Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a new film era for Pocket Monsters?

pokemon detective pikachu 2019

What is Pokemon Detective Pikachu?

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (see the trailer here) is going to score the record for a film derived from the adaptation of a videogame. The previuos records belong to Tomb Raider (Angelina Jolie) who ended with a totla income of abound 131.2 milions of dollars. Ath the moment the films which involves our favourite Pocket Monsters registers the astonishing figure of over 393 milions. But what’s your opinion of the film? Let me know in the comments! Below I express my thinking about that. Here the list of the highest gross incomes for anime film (check to find out where Detective and the other Pokemon films stand in the rankings!)

pokemon detective pikachu should watch

Why you shouldnt watch Pokemon: Detective Pikachu?

Ok, this film accepts to talk also to an audience which is not a fan or an admirer of our little monsters. On the other side, the fanatics of the merchandise will not miss the new chapter of Pikachu and Co. In order to achieve a greater portion of public a compromise in the plot has been chosen.

In the neophyte’s perspective the story involves nice creatures trapped in a detective-like series of events while, at the same time, the tireless supporters can appreciate the state of art of Pokemon World. The film allows to take a glance of the various generations of Pokemon, from the original one to the latest.

A foreign view of the film is able to appreciate the emotions established between humans and their pretty animals, and maybe, approaching the kids who did not live the first appearance of Pokemon more than 20 years ago.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. A Pokemon fan should appreciate more.

The creators said they were inspired by the anime series and in particular they want the spectator feel the same emotion children had viewing the episode “Bye Bye Butterfree”.

Moreover, the final of the film (which I will NOT spoiler here) is not easy to predict in the first phases of the story, keeping the eyes attached to the screen till the end.

For who wants to find out  all the links we highlight that the film can be considered as a sequel of the first one: Pokemon The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes back (1999). In fact it’s Mewtwo in person who callbacks to the 20 years-old film in a scene of the film.

Another curiosity: Pokemon Detective Pikachu is also the first film released internationally by Warner Bros. since Pokemon 3 The Movie (2000).

The success of this film action is opening the opportunity for a sequel in the field for Pokemon which is nowadays the richest franchise in the world.

Last but not least: save the date the 12 of July the remake of the first film Mewtwo Strikes back Evolution will land in Japanese cinemas!