On the Way to Italian GP 2019: Technical preview

The News

The Italian appointment has been confirmed at the Ferrari and Monza events which took place Wednesday 04/09/2019. The 90 edition-old GP is going to be part of the calendar for the next 4 years and so till 2024. Verstappen together with his old teammate Gasly already know he’ll start from the back of the grid because of the substitution of the power unit (PU). In fact, the other Red Bull driver, Albon has payed the penalty in Belgium.

The new power unit (the 3rd and last one allowed by regulation before getting into penalties) will be mounted also on Ferrari. The evolution should guarantee a plus of about 20 hp. However, reliability is always a point since both Mercedes and Ferrari PU number 3 in SPA showed some flaws on their respective customer teams: Alfa Romeo, Racing Point and Williams.

Mercedes PU evolution

The Technical Setup

The 5793 meters of the Monza track constitute an unique of the Circus. Here, each team is ascked to bring a featured aerodynamic package to compete in the temple of the speed. The lap time is very sensitive to power: 10 HP may allow a gain of abous 0.2s according to the simulations. On the PU side, an important impact is determined by the MGU-H: the energy recovered is estimated to be around 3300 kJ every lap (high if compared to the “only” 650 kJ of MGU-K).

The braking system is going to be quite under pressure this weekend: the long straights require considerable decelerations. Remember that the optimal aero setting permit to cool the overall components without causing overheating (or the inverse problem). In fact, the more the intakes are open, the more dirty, low energy air deteriorates the aero performance.Monza_track_config

The Prediction

According to what happened in the last GPs, Ferrari is the favourite to take the first row. However, the tyre management of F90 is not at the level of the Mercedes. Probably, Hamilton and Bottas are going to count on a car with a better race pace and consistency. Don’t even remember last year: the holy drinker Kimi struggled with tyre management and was capable of the 2nd place after destroying his rear tyres. Moreover, the special low angle of attack configuration for wings may flatten the gap between the two top teams. In fact, we can easily say that Ferrari has a car configuration with lower drag if compared to Mercedes, but remember that efficiency is given by the delta lift variation over delta drag variation: if Mercedes are more efficient than Ferrari, that means that the same increase of downforce is paid with less drag. For this reason, the performance depends on the working desing points of the car: in case of Monza, the different aero stands on the different drag produced by the floor and rear diffuser of the car.

Talking a little bit about the Pirelli choice, in the Italian weekend we’ll see an intermediate set of tyre: C2, C3 and C4 are going to be the actors of the GP. In fact, the limited presence of high speed turns, allow the tyres to work manly longitudinally due to braking and acceleration phases. Here below the team choices.

I set scelti dai team per il Gran Premio d'Italia 2019

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