On the Way to Tuscan GP: race schedule

F1 Mugello Tuscan Gp 2020 race scheduel

Ferrari: new color to celebrate history

Between changes of livery and changes of shirt, what really changes at Mugello?

The Scuderia di Maranello after the disappointing GPs of Spa and Monza and waiting for redemption. The Mugello stage for the Rossa was considered fundamental because the first technical developments had to be mounted on the machine. Updates that there would be, according to the schedule, also in Sochi. After the debacle on The Land of Monza and after the bang of Charles Leclerc in Ferrari they are thinking about whether to bring something already to Mugello or whether to send it all directly to Sochi. From the latest information we have, in Maranello, they are doing the jumps to be able to bring to the track some aerodynamic news. There is no point in expecting miraculous news because there will be no miracle. The power deficit is too great and the car, to regain competitiveness, must be completely overturned. To be able to improve in the short term you need aerodynamic load without significantly increasing the resistance to the advance. It will not be used to guarantee performance but the SF1000 will take to the track with a special livery to celebrate the 1000 Gp in Formula 1. At Mugello, Leclerc and Vettel will take to the track in a livery with the Pantone Red to remember the shade used in the 1950 Monaco GP.

1000 GP Ferrari

Race schedule (UTC+1)

Friday 11th September:

  • Free Practise 1         11:00-12:30
  • Free Practise 2         15:00-16:30

Saturday 12th September:

  • Free Practise 3        12:00-13:00
  • Qualifying session   15:00-16:00

Sunday 13th September:

  • Race                        15:10-17:10

The characteristics of the track.

They are of medium-high speed, without real narrow chicanes and sharp braking, This weekend we will have to witness speeds in really scary corners since, according to simulations, the two ‘Angry’ will be covered in full, at a speed of 260 or 270 km/h.

mugello_trackThe Mugello is a rather technical track, with curves all different from each other. In the Luco-Dry-Materassi at the beginning of the lap it is essential to maintain the maximum speed at the point of rope and a perfect trajectory, while the two Biondetti at the end of the lap create almost a natural chicane where it is essential the exit to relaunch at the best in the following lap.


Official: Sergio Perez leaves Racing Point

Just a few days after the Mugello event, Formula 1 was shaken by an announcement that was destined to completely revolutionize the market for drivers. Sergio Perez has announced that he will leave Racing Point at the end of the season. A ‘shock’ news on the day that, interviewed by the German website Auto Motor und Sport, the same team principal of the British team Otmar Szafnauer had stressed that for his team the possibility of signing Sebastian Vettel – long indicated as a possible alternative to the Mexican – was not an option. Perez himself until a few weeks ago was confident of fulfilling his contract, renewed for three years in 2019.

Perez leave Racing Point

Official: Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin in 2021

Sebastian Vettel:

“I am very happy to finally be able to share this great news for my future. It is with great pride that I announce that I will join Aston Martin from next season. It’s a new adventure for a very prestigious brand, I’m impressed by the results they’ve captured this year and the future promises even better. Lawrence Stroll has great commitment and energy in F1 and I believe that together we can build something important. I am still a big fan of F1 and my goal is to race for the top positions. Doing it together with Aston Martin is a privilege.

The goal is to contribute to the growth of the team. That there is still much to be done is clear. It is equally clear that Mercedes is the dominant force in F1, but our goals are ambitious: we do not want to just participate. I can’t wait to get to know the new environment and jump into this new challenge. If I can be in the right time in the right team? Only time will tell, of course it would be nice”.

Vettel to Aston Martin

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