TOP 5 site to sell Digimon cards. The price of your Digimon valuable card explained.

The Digimon Card Game is new trading card game based on the popular anime of the same name. In the game, two players each control a Digimon (short for digital monster) that evolves and grows in power as play advances. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent by beating their security and delivering a knockout blow.

how to buy and sell valuable digimon cards game

TOP 5 site where to sell and buy Digimon card game cards

  1. this sites offers the opportunity to both buy and sell Digimon cards. In fact, you can earn money fast by tapping into a thriving community of buyers on the leading marketplace for collectible gaming. Their special tool shows you the value of a Digimon card based on the most reliable pricing information available. You have only to select your product line and set and find exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. : this reseller provides a great customer service as they respond to all queries in a timely and professional manner, dispatch orders promptly and accurately, and provide support for any issues that may arise. It stands as a trusted online retailer of official Pokemon Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, and Digimon Card Game.
  3. provide an easy step procedure to sell you Digimon TGC cards by sending a decklist. In case you got extra cards you want to turn into cash or store credit you can give a chace to their buy program. Local stores: at this link, you can find a complete list of the clocal stores which are currently stocking the Digimon Card Game. You can find their physical address and a link to their respective website (if the store of couse has it).
  4. it has over 257 Digimon products: stock decks, boosters, booster boxes and special sets alongside a range of single cards. They also offer a point reward system that allows you to earn every time you shop.

How to check the value of a Digimon Card.

1. Establish the condition of your Digimon card.

In order to check the value of your Digimon card, you need to have an accurate description of its condition. A card which has been preserved inside sleeves and toploaders is unlikely to undergo wear and scratches. A Digimon card which shows creases and marks is considered poor, while if only minor or no white pots are present your Digimon card is likely to be in excellent/mint condition. For a more accurate description of card condition, you may refer to this article (How to evaluate Pokemon cards) since the same concepts work for Digimon Card Game TGC.

2. Check the rarity of your Digimon Card TGC collection.

In this case, you have to look at the bottom right of a card. Here you will see a letter next to the identifier number. These letters indicate the rarity of the card is. For example, R signifies the card is of Rare quality.

The Common (C) and Uncommon cards (U) in Digimon Card TGC.

The C marking on a card indicates that it’s a Common. Common cards are the most abundant rarity in every set, with one set containing 45 types of Commons. These cards have no special decals or holographic effects.

Uncommon is the second most prevalent type of card in every Digimon TGC set. It’s denoted by a U at the bottom right. Like Commons, they don’t have any special effects.

The Rare (R) and Super Rare (SR) cards in Digimon Card TGC.

This is the zone where your Digimon card game cards start acquiring a real value. Each Rare Digimon card features a golden border and minor light reflections in specific areas on the card. An R denotes these cards. Super Rare cards are super flashy when compared to even the Rare cards. There’s foil everywhere on these, and they reflect much more light than the Rares. All Super Rare cards are marked with SR.

The Secret Rare (SEC) cards in Digimon Card TGC.

This is the rarest card type currently in the Digimon Card Game. There are only two types in every pack of 115. Apart from the SEC, what makes them different from Super Rares is their gold border around the card. These borders are much more detailed than the Super Rare ones.


Example of rare. super rare and secret rare digimon cards

3 easy step to sell your Digimon card game collection:

In case you didn’t find the card you were looking for, or you are incapable of selling your Digimon card game collection you can try the ‘classic’ way. Just follow this step:

  1. Take beautiful pics of your Digimon cards.
  2. Write a good and truthful description of the Digimon card you want to sell. You have to specify at least the following details: card name, condition (see above), rarity and expasion set.
  3. Sell your Digimon bundle or single card on Ebay, Amazon or on Facebook Marketplace.

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Example of Common and Uncommon cards in Digimon Card Game.

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