On the Way to Russian GP 2019: Technical preview

We’re coming from the 3 in a row wins for Ferrari which is expected here to confirm the improvements showed in the track of Singapore. But, we know, Sochi is V. Bottas‘s circuit: he needs a joy in this season in which was treated as the worst of the wingmans. The track, 5853 m long has 12 right turns and 6 left turns. The last sector in predominanlty composed by slow elbolw-like turns, in other words the litmus test that Maranello has definitely understood the tyres. As we see from the image of the track, in the two main straight, Ferrari may take advantage.

F1 Sochi GP 2019

 Technical Setup & Tyres

The track presents some issues with tyres, also related to the smoothness of the road asphalt: it’ll be very important warming up the front axle while the rear tyres tends to overheat. A great stability in braking it’s the point to make the lap time together with a very good traction escaping from the turns.

The tyres Pirelli has chosen for the weekend are the C2 (hard), C3 (medium) and the C4 (soft) which means a step harder than the one used in Singapore. The tyre wear is one of the lowest in season so a 1-pit stop strategy is very likely. The surprise may be the weather, forecast gives high possibility of rain.

The favourite? I say again Mercedes. Don’t you think that Germans are angry after the Italian 3-in-a-row?

Pirelli tyres for Russian GP

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