On the Way to Singapore GP 2019: Technical preview

Back to the Asian continent and in particular in the counterclock track of Singapore. Ferrari misses the victory since 2015, and in the recent years it wasn’t a luck circuit for Maranello (2017 disaster!). Mercedes knows the opportunity to return to the win with the last one taken in Hungary. On paper, Red Bull may be the team to annoy Hamilton and Bottas. Binotto hopes to see the Ferrari on the battle which some new components to increase the downforce in circuits which do not fit very well with the Italian single-seater.

2019 Singapore GP 2019

The Technical Setup

The track is one of the longest of the Circus: 5.073 km for a total of 309 km of race. The long time-lap makes the race at the risk of the 2 hours max duration for the race. On a technical level it’s a medium-low speed circuit: teams pay particular attention on fuel management. Fuel saving may be soften by the entering of Safety Car but it’s a team choice deciding how much to save in terms of weight and thus hoping for the call of Bernd Maylander on track.

Not only High Downforce.

Due to fuel management Ferrari is going to use PU spec 3 because of the more efficient evolution which allows Leclerc and Vettel to reduce the phases of coasting (fuel saving). Traction is crucial in Singapore and for this reason the correct power supply (map) from the electrical part of engine needs to be found. Rear tyres are the most stressed: we remember the tendendy of Mercedes overheating the rear side (for example they strip off the thermal blankets some time before the quali time lap).

Moreover, traction and mechanical grip are achieved through soft (stiffnesses) settings. It’s useless repeat that great downforce is one of the prerequisites to set the pole here. Ferrari evolution is going to regard the underfloor and the rear diffuser.

As conclusion, the difficulties dissipating heat makes the circuit hard for the braking system: larger intakes are expected to guaratee the minimum flow rate for the cooling systems.

F1 cooling system Singapore 2019

The prediction

The favourite is Mercedes, second place for Red Bull. Despite the evolution, Ferrari may face gaps similar to that seen in Hungary. However, the set of tyre will be the same brough by Pirelli in Canada and this may be a little advantage for Ferrari. Below the tyres team choice for the weekend. Not the best circuit for Renault with the chance for Mclaren to secure the position in constructor’s championship.

Image 4

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