Monaco GP 2021: race preview, timetable and flex wing controversy


F1 2021 Monaco GP: Timetable and race schedule.

F1 2021 Calendar shock after Turkey cancellation.

The rumors have been confirmed: the Turkish Grand Prix, scheduled for June 13th, has been canceled. The race at the Istanbul Park circuit had been included in the calendar to replace the Canadian Grand Prix, when at the end of April it was confirmed that it was impossible to race on the Montreal circuit.

Turkey on ‘red list’ for UK government.

The UK government, however, has placed Turkey on the ‘red‘ list, a list of nations with mandatory restrictions (upon return to England) to be respected by those who visit them, including the obligation of a ten-day quarantine to be spent in hotels prepared by the British health authorities, a directive that does not allow exceptions.

Formula 1 has investigated with the British authorities the possibility of exceptions, but in the face of the negative response, the only possible decision has come, which is to cancel the event from the calendar.

The Turkish organizers have asked Formula 1 to evaluate a potential opportunity to reschedule the race in the autumn, a request also made by the promoter of the Chinese Grand Prix, but at the moment there are no certainties on this front.

Double race at in Austria (Red Bull Ring).

To keep the number of races scheduled before autumn unchanged, Formula 1 has formalized a double race on the Red Bull Ring circuit, which last year (for the first time in F1 history) hosted a double event on the same track. after seven days.

The Styrian GP is back.

The Styrian Grand Prix thus enters the calendar on 27 June, which will be followed by the Austrian Grand Prix on its original date, namely 4 July. The double Austrian trip required the change of the data of the French Grand Prix, which will be brought forward by a week and will take place on 20 June next.


The updated start time for free practises and qualifying session of Monaco GP 2021. Free practises on Thursday.

Thurday 20th May:

  • Free Practise 1        11:30-12:30
  • Free Practise 2       15:00-16:00

Saturday 22nd May:

  • Free Practise 3        12:00-13:00
  • Qualifying session   15:00-16:00

Sunday 23rd May:

  • Race                        15:00-17:00

Too flexible rear wing for Red Bull according to Toto Wolff.

Lewis Hamilton on Verstappen’s rear wing.

Hamilton commented that Red Bull “have this bendy wing on the back of their car” which he believed could benefit title rival Max Verstappen by up to three-tenths per lap.


FIA to introduce new static tests for F1 rear wings.

The FIA has responded to footage that showed the flexing by issuing a note to teams informing of tougher static load tests that will be used to prevent rear wings from behaving in a way not intended by the regulations.

To achieve this, the loads wings are subjected to in both ‘pull-back’ and ‘push-down’ tests will be increased whilst the tolerances for movement will be reduced.

The introduction after Turkey GP.

The tests will come into force from the French Grand Prix next month, with teams permitted to continue using current designs in the upcoming three scheduled races at Monaco, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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