In that case you’ll not deal with shipping. In order to get the best selling price you can check the following sites:

  • Looking for the nearest card/comic shop? Let’s try our comics store locator to find the closest to your house!
  • this platform helps you to locate the nearest place to start selling your One Piece cards. In this case, it’s a real pawn shop so you can sell also a variety of other articles!
  • Dave & Adam’s Store is looking to purchase One Piece cards, particularly holographic ones. The store purchases complete sets and valuable modern single cards. In case the store agrees to purchase your cards, you’re paid by cash, PayPal or check.
  • Cape Fear Games allows you to sell your games and the cards their are looking for in the buying list. Payment options include PayPal, check, and store credit.

TOP 5 site to sell One Piece TGC cards - Presticebdt

Check the value of your TGC collection: One Piece, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic.

I give you another advice: when evalutating your One Piece collection do not use since the price of the suff is strictly related to what they have on stock. However, it remains a very good site to buy sealed things (boosters, new cards, boxes ecc..). On next episode we’ll see what are the common ways to increase the value of your collection. If you miss the Part 1: How to evalutate your Pokemon cards, click here!