False start behind safety car and points awarded in a race never run

F1 Belgian GP 2021 – NOT a race analysis…

The great scam of the Belgian GP F1 2021

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F1, in Spa the farse of the century. Verstappen wins a race that has not been raced

The 2021 Formula 1 Belgian GP between rain, continuous postponements, farse start, victory and points awarded (complete with celebration on the podium) for a race ever held has turned into the biggest scam put in place by F1. This could distort the entire 2021 World Championship both in terms of the drivers’ and constructors’ titles. The real victims, however, were the spectators present at Spa-Francorchamps to whom the ticket will not be refunded.

A critical F1 Belgian GP is therefore announced, so much so that Sergio Perez loses control of his Red Bull during the installation lap! The Mexican slams into the barriers and damages his car. Checo’s race would seem to end before it even begins.

The 2021 Belgian GP will go down in history as the biggest scam in Formula 1 history. After hours of waiting for a continuously postponed start, due to the impassable conditions of the track due to the flood that hit the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, a real farsa was staged on the Belgian track. Changed during the work the regulation (which provided as the time limit for the checkered flag at 18 Italian hours), the Race Direction decided to start the race at 18:17 (3 hours and 17 minutes after the time originally scheduled for the start of the Grand Prix) with the drivers lined up behind the Safety Car.

max-verstappen-red-bull-racing spa f1 2021

The possibility that for the first time in 72 years a Grand Prix will be cancelled due to inclement weather becomes concrete.

The public present in the public facility, in the rain since the morning, rejoices because they believe that they will finally attend the race, albeit reduced, that they have been waiting for. And instead they were witnessing the great scam of Formula 1. Already because after completing two laps behind the safety car (and thus making the race valid) the race was first interrupted with a red flag and then officially declared over. In this way there is a winner (Max Verstappen), a podium (with Russell and Hamilton alongside the Red Bull Dutchman) and above all the points awarded for the world championship standings (albeit in half the form compared to the score assigned to the top ten in the full race).

A farcive race therefore that risks distorting even the entire 2021 Formula 1 World Championship given that Verstappen recovered five points in the standings over Hamilton (as well as Williams took 10 points by detaching Alfa Romeo for eighth place in the constructors’ ranking) at the end of a race never held. But the real victim of this scam is the public present at Spa-Francorchamps: officially resulting as a race played, for them there will be no refund of the ticket paid to attend the 12th round of the F1 2021 season.

Race results. F1 Belgian GP 2021.

race results spa 2021 F1

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